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Embed youtube feed plugin

The EmbedFeed platform has direct integration with Youtube.

It allows you to generate the Youtube videos posted on your channel and with one line of code to display the videos feed on your website.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sources and click ‘Add new source’
    add youtube source
  2. Select ‘Youtube’ and click ‘Next’
    choose youtube
  3. Enter your Youtube channel link and click ‘Create new’
    add youtube channel link
  4. The system will create your feed and you will only need to copy the provided code (located at the top right corner as shown below) and paste it into your website’s body section.
    choose youtube

If you need more help, watch the video below for detailed instructions:

If you need a detailed tutorial, go ahead watch this video:

To see it in action, check this Youtube feed demo.

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