Changelog: Reply to Google Reviews and Embed YouTube Feed

Check our April 2019 changelog and the release notes of our lates features.

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Changelog is our monthly publication that outlines what we’ve been working on with release notes about all our new features.

What’s new this month

Embed YouTube Feed

Embed youtube feed plugin

EmbedFeed is getting a new update this month.

You are now able to connect with your YouTube channel and create a beautiful feed with all your YouTube videos.

The platform provides embeddable code that with just one copy/paste will display your YouTube channel on your website.

For all current EmbedFeed users, the feature is available right now.

Just add YouTube as a new source in the Sources section, and you will create the video feed in seconds.

If you still do not have an account, just sign up for a free trial and check all the features in our EmbedFeed product.

To learn how to embed the YouTube feed, just follow this tutorial and check this demo to view it in action.

Respond to Google Reviews

google reviews responder

We are extending the Respond functionality in EmbedReviews, by adding a feature that will allow users to respond directly to the reviews posted on Google.

This feature is great for agencies or businesses with multiple locations that one to manage and respond to Google and Facebook reviews from one place, without the need to log in to each Facebook account or Google My Business account in order to reply to customer reviews.

To learn how to access this option follow this tutorial

Before you go

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