30 Restaurant Reviews Examples and Best Practices for Reputation Management

Explore the restaurant review examples and Learn how to respond effectively to reviews to enhance your restaurant's online reputation.

Restaurant reviews examples

Great reviews about the food, service, and the way you run your restaurant business can greatly impact your online reputation and, therefore, your overall success.

Guest experience is everything, but having a review generation process will help further distribute your restaurant’s positive reputation, build customer loyalty, and attract more potential customers.

In this post, we will share examples of restaurant reviews posted by actual customers on Google, Facebook, or other review sites, which you can use as templates to inspire future guests to publish more positive online reviews.


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Why should you care about positive reviews?

Gaining positive reviews can make or break your restaurant’s reputation. Restaurant reputation management is especially crucial for chains with multiple locations where the brand on online listings needs to be highly maintained.

In summary, here are the main reasons why you should create a strategy to collect and manage online reviews for your restaurant:

Attract new customers

Online reviews directly impact the number of new customers. Positive reviews serve as social proof, encouraging potential diners to choose your restaurant over others.

Improve SEO and Google Maps rankings

Google reviews impact your SEO and rankings in Google Maps. Higher ratings and frequent reviews can boost your restaurant’s visibility, making it easier for customers to find you online.

Gain valuable insights

Guest feedback provides valuable insights and helps identify areas of improvement. Understanding your customers’ experiences lets you make data-driven decisions to enhance your service and offerings.

    How to write a great restaurant review?

    Sometimes, your guests need inspiration to express their experience in words, so here are a few ideas that make a great restaurant online review:

    • Great ambiance: Great restaurant reviews almost always mention the atmosphere and how guests felt in the restaurant;
    • Great food: Food is why most people choose a restaurant, so having ‘absolutely delicious’ food mentioned in the review is what will drive most hungry guests to your restaurant.
    • Great service: When food and location fail, amazing service from your waiters and yourself can compensate for the overall guest experience.
    • Pricing: Well-priced food and bonus services such as water or starters can greatly improve the dining experience and overall customer satisfaction, especially for hungry guests.
    • Photos: And of course, an amazing restaurant review is the one with images. Having Google reviews with photos showing the location and food will impact the foot traffic to your restaurant the most.

    For inspiration, here are some words a guest can use on their online review to describe their overall dining experience:

    Good restaurant review examples for inspiration

    As we mentioned, people choose restaurants for different reasons. For example, I am vegan and have a kid, so my choice of restaurant is the one with a kid-friendly ambiance and greater vegan food choices.

    Here are a few review examples for restaurants that we categorized depending on the review context: 

    1. Food quality

    Example of good restaurant google review for food
    1. “The flavors in each dish were perfectly balanced, and the ingredients tasted incredibly fresh. The steak was cooked to perfection!”
    2. “The sushi here is the best I’ve ever had. The fish was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the presentation was beautiful.”
    3. “I loved the vegan options available. The quinoa salad was bursting with flavor, and the portion size was just right.”

    2. Service

    1. “The staff went above and beyond to make our dining experience memorable. They were attentive without being intrusive.”
    2. “Our waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and offered great recommendations. We felt well taken care of.”
    3. “The service was impeccable. Our glasses were never empty, and the food arrived promptly.”

    3. Ambiance

    Example of a restaurant review about ambience and location
    1. “The restaurant’s decor is modern and chic, creating a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a date night.”
    2. “I loved the cozy, intimate setting of this place. The dim lighting and soft music set the perfect mood.”
    3. “The outdoor seating area is beautiful, with lovely views and a serene environment.”

    4. Value for money

    Good restaurant review example for vlalue for money
    1. “The prices were very reasonable for the quality of food and service. Definitely worth every penny!”
    2. “Great value for money! The portions were generous, and the taste was exceptional.”
    3. “Affordable prices for gourmet meals. I felt like I got more than my money’s worth.”

    5. Family-Friendly

    Great family friendly restaurant review
    1. “A great spot for families! The kids’ menu had various healthy options, and the staff were very accommodating to our little ones.”
    2. “Our children were entertained throughout the meal with the provided coloring sheets, and the kids’ portions were perfect.”
    3. “A wonderful place for family dinners. The atmosphere was welcoming, and plenty of high chairs and booster seats were available.”

    6. Special occasions

    1. “We celebrated our anniversary here, and it was perfect. The restaurant even surprised us with a complimentary dessert.”
    2. “A great place for birthdays. They made my friend feel special with personalized service and a celebratory song.”
    3. “We had a fantastic time celebrating a milestone at this restaurant. The private dining area was perfect for our group.”

    7. Romantic dining

    1. “A very romantic spot. The candlelit tables and soft background music made for an unforgettable evening.”
    2. “Perfect for a date night. The intimate setting and delicious food set the perfect tone for romance.”
    3. “The ambiance was incredibly romantic, with beautiful décor and a warm atmosphere.”

    8. Desserts

    1. “The dessert menu is to die for. The chocolate lava cake was rich and indulgent.”
    2. “Don’t miss the desserts here. The cheesecake was light and creamy, and the presentation was beautiful.”
    3. “The perfect ending to a great meal. The dessert selection was impressive, and each one was delicious.”

    9. Fine dining

    1. “An exceptional fine dining experience. The attention to detail in each dish was impressive.”
    2. “This place offers a true fine dining experience. The chef’s tasting menu is a must-try.”
    3. “Exquisite fine dining with impeccable service and beautifully crafted dishes.”

    10. Healthy options

    healthy restaurant review
    1. “A great selection of healthy dishes. I loved the fresh salads and the smoothie options.”
    2. “Perfect for health-conscious diners. The menu offers a variety of nutritious and delicious choices.”
    3. “The healthy options were fantastic. I enjoyed a delicious, guilt-free meal.”

    Steps to get more online reviews for your restaurant

    Now that you have a few examples, you can use these reviews as templates to inspire your customers to write their own. Follow these steps to encourage more online reviews for your restaurant:

    1. Ask politely

    After a positive dining experience, ask your customers if they would be willing to leave a review. You can do this in person, through email, or via social media, or you can show them a QR code. Make sure to express how much their feedback means to you.

    2. Make it easy

    We mention providing a QR code so people can immediately write a review on Google. You can add the code on NFC cards, receipts, menus, or stands on the tables. Furthermore, you can include your website’s Google review links and follow-up emails.

    3. Offer incentives

    Consider offering a small incentive for leaving a review, such as a discount on their next visit or a chance to win a gift card. Be transparent about the incentive and ensure it’s not contingent on writing a positive review.

    4. Follow up

    If you have an online booking, use that opportunity because you will have the guest email to send a thank-you email after their visit and remind them to leave a review. Include examples like:

    • “A wonderful place for family dinners. The atmosphere was welcoming and there were plenty of high chairs and booster seats available.”
    • “The sushi here is the best I’ve ever had. The fish was melt-in-your-mouth tender and the presentation was beautiful.”

    Respond to reviews and use emojis

    Responding to reviews, especially to public reviews like replying to Google reviews, shows a lot that you value their time and feedback. Responding to negative feedback is especially important; you can manage with auto-responders who at first, can send immediate messages with a direct phone or email for further instructions that you are considering their experience as the highest priority.

    Finally, you can use emojis to react to Google reviews. For example, use the face-savoring 😋 food emoji to react to the reviews with photos of your restaurant’s food.

    Train your staff

    Ensure your staff understands the importance of guest reviews and encourages satisfied customers to leave them. Provide them with key points to mention, such as:

    • “We hope you enjoyed your meal. If you have a moment, we’d love it if you could share your experience online.”
    • “Thank you for dining with us today. If you enjoyed your meal, would you mind leaving a review online? It would really help us out. My name is [Name], and I appreciate your time.”

      Last, but not least, make sure you have an arsenal of proven messages that you can use to respond to negative feedback or poor guest experiences. Here is a list you can inspire and use – just in case:

      Restaurant negative review response templates

      Responding to negative reviews professionally and empathetically can help mitigate damage to your restaurant’s reputation and show potential customers that you care about their experiences. Here are some templates you can use for various situations:

      1. Response to General Negative Experience

      Dear [Customer Name], Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the cleanliness issues you encountered during your visit to [Restaurant Name].

      Maintaining a clean and welcoming environment is a top priority for us, and we regret that we did not meet your expectations. We have taken immediate steps to address this issue and ensure it does not happen again.

      We appreciate your understanding and hope you will give us another chance.


      [Your Name] [Your Position] [Restaurant Name]

      2. Specific food complaint

      Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

      We’re disappointed to hear that the meal you had at [Restaurant Name] did not meet your expectations.

      Providing high-quality food is a top priority for us, and we regret that we did not deliver this time. We take all feedback seriously and have shared your comments with our culinary team to ensure this does not happen again.

      We would appreciate the opportunity to make it up to you. Please reach out to me at [Contact Information] so we can arrange for a special dining experience tailored to your preferences.

      Thank you for helping us improve.

      Warm regards,

      [Your Name] [Your Position] [Restaurant Name]

      3. Response to rude staff and poor service review

      Dear [Customer Name], Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for the rude behavior you experienced from our staff. This is not acceptable, and we are taking immediate action to address this with our team. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our service.

      We would like to invite you back to experience the hospitality we are known for.

      Please reach out to me at [Contact Information] for a complimentary meal.


      [Your Name] [Your Position] [Restaurant Name]

      4. Response to long wait time

      We appreciate your feedback [Customer Name], and we truly apologize for the long wait time

      We understand how frustrating this can be and are working on improving our efficiency to better serve our guests. Your experience does not reflect the level of service we aim to provide. We hope you will give us another chance to show you the quality service we are known for.

      Please accept our apologies and a gift card for your next meal with us.


      [Your Name] [Your Position] [Restaurant Name]

      5. Response to a reservation issue

      Thank you for your review [Customer Name].

      We apologize for the inconvenience with your reservation.

      We strive to ensure all reservations are handled smoothly, and we regret that this was not the case during your visit.

      Kindly contact me at [Contact Information] so we can make arrangements for your next visit to be exceptional.


      [Your Name] [Your Position] [Restaurant Name]

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      Frequently asked questions

      Can reviews impact my restaurant’s ranking on search engines and review sites?

      Yes, online ratings and reviews can significantly impact your restaurant’s visibility and ranking on platforms like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Higher ratings and frequent reviews can improve your search engine ranking.

      Should I offer incentives for leaving reviews?

      Offering incentives can encourage reviews, but be transparent and ensure that the incentivized reviews are genuine. Avoid offering incentives in exchange for positive reviews, as this can be seen as unethical.

      What do I do if a customer threatens to leave a bad review?

      Stay calm and professional, address their concerns, and try to resolve the issue amicably. Focus on providing excellent service to mitigate the risk of negative reviews.

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