How to Add Collaborator on Instagram? [+10 Collab Posts Examples]

Learn how to create an Instagram collaboration post and tag other profiles to increase reach.

How to create collab posts on Instagram

One of the best ways to boost your brand reach and engagement is to create an Instagram collab post with the help of brands, influencers, and UGC creators.

But how do you create these influencers and brand collaborations?

Well, it just takes a few steps to make your content and invite collaborators, and once you publish the post or reel, you will tap into each other’s follower base.

Plus, we outline 10 great examples of successful Instagram collaborations that helped brands increase their exposure and engagement.

So, keep on reading to get all the details you need on Instagram collabs!

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What is an Instagram collab post?

An Instagram Collab Post is a feature that allows two accounts to author a single post or reel jointly. This means the content appears on both users’ profiles and is visible to their respective followers.

By collaborating on a post, both accounts benefit from increased visibility and engagement as the post reaches a larger combined audience. This shared approach can substantially enhance both collaborators’ exposure, interaction, and follower growth.

Additionally, it allows for a seamless blend of creative ideas and styles, making the content more diverse and appealing.

Find all the new features that Instagram introduced here.

How to create a collab post on Instagram in 5 simple steps

Creating a collab post on Instagram is easy. Start by preparing your post or reel. Whether it’s a photo, video, or carousel, make sure it aligns with both your brand and the collaborator’s style. High-quality and engaging content is key to making an impact. Just follow these five steps:

Step 1: Send an invite for collaboration

  1. In the new post screen tap Tag people
  2. Next, tap ‘Invite collaborators’
  3. And finally, search the Instagram account in the search filed and click Invite
Tagging your collaborator on Instagram collab posts

Step 2. Wait for acceptance by the collaborator

The collaborator will receive a notification of your collaboration request. They need to accept the invite for the post to appear on their profile as well. You can check the status of your request in the “Tag People” section. Here are the steps how to accept Instagram collaboration.

  1. Go to the direct messages and I. the Request tab, find the post from the Instagram account that wants to collaborate, and tap on the Accept’ button;
  2. Next, review the details and tap ‘Accept’;
  3. Once you do this, the post will appear on your Feed with a collaboration indicator that will showcase the two accounts at the top of the post.
Accept Instagram collab post

As mentioned, after the collaborator accepts your invitation, you can publish the post. It will then be visible on both your profiles, sharing likes, comments, and other engagement metrics. here is an example:

Note: Before initiating the collaboration process, you need to allow other accounts to tag you on Instagram. This option is under the ‘Tags and mentions’ section, which you can find by accessing the the main ‘Settings and activity’ hamburger menu.

How to use the Instagram collab feature for Reels?

Harnessing Instagram’s collab feature for Instagram Reels enables influencers and brands to expand their reach and engagement by cross-promoting videos to each other’s follower bases. The steps are the same as tagging a collaborator for an Instagram post, and in this example, we will share the steps on how to tag multiple collaborators on the same Instagram Reels:

  1. In the new Reel screen, tap ‘Tag people’;
  2. Next, tap on Invite collaborators;
  3. In the search bar, type the name of the collaborator’s Isntagram account;
  4. Once you add the first collaborator, you can repeat the septs and Search for more to tag them in the same post;
  5. Once finished, just tap on the top right ‘Done‘ option;
  6. Write the caption and to publish, just tap ‘Share‘.
Steps to invite multiple collaborators for a Instagram Reels collab post

Next, the collaborators will need to accept the posts as described in the previous section and it will be visible in the feeds of all accounts that are tagged. Here is an example:

How to stop sharing an Isntaram collab post?

To stop sharing a post on your feed published by another account that you accepted as a collab post, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the post and click on the top-right three-icon menu
  2. In the popup, tap ‘Stop sharing’
  3. And the post will be removed from your Instagram profile.
Steps to stop sharing an Instagram collab

Top 10 examples of real-life Instagram collabs

After explaining the process of creating Instagram collab posts, let’s see some great examples of real-life Instagram collabs.

  1. Coca Cola and JYP Enterntainment collaborating on Like Magic
  2. Fanta and Diego Andrade Art collaborating on Día De Los Muertos
  3. Nordstrom and Tamara showcasing Nordstrom’s latest collection
  4. AppleTV and Kaia Gerber promoting Palm Royale
  5. Gucci and Kendall Jenner collaborating on the Gucci Valigeria campaign
  6. Get Safely and Kris Jenner promoting Get Safely products
  7. Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes F1 Team
  8. Calvin Klein and Camila Morrone promoting the new denim collection
  9. Netflix and Jennifer Lopez promoting Atlas
  10. L’oreal Paris and Heidi Klum announcing their partnership

1. Coca Cola and JYP Enterntainment collaborating on Like Magic

Coca-Cola collaborated with JYP Entertainment on the “Like Magic” campaign, creating a series of vibrant Instagram feed posts. These posts featured popular JYP artists enjoying Coca-Cola, seamlessly blending the brand’s iconic imagery with the energetic appeal of K-pop. The campaign’s engaging Instagram posts expanded Coca-Cola’s reach within the global K-pop community, boosting engagement and visibility.

2. Fanta and Diego Andrade Art collaborating on Día De Los Muertos

Fanta teamed up with Diego Andrade Art for a colorful Día de los Muertos campaign, resulting in eye-catching Instagram collaboration posts. These posts showcased Andrade’s vibrant artwork, inspired by the holiday’s rich traditions and infused with Fanta’s playful spirit. The Instagram collaboration highlighted the fusion of cultural celebration and brand identity, engaging followers and enhancing Fanta’s presence during the festive season.

3. Nordstrom and Tamara showcasing Nordstrom’s latest collection

Tamara, one of the biggest influencers right now, has teamed up with Nordstrom for an exciting series of collaboration posts on Instagram. These posts feature Tamara showcasing Nordstrom’s latest fashion collections, blending her unique style with the brand’s chic offerings. The collaboration posts have captivated her massive following, highlighting Nordstrom’s trendy pieces to a wider audience.

4. AppleTV and Kaia Gerber promoting Palm Royale

Kaia Gerber has partnered with AppleTV to create buzz around her new series, Palm Royale, through a series of captivating Instagram reels. These reels feature behind-the-scenes glimpses and exclusive content, showcasing Kaia’s role and the series’ intriguing storyline. The collaboration effectively engages her followers, generating excitement and anticipation for the show’s premiere on AppleTV.

5. Gucci and Kendall Jenner collaborating on the Gucci Valigeria campaign

Kendall Jenner and Gucci Instagram collab post

Kendall Jenner has teamed up with Gucci for their Gucci Valigeria campaign, bringing her star power to a series of stunning Instagram collaboration posts. The campaign highlights Gucci’s luxury travel collection, featuring Kendall in stylish settings that emphasize the brand’s unique designs.

6. Get Safely and Kris Jenner promoting Get Safely products

Kris Jenner has partnered with Get Safely, a brand known for its eco-friendly cleaning products, to promote their latest collaboration. Through engaging Instagram posts and stories, Kris showcases the effectiveness and sustainability of Get Safely’s product line, emphasizing her commitment to a cleaner, greener lifestyle. This collaboration not only highlights the brand’s innovative solutions but also leverages Kris’s influential reach to create buzz and drive awareness among her extensive follower base.

7. Tommy Hilfiger and Mercedes F1 Team

Instagram post showing Lewis Hamilton wearing TH apparel as a part of the collab with Mercedes

Tommy Hilfiger and the Mercedes F1 team have sustained a long-term partnership, showcased through dynamic Instagram collabs featuring Lewis Hamilton and George Russell sporting Tommy Hilfiger apparel. This collaboration, which has been thriving for several years, is highlighted in engaging Instagram posts where the F1 stars merge high fashion with high performance.

8. Calvin Klein and Camila Morrone promoting the new denim collection

Example of a collaboration campaign on Instagram Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein and Camila Morrone have teamed up for an Instagram collaboration to showcase the latest denim collection. In a series of stylish Instagram stories and posts, Camila models the new denim pieces, highlighting the brand’s timeless and contemporary designs.

9. Netflix and Jennifer Lopez promoting Atlas

JLo and Netflix are collaborating on Instagram to promote her upcoming film, Atlas. Through a series of engaging collab posts, JLo shares exclusive content and behind-the-scenes glimpses, captivating Instagram users and generating excitement for the film’s release. This collaboration effectively leverages JLo’s star power to boost visibility and anticipation among her extensive follower base.

10. L’oreal Paris and Heidi Klum announcing their partnership

L’Oréal Paris and Heidi Klum have created a series of Instagram collab posts to announce their partnership and promote L’Oréal’s latest products. Featured on Heidi’s Instagram account, these posts showcase her using and endorsing L’Oréal’s beauty products, highlighting their quality and effectiveness.

Benefits of collaborating on Instagram posts and Reels

Here are some of the most important benefits of Instagram collab posts and reels:

  • Reach larger audiance: Collaborating on Instagram posts and reels allows you to have your content displayed to your collaborator’s follower base, increasing your visibility and expanding your reach to a wider audience.
  • Get more engagement: When collaborating as a brand with influencers, content tends to generate higher engagement rates as it captures the attention of both collaborators’ followers, leading to more likes, comments, and shares.
  • Get unique and authentic content: Usually influencers or collaborators included in the collab campaigns, are free to add their own mark on the content and create photos or videos that are unique and authentic. This usually appeals to the fan base and can positively impact the brand.
  • Reduced advertising spend: Partnering with other brands, influencers, or creators for collaborative content can be a cost-effective way to market your products or services, as you leverage each other’s audiences without the need for extensive advertising spend.
  • Increase trust and authority: Being associated with other known brands, influencers, and UGC creators through collaborations can enhance your brand’s credibility and authority in the eyes of consumers, leading to increased trust and loyalty.

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Key takeaways

To summarize, here are the key takeaways:

Instagram collaborations have tons of benefits in terms of reaching out larger audience and building. a stronger brand with the help of influencers and content creators.

Brands can create Instagram collabs by simply tagging other profiles in their posts. Of course, the steps to start a collaboration are usually agreed as in any similar marketing collaboration.

And finally, Isntagram collab posts are valuable to further leverage and reuse for your website by using social media aggregation tools like EmbedSocial.

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How to do a collab post on Instagram?

To do a collab post on Instagram, create your content, tag your collaborator by selecting “Tag People” and then “Invite Collaborator,” add any relevant details, and wait for them to accept the invitation before publishing the post.

Why can’t I collab on Instagram?

If you’re unable to collab on Instagram, it could be due to various reasons such as technical issues, account settings, or eligibility criteria. Ensure both accounts meet the requirements for collaboration and try again later.

Can you add a collaborator on Instagram after posting?

Yes, you can add a collaborator on Instagram after posting by editing the caption, selecting “Tag People,” and then “Invite Collaborator.” Search for and select the account you wish to collaborate with, and send them an invitation.

Does collab on Instagram post on both accounts?

When you collab on Instagram, the post appears on both collaborators’ accounts if both parties accept the collaboration invitation. This dual presence helps expand the post’s reach and engagement, benefiting both collaborators.

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