22 Best Shopify apps to grow conversions in 2024 [Tried and Tested]

In this post you will find an extensive list of the best Shopify apps that help to increase sales and conversion rates.

list of shopify sales apps

If you are in the e-commerce industry, you probably know that driving traffic to your Shopify store is just half of the battle and having the best Shopify apps possible a must.

It’s not even about keeping them more time on your website.

It’s all about making them push as much BUY buttons as possible so their order value is the highest.

Conversion with that highest possible order value is the most wanted goal of all your eCommerce efforts.

But achieving this is a mix of a different combination of efforts. And the removal of friction is probably the most worth strategy.

And a simple as ONE extra click in the purchasing journey can add up a friction that might turn down the customer from entering his credit card details.

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Or just an extra second your customer needs to figure out what you offer drastically increases the chances that the customer will get irritated and move on to the next store (your competitor). 

To avoid this scenario from happening, you need to optimize your e-commerce store for conversions.

Here are some eCommerce tactics you should consider incorporating into your Shopify store:

  • Cart abandonment reminders
  • Social proof notifications
  • Product testimonials and photo reviews
  • Referral program
  • Loyalty program with product discounts and coupons
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Online store optimized for organic Google search
  • Fast page loading speed (the faster – the better)
  • Engaging product page formats
  • Optimized product search performance
  • Effective email marketing strategy
  • Pleasant and fast checkout experience
  • Upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Luckily, if you use an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you can do much of the above just by installing an app.

The Shopify app store has hundreds of apps to grow your e-commerce store.

At the same time, these apps can address your low engagement, conversion, and bounce rate headaches.  

So, which of the apps you should go for?

We tested some of the most popular Shopify apps and summarized our findings below:

Here is a list of the best Shopify apps to grow your conversions in 2021 that proved worth trying:

Continue reading to learn about our experience testing each of these apps.

1. Push notifications app: PushOwl Abandoned Cart Pop‑ups

best shopify apps for push notifications

Free Trial: Forever free

Price: Business Plan starting at $19 per month based on impressions (push notifications delivered)

Best Used For: Cart abandonment recovery, customer retention, upselling products

If you are like most of the Shopify store owners – heavily dependent on your website as a sales channel, you have probably considered that in their hunt to check more items as possible, customers often hop from one brand to another. 

The result – they abandon even the best discounts in their cart to look for some other better deals.

And, all that bouncing from your website leaves you with low conversion rates.

Is there anything you can do about this?

Yes, of course!

As email is slowly becoming spammy, setting up a web push notification on my Shopify store seemed like a reasonable alternative. 

It grabs the attention of visitors as they arrive on the store and while browsing (without using their email or any other lead details).

So, I dedicated myself to try and install the Abandoned Cart Pop‑ups by PushOwl , a browser-based push notification tool through the Shopify App Store. 

Here is my experience.

My main fear was – I am new to push notifications, so I may mess up something or push notifications to the wrong people.

But, once I opened the app, I was surprised to see how simple and intuitive this marketing app is for using. 

Actually it is really easy to rely on marketing automation to automate redundant tasks with a push notification campaign.  You just select the type of campaign you would like to send (regular or flash sale campaign), segment (subscribers) you would like to send the campaign to, sending options, and then, proceed with designing your notifications.

You can choose from the dozens of push notifications types such as discount notifications, abandoned cart reminders, FOMO notifications, product promotions, you name it. 

The app shows me how the notification would look on Android, Mac, Windows 10, Windows 8, and older so I could clearly see the final output. Great, right?

I decided to go with ‘product promotion’ notifications. 

And that’s not it. They have a really simple, yet practical dashboard where you can track your marketing campaign performance like impressions, clicks, and revenue generated.

Cause I am so new to this push notification thing, I decided to contact the CMS and get some basic instructions. Got an instant reply from Rammez, the customer support at PushOwn. 

He explained to me that I need to have at least 25 subscribers to my store to get started with the push notifications campaign (people who will tap ‘allow’ on the small prompt asking if they want to subscribe).

So if you ever want to use push notifications for Shopify, here is a summary of my experience with PushOwl Abandoned Cart Pop‑ups and an answer to our main question:

How can push notifications increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Send abandoned cart reminders that can really bring back customers
  • Save time and costs to bring back loyal customers by automating web push notifications such as: price drop, back in stock, shipping, welcome, flash sales
  • Up-sell notifications to customers who bought a similar product
  • Use smart and automatic campaigns and integrate with other apps to streamline your entire customer notification process

In addition to push notifications, one of the very interesting concepts for enhancing your Shopify apps store towards conversion is using social proof.

Continue reading to find out which are the best apps in this category.

2. Embed Google reviews widget in Shopify by EmbedSocial

Guide to embed Google reviews widget in any Shopify store

Free Trial: Available for 7-days.

Price: Pro plan starts at $29 per month.

Best used for: significantly increase the number of Google customer reviews and show them on every product page.

When purchasing a product online, we always have the challenge of not having the physical interaction with it: to inspect, hold, touch, taste, or try on the product we want to buy.

So that is why people rely on outside opinions to make our final decisions: 84% of customers trust online product reviews more than they trust commercials.

How can we use this to our advantage?

Here comes the power of social proof and previous customer experiences.

Luckily, there are many different ways we can use social proof to convert visitors into customers. 

Customer reviews are considered to be one of the most effective ways to help customers make a decision and feel confident about their choices. 

So, in my efforts to show visitors that I am credible and people trust my brand and enjoy buying from my store, I embedded the Google reviews widget for Shopify.  

It is an integration with Shopify that embeddable widget codes to simply copy/paste into any page on Shopify and add Google reviews to your website.

Furthermore, all these customer reviews will be synced automatically due to the direct integration with your Google Business Profile and displayed in modern reviews widgets.

Why EmbedSocial is the best Shopify solution to increase your conversion rate?

  • No need to install an app.
  • Works automatically and is set it and forget it.
  • It offers social proof from reviews that you can not manipulate, as on Google, brands can’t delete or change customer reviews.
  • Google reviews are recognizable, and people can click through and see the actual review on Google Maps.
  • Display collected reviews in modern widgets.
  • And finally, it boosts trust and provides social proof of your shop, eventually leading to higher sales.

You cam also import import existing reviews from 3rd parties in a CSV format. Later on, I can also add them to my store too.

At the same time, to help customers shop with confidence, I can display review widgets on my Shopify and customize them to fit my brand design.

When it comes to sales, let’s not forget that every review counts, right?

3. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing by Secomapp


Free Trial: Forever free plan with unlimited affiliates/referral links.

Price: Variety of plans ranging from $21.99 to $139.99. All plans have a 14-day trial.

Best Used For: build, track and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns.

When creating a marketing campaign, we always encounter issues of managing and keeping track. As for affiliate marketing, UpPromote can help you do the work. As the #1 ranking for affiliate marketing app for Shopify, UpPromote is an all-in-one automated affiliate/ influencer marketing solution.

How can we use this to our advantage?

The power of affiliate marketing has been proven in many ways over the years.

Online buyers are becoming more cautious while making purchases. They rely on suggestions from influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), or friends and family members rather than being duped by conventional advertising techniques with attractive images and cliché words. For this reason, merchants become more subtle in their marketing strategies and use affiliate marketing to attract traffic and convert visitors into customers.

However, managing all of the affiliates/influencers without a suitable tool is stressful, so I installed UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing to keep everything on track. 

How Uppromote works:

  1. UpPromote provides a registration form for your ambassador to register to join your affiliate program.
  2. Affiliates become partners, they are given an affiliate link/ a coupon code to promote your service on various channels.
  3. UpPromote tracks completed referral orders, affiliates get commissions based on performance.

Why UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is the best Shopify app to increase your conversion rate?

  • Customer referral feature allows your customers to refer your products to their friends and family and earn a small commission. This helps to boost your sales while building a network of loyal customers.
  • Easy-to-use: Quick setting up process with detailed instructions
  • Expand the affiliate team by free listing on UpPromote Marketplace; or with a Multi-level Marketing feature.
  • Customizable: Build your own commission system.  Tailor the look and feel to match your brand. Develop customization to meet your business requirements.
  • Auto-generated referral affiliate links and coupon codes: Affiliates will automatically receive a unique link and coupon code after registering, which they can use to promote the merchant’s shop.
  • Reliable real-time tracking process: Up-to-second tracking system is constantly improved to ensure accurate and instant updates. 

 More information about UpPromote can be found here.

4. Social proof app by Fomo

best shopify social proof app

Free Trial: 14 days free trial.

Price: Paid plan starting at $19/month for 25K notifications monthly.

Best Used For: displaying instant social proof.

After seeing the value that reviews and push notifications have, I decided to go one step further. 

It was time to tackle the low conversion rate challenge. I needed a tool that would create a sense of urgency for my visitors and show prospective shoppers that other people trust my brand.

As species, we are risk-averse creatures. So, when we see a packed shop, unconsciously, we hurry up to enter the place and see what we are eventually missing.  But how to apply this in the online world? 

To achieve the same effect on my store too, I installed Fomo

This app increases conversions with social proof notifications by creating an online equivalent of a busy store that people trust and what to purchase from. 

How can Fomo app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Displays recent orders, product reviews, newsletter sign-ups and any other customer behaviors on your storefront
  • Location detection to show relevant notifications to each of your online store visitors
  • Shows live traffic notifications – the current number of people shopping in the store
  • Brand friendly theme editor

Although at first, the dashboard seems complicated, once you check the ‘Theme’ option, you will realize how cool this app is. The best part – no coding is required!

As you can see, it’s not an intrusive notification and it pops up really nice.

The Fomo app makes it so easier to see your progress through number lenses with a simple yet effective dashboard with insights from your impressions, clicks, sales, engagements, conversions, etc. 

And thanks to the Fomo integrations with Zapier, Mailchimp, and Instagram, I can even display notifications that include the number of product reviews, newsletter sign-ups, and many more.

5. Abandoned cart emails and SMS by Omnisend

Omnisend Shopify app

Free Trial: Unlimited free plan, all features included

Price: Plans start at $16/month

Best Used For: Email and SMS marketing automation, creating personalized campaigns, increasing customer retention, generating more sales.

One of the biggest challenges of running an online store is finding effective ways to reach out to customers and drive sales. Many ecommerce owners still believe that doing email marketing effectively is expensive, both in terms of time and money. However, Omnisend easily busts that myth.

With Omnisend, you can automate your email and SMS marketing campaigns, use one of their many templates for newsletters, create highly personalized messages, and engage with customers in a more meaningful way.

Why Omnisend is the best email and SMS marketing platform for Shopify:

  1. Automation: With Omnisend, you can automate your email and SMS campaigns based on customer behavior, such as abandoned cart items, product recommendations, or even birthdays. This ensures that your messages are highly relevant and timely, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  2. Personalization: With Omnisend’s advanced segmentation and personalization features, you can create highly targeted messages that resonate with your customers. You can use data such as purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographics to create tailored campaigns that drive engagement and sales.
  3. Multichannel marketing: Omnisend supports multiple channels such as email, SMS, and web push notifications, allowing you to communicate with your customers in the way they prefer. You can also create omnichannel campaigns that combine multiple channels for maximum impact.
  4. Integrations: Omnisend integrates seamlessly with Shopify, as well as other popular ecommerce platforms, making it easy to connect with your store and start sending messages in minutes.
  5. Reporting: With Omnisend’s detailed reporting and analytics, you can track the performance of your campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated. This allows you to continually refine your strategy and improve your results over time.

Omnisend is an all-in-one email and SMS marketing platform that can help you streamline your marketing efforts, increase engagement, and drive more sales. With its advanced automation, personalization, and multichannel capabilities, it’s a must-have app for any Shopify store owner looking to grow their business.

6. Personalization recommendations app by LimeSpot

personalized recommendations app for shopify

Free Trial: Forever free.

Price: Tier-based pricing based on your store’s monthly revenue.

Best Used For: create personalized recommendations, upsell and cross-sell using AI

Customers feel special when they receive attention from brands (even in email formats as seen above). And one of the best ways to achieve this online is by personalization. 

Personalized offers seem like a winning technique to attract new customers and retain old ones. 

Why not give it a shot?

I needed an app that delivers personalized shopping experience to my online visitors, so I installed LimeSpot Personalizer by LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

It’s a real-time AI-powered personalized platform that increases conversion rates, customer engagements, and transaction size across different sales channels.

How can LimeSpot Personalizer increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Real-time product recommendation
  • Upsell, cross-sells, you-may-like, post-purchase recommendations across the web, mobile, emails, and ads
  • Option to add multiple recommendations on every page you have (blog and 404 pages included)
  • A native visual editor that lets you customize the layout, design, content type, and the placement of every recommendation box on each of your pages
  • A/B/n testing and site-wide optimization
  • Real-time analytics to track your ROI

Once I installed the app and filled all the details the app needs to analyze my products better, Eric, their customer support, welcomed me with this article on how to set up LimeSpot app for the highest customer conversions

It took me a few minutes to create my first recommendation box on my home page about the most popular items in my store this week.

A comprehensive analytics dashboard comes with the package. 

7. Smart Search & Instant Search app by Searchanise

best smart search app for shopify

Free Trial:14 days free trial (free plan for up to 25 store items)

Price: Starting at $9/month for catalog size up to 500 items.

Best Used For: advanced search and product suggestions solutions

Another way to optimize your performance and eliminate the chances of your customers leaving without a purchase is to include personalized search suggestions.

So, the next time your customer searches for some item in your store, relevant suggested products will be shown as they browse.

To achieve this, I installed the Smart Search & Instant Search app by Searchanise, an instant and mobile responsive widget that shows the most relevant products in the search bar as my customer’s type. 

How can Smart Search & Instant Search app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Advanced personalized CDN search with instant suggestions, autocorrection, synonyms, redirects, and stopwords
  • Advanced auto filters for relevant search results and collections
  • Customizable product labels and recommendation blocks
  • Real-time products sync and catalog indexation

Once you install the app, they organize a quick onboarding on how to use the app. In the meantime, all of the products in your store are being indexed.  

You can go to your storefront and start searching for items immediately. And no coding is required – the search results page widget is automatically added to your store.

8. Orders and Shipping app by SendCloud

shipping app for shopify

Free Trial: Free plan with the essentials

Price: Tier-based pricing based on the store size

Best Used For: Automate and streamline your shipping process

Checkout abandonment is obviously one of the highest contributors to low conversion rates.

And offering several shipping solutions (instead of just one carrier with one service) means your customers have more control over the way they wish their products to be delivered (speed, price, place of delivery, favorite carrier, etc).

This will empower the customer to continue with the purchase and complete the checkout process, ergo increasing your conversions.

In my search for an app that can streamline the shipping processes and save time and nerves, of course, I come across Sendcloud.

It is a Shopify app that helps to integrate multiple carriers and shipping methods directly into the checkouts.

How can Sendcloud increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Create custom tracking emails that include personal branding, promotional content, and links to their social media and as a result, increase the conversion rates and the likelihood that customers will re-engage
  • Options to activate up to +25 international carriers and switch them with just a click
  • Return Portal that enables customers to quickly and effortlessly handle their returns by themselves As a bad return experience can turn a customer off from your brand, destroying the chance of repeat purchases, and this app can definitely minimize the chance for this.

9. AMP Stories app by ProductStories

Important note:

This app for Shopify is currently depreciated.

amp app for shopify

Free Trial: Forever free for small size Shopify shops with up to 10 active products.

Price: Basic plan for medium size Shopify shops with up to 50 active products starting at $29 per month

Best Used For: increase of traffic and conversions

SEO is a major organic channel to boost Shopify sales. And apps that can help to optimize the products display in Google search results are a must for every e-commerce store.

ProductStories app by EmbedSocial it is designed to do this and much more.

It’s an e-commerce tool that creates AMP versions of product pages, shows your products in familiar Google Story formats, and allows your customers to shop directly from there. 

How can ProductStories increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Shopify product pages convertor in AMP format and in Google Story format
  • Fast loading and SEO friendly product pages AMP format (3 times faster than a regular product page)
  • Shoppable product story format 
  • Responsive and fully customizable widget design

As Google considers the AMP format as a credible SEO ranking factor, so once I convert my product pages in AMP Story formats, I can enjoy being positioned on the top of the mobile search results. 

But how can I transform my product pages in Story formats? Would I need to do that manually, one by one, understand coding or?

Noup ..

Moreover, the ProductStories app does everything automatically. Once activated it converts all product pages in AMP format and also creates an AMP Google Story format.

And plus, it displays a widget on each product page that when clicked opens a responsive and fully customizable AMP widget.

ProductStories app makes it very easy to monitor results.  I can keep track of my growth by analyzing conversions, traffic, and engagement rates.

This app is a ready-to-go solution and a powerful way for every Shopify user like me that wants to stand out from their competitors and boost sales by using the popular Instagram Story format. 

Worth trying!

Feel free to contact the EmbedSocial team for more information.

10. Referral Program by ReferralCandy 

shopify refferal program app

Free Trial: 30 days

Price: Premium plan starting at $49 /monthly

Best Used For: automate your referral program, award customers

Another powerful way to increase conversions is by building trust through word of mouth marketing. 

And of course, the best recommendations are the ones from your closest friends, right? 

Since I am not a fan of cold calling, reaching out to long email lists of prospects, or generating brand-new leads from scratch, to drive my marketing efforts further and reduce the sales budget, I realized I need to focus on those customers who are already satisfied with my products. 

I needed a referral program!

My research led me to the Referral Candy Shopify app which had most of the reviews on the Shopify app store which led me to make a decision and give it a try.

So, I gave my imaginary advocates 20% off (see the image above) so they will recommend my products to their friend. (fair enough, right?).

It’s an easy-to-use tool that can automate the referral process, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty and retention using the power of social proof.

This app also makes it very easy to set up ‘Awards’ like free samples or swag, to both, your product advocates and referrals. 

To set up the reward for both your advocates and referrals, you need to include the following information: minimum order (in local currency) to receive a referral, coupon expiry, and to which Shopify products this discount will apply (all Shopify products or selected collections).

It took me seconds to do this.

After exploring the app, I decided to automatically invite customers to refer my Store to a friend via email (after they purchased something).

They give you easy-to-fill social media templates to make sure your referral links will stand out in the social media feeds

If you are data-driven like me, you will find the Referral report section very useful. 

All the insights about referrals such as emails sent, email views, purchases by referral customers, social media shares, sales due to referrals, cash rewards paid out, etc. are at your disposal. 

As a summary check below my key findings:

How can Referral Candy app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Provides ready-to-go themes for crafting referral emails, landing pages, pop-ups.
  • Many options to invite customers and promote your referral program (automatically after checkout or manually)
  • Templates to promote your referral program on social media
  • Referral widgets to display on your store (post-purchase pop-up, embedded sign-up page, cookie consent footer banner, etc.)

They say that those customers who participate in referral programs are much more likely to stay your loyal customer.

Let’s never take that for granted 🙂

11. Spin To Win app by Secomapp

shopify spin rewards app

Free Trial: Available

Price: 9.99$/month for a professional plan

Best Used For: grow your email list and customer engagement

If you think that pop-ups are not working for your store, your customers are ignoring them, your lead generation is falling behind and that affects your conversion rates, you might consider the ‘Spin to Win Marketing’ concept and create a spinning wheel for the visitors on your website. 

This concept is perfectly incorporated into Spin To Win app by Secomapp

It’ s a tool that can replace your pop-ups with an exciting wheel game. 

Your customers can enter their email address, spin the wheel, and win a prize (discount) and then use it to buy items from your store. 

And by keeping your customers engaged like this, you can increase repeat purchases.

How can Spin To Win app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Spinning wheel that lets your customers spin and win discounts and prizes in exchange for their email addresses
  • Option to use the won discount in your shop directly
  • Customizable 10 wheel slices with different Coupon Codes
  • Customizable wheel with colors, effects, logo, add a claim, and consent checkboxes

They have a simple and intuitive dashboard to set up your campaign. It is very easy to create and customize 10-wheel slices with different Coupon Codes (unique and valid codes for one-time-only purchases).

Once I added the spinning wheel on my website and tried it, I got a free shipping coupon. 

Next, you should just copy the given coupon. In parallel, while browsing, the coupon will show up as a small widget on the low right corner of your Store so your visitors will be reminded to use it.

If you are still wondering about spinning wheels, I suggest you give it a go. You may never know until you try it, right?

12. Discounted Pricing ‑ Discounts by Booster Apps

best discount app

Free Trial: 7 days

Price: Basic plan starting at $19.99/month

Best Used For: offering discounted pricing and increasing average order value.

Speaking of discounts, wouldn’t it be great if a customer could buy in bulk? 

To improve customer experience and encourage them to add more items to their cart Discounted Pricing ‑ Discounts by Booster Apps is the Shopify app you should consider.

It’s a really simple app that lets you set up different price tiers and increase sales.

How can Discounted pricing app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Set volume discounts across collections and products
  • Quantity breaks discounts
  • Highly customizable discount campaigns offer
  • Use in combination with discount codes

The dashboard is really user-friendly and it allows you to fully create and customize your offer. It took me less than a minute to create my first discount campaign.

I applied a volume discount (buy 2 get 30% off) to some of my latest sweaters (see the image above).

13. Shop Pay by Shopify

shop mobile app

Price: Free

Best Used For: improve shop discovery and inventory management

To make all of the purchasing processes a pleasant and fast experience, Shopify recently introduced its latest Shop app. It works like a digital shopping assistant. It remembers your checkout details, tracks your orders, and shipping information. 

How can Shop Pay increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Speed through checkout and offset delivery emissions (at the same time)
  • Get real-time delivery updates from cart to home in one place
  • Option to upgrade with personal product recommendations from your favorite stores only

You don’t have to worry about a thing – the servers meet the payment compliance standards for vaulting credit card info and everything is encrypted. 

The amusing part about this app is that it calculates the carbon that your product delivers releases (based on package weight, transportation method, and delivery distance). 

Next, the app translates that into the number of trees that we need to protect to eliminate the bad carbon emissions.

Note: You can download the app if you are eligible for Shopify payments, available only to stores in certain countries and regions.

14. Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk


Free Trial: Forever free plan for websites with up to 3,000 pageviews/month

Price: Essential plan starts at $29/month

Best Used For: conversion rate optimization, cart abandonment recovery, personalized product recommendation, growing an email or Messenger list.

The biggest challenge for most online merchants is converting website visitors into customers. 

This is no surprise since many statistics prove that the 3/47/50 rule is evident across all eCommerce stores regardless of their products:

  • Only 3% of your visitors are ready to buy something today. 
  • 47% of your visitors are just not prepared to purchase now, but they will sometimes in the future. 
  • 50% of your visitors will never buy anything from your store. 

If you’re wondering what to do with the 47% who aren’t ready to buy immediately, I have some good news for you. 

There’s a solution!

Displaying popups and other onsite messages are one of the most effective ways to communicate highly-customized offers to your visitors and convince them to take the desired action (e.g. complete checkout, subscribe to the email list).

To achieve this, I installed the Exit Intent Popup app by OptiMonk, which is a conversion optimization tool trusted by thousands of Shopify stores. 

Why OptiMonk is the best Shopify app to increase your conversion rate?

  • It comes with 200+ ready-to-use templates and a Drag & Drop editor, so you can create your first campaign in minutes. 
  • You can monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger your message exactly when they take a specific action, e.g. on exit intent, on click, after X seconds, etc.
  • Target your visitors based on traffic source, browsing history, cart content, geotargeting, and so much more.
  • Encourage your visitors to purchase by displaying items they’ve viewed before or recommend the most popular products for your visitors.
  • You can track the monetary value, efficiency, and performance of your OptiMonk campaigns over time.

Visitors often click through websites without a second thought. By displaying a customized message at the right time, you can delight your visitors and personalize their experiences while growing your sales. 

With the app, you can launch popups, side messages, notification bars, and gamification campaigns without coding. Whether you want to grow your email list, upsell products, or promote special offers, OptiMonk makes it easy.

15. Reviews, Loyalty ++ by Growave


Free trial: 14 days on the Starter and the Growth plan, 30 days on the Enterprise plan

Price: Free plan, Starter at $29.99, Growth at $69.99, Enterprise at $299.99

Best Used For: Empowering Shopify stores with a loyalty program, referral marketing, wishlist, photo reviews, social login, and shoppable Instagram galleries.

To extend store performance and improve KPIs, Growave lets you start a loyalty program in three different ways. Only the points program has 20+ activities and is known to be the best loyalty program on Shopify. 

Product review collection and automated review request emails are something that Growave can help you with. The Wishlist option will recover all the abandoned shopping carts with remarketing emails sent to bring back the shopper to your store with attractive offers.

How can Growave increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Verified photo reviews that increase social trust
  • Wishlist with reminders to reduce the cart abandonment rate
  • Loyalty program, VIP Tiers program to increase repeat purchase rate and increase revenue from the loyal customers
  • Shoppable Instagram galleries to showcase tagged products on your store and convert shoppers in 2 clicks
  • Questions and Answers section to keep shoppers engaged

16. SEO Doctor

seo doctor

SEO Doctor is a Shopify SEO app to quickly identify and fix issues in your shop, which can boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. It automatically identifies issues such as missing or poor meta titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, image renaming, etc. It also compresses images to load your pages faster, which helps in boosting your search rankings. 

Apart from SEO issues, SEO Doctor has an “auto-pilot” feature that can automatically fix all the identified issues for you and keep fixing it whenever a new issue is identified. 

Once you have created and validated a sitemap, you can use SEO Doctor to connect to your Google Search Console account and submit them in just a click.

Lastly, SEO Doctor monitors broken links (or 404 page errors) and automatically redirects users to your home page, thus reducing your SEO penalty on your store.

17. Image compression and optimization by TinyIMG


Free Trial: Unlimited free trial, 50 free images per month

Price: From 1 to 3 cents per image, depending on a monthly package

Best used for Improving page speed and SEO

I love using high-quality product images and lots of them. It makes my product pages engaging for customers and allows them to explore the products fully.

But I realized these pictures could actually be hurting my sales.

That’s because page speed is a massive issue when it comes to conversion. And images are one of the main reasons for slow loading Shopify stores, with over 50% of all the MB on a store on average.

So I installed the TinyIMG image optimization app for Shopify, a really easy-to-use tool that compresses and optimizes the images on your Shopify store. 

Once you add TinyIMG to your Shopify store, it will optimize the images on your site. And it automatically optimizes any new photos you add. Optimizing your pictures makes the files much smaller while maintaining their original quality. TinyIMG also chooses the optimal file type for your page. 

Your customers won’t be able to tell the difference, but your pages load much faster.

TinyIMG also helps with your SEO. For example, it will optimize your images’ alt texts – these are texts that Google reads to find out what the image shows. Google uses alt texts to help decide what your page is about and uses that in Google image searches. Did you know that 30% of all Google searches are image searches, so having your alt texts correctly is essential?

How can the TinyIMG app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • TinyIMG will improve your page speed, which has a direct impact on conversion rate. According to Google, for every 0.1-second improvement in page loading on mobile, conversion rates improve by 8.4%.
  • Improved page speed helps bring more high-converting organic traffic, which converts better than paid.
  • You’ll also rank better in image search and attract more high-converting organic traffic.

This app requires literally no technical expertise. And it will have an immediate and direct impact on your conversion rates and customer satisfaction levels.

18. SMS, push notification, and email Omnichannel marketing app by Firepush


Free trial: Forever free package + 14 days free trial of Pro package

Price: Pro packages start from $29 a month for push notification, email, and SMS marketing

Best used for: Abandoned cart recovery, promotional campaigns, customer lifetime value

You’re probably spending most of your marketing budget on bringing traffic, but that money is wasted if this traffic doesn’t turn into sales.

And like most Shopify store owners, I guess you send out some emails to your subscribers promoting deals or new products. But these emails get missed, right? 

So, what’s the best channel to use to get more of your website traffic and existing customers buying? Email? Push Notification? SMS? 

You don’t need to pick between them because you can have them all in one app. I downloaded the Firepush app for push notifications, SMS and email to determine how this could work. And to my amazement, it’s super easy, affordable, and effective.

I knew what my goal was when I downloaded Firepush. See, I figure that some customers prefer receiving messages by SMS, others by email, and others by push notification. So I wanted to know if I can use one app to run campaigns on all three channels. The answer is yes. With Firepush, you get one app covering all three channels with one simple monthly payment. 

So, I downloaded Firepush. I wanted to set up a campaign where I first send an email promoting a deal on my store. Then, I want to follow up with a push notification in case the email is missed. Finally, I want to send out an SMS to pick up final sales before my promotion ends.

But I had one doubt. 

What if a customer opens the first email and makes a purchase? Won’t the other messages that follow annoy the customer, and won’t I waste money sending them out?

So I asked Firepush’s CEO, Tom, about this. He gives free demos and product walkthroughs and is an ace at finding the right strategy for your store (great for me as I am new to omnichannel tools). Tom explained that Firepush tracks sales on your Shopify store and automatically stops messages to a customer on all channels once they have made a purchase. Pretty smart.

Tom suggested setting up abandoned cart automation and running a promo campaign. The abandoned cart automation took seconds to set up; send out an email and push notifications first, and then a follow SMS if the first messages don’t work. 

Firepush has a ton of other automation that you can just set up to be running all the time: welcome new customers, back in stock, delivery status, and price drop alerts. 

I also wanted to try a promo campaign using email, SMS, and push notifications. The dashboard is straightforward to use, and each channel comes with pre-written templates that you can use or adapt. You just set up the messages on each channel and organize the timing so they arrive at the intervals you want, and that’s it, a smart, coordinated omnichannel campaign is running on your store. 

How can the Firepush Omnichannel marketing app increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • Set up automation like abandoned carts and welcome new customer messages to get more sales from your store’s traffic.
  • Run promo campaigns targeting subscribers and existing customers – get more value from each customer.
  • Ensure your automation and campaigns get seen at the right time by using three channels – SMS, email, and push notification.
  • Use advanced but easy-to-use reporting tools to see which channels and message types work best. Then tailor your strategy to fit your unique audience.

19. Easy Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu


Free Trial: Free plan for one product store

Price: Business Plan starting at $19.99/month

Best Used For: Create Google Shopping Feed and advertise your products

One of the best ways to grow a Shopify store is through Google Shopping Ads. With the latest change, Google Shopping has become free to list. Yet, creating an approved Google Shopping Feed and running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. 

AdNabu’s Easy Google Shopping Feed App helps you easily create Google Shopping Feed and make your products available for advertising and free listing.

Listing products, however, is not enough to be successful in Google Shopping – you should follow the best practices. 

AdNabu’s Easy Google Shopping Feed App has high product scores (out of 100 for each product), improving product performance in Google Shopping. This product score is based on multiple attributes available in Google Merchant Center. They will enhance your SEO efforts too.

20. Instant Search & Autocomplete by Doofinder 

Free Trial: 30-day free trial 

Price: Starting at $29/month

Best Used For: Ecommerce Advanced Search 

Doofinder is an advanced search engine that improves the search experience on your Shopify store. 

It displays results quickly so that customers can find what they are looking for without leaving the homepage. You can promote products in search results, turning your site search into a powerful sales tool. 

The Doofinder marketing features allow you to display banners and promotions associated with specific search terms or special campaigns such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc. 

By installing Doofinder you can increase your eCommerce sales by 20%. You will take less than 5 minutes to install the tool: no code is needed. You’ll get a 30-day free trial without upfront payments or obligations. 

How can Instant Search & Autocomplete app by Doofinder increase your Shopify sales?

  • Autocomplete, synonyms, excluded results
  • Faceted navigation
  • Personalized search results, promotional banners
  • Geolocated search, Real-time statistics
  • Voice Search/ Visual Search
  • Doofinder AI 

Thanks to Doofinder, you can identify trends and behaviors to optimize the search results. In the control panel, you can see the total number of searches. Compare the current click rate to the previous one and determine what percentage of searches end in a purchase. 

21. FeedGeni by ExpressTech

feed geni app
  • Free trial: For as long as you want.
  • Price: Free plan, Basic at $19.99, Pro at $49.99, and Enterprise at $99.99
  • Best Used For: Creating product feeds for shopping channels globally, for example,  Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WebGain, CJAffiliates, Stylight,etc. including private channels. 

This app creates feeds in CSV, TXT, and XML file formats and with varying currencies. It also enables product filtering so you can choose which of your products to show in your feed and on your shopping channel.

You can also increase or decrease the price and sales price of products. With FeedGeni you’d be able to show the availability of your products as in stock and or less in quantity.

How can FeedGeni increase your Shopify conversion rate?

  • You’ll be able to easily reach millions of potential buyers and grow your business by syncing your store with FeedGeni and connecting to multiple shopping channels and comparison sites worldwide for ads and campaigns. With over 20 comparison shopping engines and marketplaces, store owners have the leverage to increase sales in their stores ultimately.
  • FeedGeni saves you a lot of time. You just need to create the feed only once and forget about it. It does all the work of keeping the feed updated at all times because it’s in sync with your Shopify store. All inventory updates are automatically synced. No manual update is required.
  • Zero coding is required; it takes a few minutes to set up.

22. BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

beprofit app
  • Free Trial: 2-week free trial
  • Best Used For: Tracking and analyzing your lifetime profits and expenses

BeProfit Profit tracker is Shopify’s most accurate profit calculator, helping thousands of Shopify store owners accurately calculate their profits and expenses and stay on top of their most important business metrics. 

The BeProfit app is your go-to dashboard for tracking and analyzing orders, products, shipping, and much more. It’s rich in features and will help you gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and increase your profits.

The app connects with your ad accounts so you can keep track of your ad spending and know exactly which ad platform performs best. Integrations include Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikYok Ads, Snapchat Ads, and more.

More features include:

  • Easy generation of customizable reports, including pre-defined templates.
  • Calculation of shipping costs and automatic syncing with Shopify Shipping data
  • Tracking of business metrics, from fees to taxes, accounting data, COGS, and more.

Grow your business. Start making sense of your data and increasing your profits with the BeProfit app.

Bonus Shopify Apps

No matter what kind of goods or services you sell online, Shopify is your reliable choice for building a scalable online selling store with remarkable built-in features.

Luckily, the Shopify app store never falls short of hosting thousands of intuitive apps that simplify store owners’ lives.

Here are some great bonus apps that you can add to your Shopify store:

  • Dropshipping platform: Oberlo
  • Affiliate program apps: Refersion
  • Print on demand drop shipping: Printful
  • Wishlist app: Growave 
  • Loyalty programs: Swell, Smile.io
  • SMS marketing: Privy

Don’t limit yourself to the Shopify apps to do the job for you. Digital marketing strategies like Google ads, Facebook ads, Facebook messenger marketing, retargeting campaigns, and search engine optimization can be very important in promoting your e-commerce store.

To wrap up

With rising competition, it’s tough to stand out.

Understanding customers and improving their online shopping experience can be even trickier. 

Unlike in a physical location, in the online store, you can guess but may never know the reason behind the cart abandonment.

As an e-commerce business owner, the only thing you can do to increase sales is to test, test, test, and see what works best for our Shopify store.

FYI: You can automatically embed Google reviews widget on your website and show authentic user-generated reviews, increasing trust for more sales. Try it now.


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