Latest TikTok Trends April / May / June 2022

The latest TikTok trends in 2022 to watch out for. Trends that will help you discover new content ideas for your next videos.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms this year, allowing content creators to build massive fan bases. They are the ones that create the latest TikTok trends.

More and more people, no matter if they are content creators or social media managers, choose TikTok for content creation because of its nature and pushing algorithm.

It’s way easier to go viral on TikTok than on any other social media platform. Therefore, everyone wants to take advantage of it. TikTok videos are a kind of user-generated content, that will help you skyrocket your growth stats.

If you want to post consistent content on TikTok and get fresh ideas every day, you should leverage the most popular TikTok trends and videos that the TikTok users prefer to engage with.

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TikTok trends are popular videos that content creators post to keep pace with the momentum and get an organic search from thousands or millions of people on the platform.

Finding such viral trends can be quite challenging because it is not only about the content idea that users like.

The trending sound, hashtags, and video flow are also important factors for following the trends on your TikTok page. They will get you higher engagement rates from the audience.

If you don’t know where to start and how to find the right TikTok trends, we will show you the most prominent ones for a concrete month, starting from April.

Let’s check the latest TikTok trends together and see the process of how to find them properly.

Well, that’s my life!

This TikTok trend has had a huge rising momentum since the beginning of June.

It’s all about lips-syncing this popular TikTok sound by saying the words “Well, that’s my life,” showing a comic situation with ironic text in the video.

Till today, this TikTok trend has over 16,000 TikTok videos in the first week of June.

Watch this trend on TikTok >

trend on tiktok - I always feel like

“Every day” trend

With over 25,000 TikTok videos at the beginning of June, this TikTok trend has rising momentum and going viral day to day.

The point of this trend is to ask your audience or use any interesting question starting with “How often do you…” and relate to it with something you do or think about every day.

Many TikTokers create comic videos with sarcastic questions. It’s a good idea to engage with your audience and make them laugh at the same time.

Watch this trend on TikTok >

TikTok everyday trend

Damn time trend

With over 2 million videos created with this sound, the damn time TikTok trend is one of the most viral ones this year.

It’s all about a video recorded by a TikTok girl known as @lizzo with an interesting and funny dance using her weight in a funny way.

Also, many people use the same sound from this dance for their cooking, makeup, and fitness videos too.

Most of the people who use this trendy sound are overweight and build self-confidence no matter their body shape. This is the main point of this dance trend.

Even the famous Shaquille O’Neal dances with Lizzo in one of her videos.

Watch this trend on TikTok >

TikTok trend about demn time

I meant to do this all day!

A TikTok sound that has more than 6000 videos till today has been going viral slowly but surely since May this year.

This TikTok trend is all about recording a video synchronizing the words from the TikTok sound, telling that you will not work today and get relaxed in a specific way.

Many people use the hot days to record this trend on the beach, swimming in the pool, walking in nature, and similar, showing what they meant to do all day instead of working.

Watch this trend on TikTok >

meant to do this all day trend on tiktok

I will never be like you

This viral TikTok trend is one of the most positive ones in May this year. This trend is viral because over 400,000 TikTok videos are created with the same theme.

The point of this trend is to show the bad situations your friends, family, relatives, or random toxic people put you in that make you feel so sad.

Use this TikTok trend to share the bad things people did to you in a specific situation and tell them that you will never be mean like them. “Mean” is also the name of this viral sound. It is a message people send to all toxic people in their life.

Watch this trend on TikTok >

trend on tiktok will never be like you

Loop video trend

Loop videos on TikTok are back, and they go viral as never before.

Use the momentum to record a loop TikTok video on your profile to confuse the audience with content that looks like it will never stops.

One of the most popular TikTok sounds for this trend is created by @lord..xp, with over 710,000 videos till today.

Watch trend on TikTok >

Will Smith’s slap on the Oscars

Not just TikTok, but the whole internet exploded when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars night this year.

If you scroll through the TikTok discover page, you will still notice different videos from many content creators of different types, like funny memes, sketches, lore videos, and similar.

Also, the TikTok creators created specific sounds everyone can use in their TikTok videos to synchronize the voices of Will Smith or Chris Rock and effectively engage the audience with it.

Check such videos and save the hashtags. That way, you can use them if you plan to create such videos on your profile.

Watch trend on TikTok >

No one can stop me!

With an original sound made by Charlie Mosey, this trend is one of the most popular ones with over 300,000 videos on TikTok.

The point is in the sound where the TikTok creators try to synchronize the words “the best part of this plan is…no one can stop me” in many different ways and record something funny.

Most of the videos are ironic, where TikTok creators say the words “no one can stop me” while running from their friends, filming their naughty pets doing bad stuff at home, or synchronizing the sound to show a shameful situation.

[Insert a photo of this trend]

Seven Evil Exes

For April, seven evil exes are another viral TikTok trend with a very interesting theme.

It’s all about filming a video dating a new person who accepts the seven issues (or traumas) in your mindset as a consequence of your bad life situations.

The point of this trend is to show the traumas from the past to the new person you met in a funny way, and please them to push them through in the name of love.

Also, you can use this video idea to show seven things that you love and ask your new potential partner to support them before starting a relationship.

It’s more like a teenage sarcastic story trend, but keep in mind that TikTok has the youngest fan base in the world when it comes to social media users.

[Insert a photo of this trend]

The bumping sound trend

A TikTok girl known as @kateylorrell made a funny sound on her TikTok video when she bumped into her bed. That sound is used in over 87,000 videos today.

Other TikTok creators create a duel video where they react to her video, create memes, and similar interesting videos implementing her sound to use the viral momentum.

Who knew that bumping into a bed corner accidentally can be a viral trend on TikTok?

The trends can be everywhere, so try to spot them and catch the wave.

Watch trend on TikTok >

TikTok trend with bumping sound

Presentation on a laptop

This TikTok trend has huge popularity. With over 27,000 created videos till today, giving an accent on the uniqueness of everyone’s story.

It’s all about showing your laptop with an introduction slide of a presentation, showing the title, which is a sneak peek in your video montage.

When the music starts, the TikTok creator needs to tap on the “space” button from the keyboard and the montage to start showing.

In the montage, you can include a slideshow of pictures or short videos mixed into one.

For example, show the laptop where the title “Going on a wedding be like…” stands, so when the music starts, let the slideshow of the most interesting moments from the wedding pop up.

Watch trend on TikTok >

Presentation on a laptop trend on TikTok

How to find a TikTok trend?

Following the TikTok trends means growing your TikTok page faster than you can imagine.

The searching process requires some proper steps to find TikTok trends that match your page and audience.

As we mentioned above, there are different factors you should consider, like sounds, hashtags, and challenges. Focus your research according to them.

On the other hand, some TikTok trends are obvious just before they go viral. However, for many, you will find it tricky to recognize.

Analyze the TikTok content

To spot a new trend and run into some viral videos, you should spend time on TikTok and see what’s going on.

It’s a fact that if you want to create TikTok videos that will be trending, you should keep up with the trends. Therefore, the discover page is the right place to analyze the whole content situation on TikTok.

On the discover page, you will have a chance to see many popular videos with specific sounds, hashtags, or challenges. You can also check the most used song by the TikTok creators.

Try to catch all the stuff from those recommendations and make your videos trending on TikTok.

Also, spot the hashtags used in the description of the viral videos and challenges. Then, try to use some of them on your videos before they get saturated.

One of the easiest ways to find current TikTok trends is to check some popular TikTok creators and be up to date with their content.

Big TikTok profiles are more likely to start a trend. That being said, one of your daily tasks could be to follow them and be in touch with their content.

When a popular TikTok creator posts a video or starts a new challenge, make sure to use the same sound, hashtags, or content idea in the next few days before they get overly saturated.

That’s how the TikTok algorithm will recognize your content sooner and push it up in front of a wider audience.

Also, keep in mind to check the big TikTok brands and niche pages. If they release a new video that seems to be viral, make sure you save the idea. Then, post such content on your page relevant to your niche.

It will help you to skyrocket your engagement rates and keep pace with the new trends on the platform.

Check the sound on every video

Another way to spot a new TikTok trend video is to check the music on the videos. Go on the discover page or For You page and keep scrolling to check the TikTok recommended content.

Focus on the sounds that come with the videos. If one sound or music is repeated on and on, it’s a clear sign of its popularity and a potential fun trend.

Use the moment to create a couple of videos with the same music in different ways. That way, you’ll catch the wave of going viral with a new trend.

Bonus: Look for embedded TikTok videos on websites

TikTok’s option to embed videos on websites allows users to spread their TikTok videos. Also, there is a practice for famous news portals to share TikTok videos about a current news cycle that can help you discover what’s trending at the moment.

Check the popular magazines and their websites and look for TikTok videos embedded in their news pages.

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Key Takeaways

Looking at social media trends, TikTok is the most popular social media platform among content creators. It is a big opportunity for building a massive audience and social media popularity.

More often people decide to include TikTok in their content strategy because of the TikTok nature and its fast-pushing algorithm, which is an opportunity for growth.

To be up to date with all popular content types and prevent placing boring content for your audience, you should keep pace with the best TikTok trends and be up to date with the popular videos on the platform.

That’s how you will get the momentum of going viral organically and make millions of new people reach your TikTok content easily.

Keep in mind that it can be tricky to identify TikTok trends. However, remember these 5 key takeaways from this blog post:

  • In the very beginning, try to analyze the content you will face on the For You page or Discover page. On these pages, you will find many viral videos that TikTok recommends to you. Check their theme, the challenge, the sound, and the hashtags.
  • You can follow popular TikTokers and content creators with decent video views and engagement rates. Check their content and see what challenges they are using, the sound on the videos, and similar. Also, be up to date with every piece of their content on time before it gets oversaturated on TikTok.
  • TikTok sounds and music are the most important part of spotting a new TikTok trend. Check the popular sounds used in thousands of TikTok videos. Then, try to implement some of them in your content to catch the viral wave and use the momentum.
  • Always follow TikTok trends that are relevant to your audience. Imagine that you have a TikTok page about fitness, so you can’t post a makeup-related trend on your profile just because it is a trend.
  • Keep in mind that TikTok is a social media with the youngest fan base in the world. Therefore, expect most of the TikTok trends to be teenage-related. Also, there are many TikTok trends related to specific dance, lipsing, a sound used in many variations, memes, etc.
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