EmbedSocial Expands in Japan

We are pleased to announce the presence of EmbedSocial in Japan and we are excited to help the local companies.

EmbedSocial expands Japan

TOKYO, April 10, 2018 — basicmath LLC. (Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Employee: Kuniharu Yoshida) signed an exclusive distribution agreement for EmbedSocial system in Japan with Ebiznis Dooel (Address: Republic of Macedonia, Skopje Representative Director: Nikola Bojkov) which develops the EmbedSocial system.

We are pleased to announce the presence of EmbedSocial in Japan and we are excited to help the local companies to use their social media photos, reviews and feeds in boosting their online presence. The EmbedSocial self-service localization in Japanese will be complete by August 2018.

According to the Kuniharu Yoshida, the EmbedSocial representative in Japan,
“Companies need to use the next-generation tools that will incorporate their customers’ social media data into their marketing and sales channels. By doing this they can easily provide proof and relevance of their products and services, thus resulting in happy customers and increased conversions.

Creating social proof with EmbedSocial is simple and easy with endless possibilities, used by different types of businesses from almost all the industries with a digital presence.”

EmbedSocial can help different market segments in various industries on the Japanese market

Digital Marketing & Web Development Agencies/Companies aiming to find a technical partner that will help them stand out in the market by offering the latest innovations built on top of social media platform APIs. EmbedSocial can also help them increase their customer’s conversion rates and save time & money.

Development companies that utilize data of Facebook, Instagram, Google Places, etc. to do their own service and application development. EmbedSocial provides official API perfect for startups, established companies who have directories/business listings or marketplace for both B2B & B2C, that want to feed their platforms with social media data. EmbedSocial can help them enrich each listing with relevant data which assist consumers and businesses in their discovery phase and during the purchasing decision phase.

Big companies that have many different business locations & operate in different cities. Restaurants, famous fashion brands, retail & wholesale businesses can also benefit from EmbedSocial technology. They can expect more in-store visitors and more sales via their e-commerce websites once they implement the widgets on their websites.

Publishers aiming to increase sales by utilizing Google Place’s reviews and Facebook reviews on their own websites boosting their review marketing.

Professionals using Instagram to drive sales, easy to implement Instagram hashtag campaign easily and cheaply (no initial cost, can be created from monthly charge 6,500 yen (excluding tax)

Bloggers wanting to use Instagram Story for their site

The one most common benefit for all these use cases is the opportunity to increase sales.

According to a recent study conducted by EmbedSocial and their customer Trova Trip, the platform helped their booking travel website to increase conversion rates by 12% and gain 62 times return on their investment in EmbedSocial.

For more information (in Japanese) read here or visit the official website: www.embedsocial.jp

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