Collect Customer Testimonials with Free Reviews Widget

Announcing a FREE extension of our EmbedReviews platform.

Free reviews widget

We are announcing a FREE extension of our EmbedReviews platform.

We call it simply: Forever Free Reviews Widget 🙂

This name makes sense, right? It’s a widget for collecting reviews and it is really free.

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Please note: We do not build this just for you to use some tiny little functionality with no value at all.

That is not our game.

We really want you to bring you closer to your customers and give you a tool that can help you collect their feedback.

That is why we’ve pumped up the free version with lots of features. You see, we do not only allow you to collect the reviews, but also display these reviews on your website.

And much more. Here is what you can do with the Reviews widget:

  • Create a ‘Leave a Review’ button and display it on your website
  • Collect reviews in a form that authenticates the customer with their Facebook account
  • Display nice-looking popover that drives attention to your website
  • Embed the collected reviews on your website
  • Import reviews from your customers that you’ve collected from email, chat and other sources

If you need more details about the features, click here to check the product page.

Why authentication is important

The best thing about this widget is that it is beyond a simple submission form. It has greater power because it allows the option to authenticate the user. It has a pre-built ‘Continue with Facebook’ button that asks the customer to sign in with their Facebook account in order to leave the review.

And here are the main benefits why Facebook integration makes this form so powerful:

1. Makes the review submission flow very fast and easy. The customer is not required to enter any additional information. They will just need to write the review and click on the Facebook connect button. That’s it. Smooth, right?!
2. Making sure that the testimonial is from a real person not just an email address. Most of the review submission forms give the option to leave a review with an email But, as you know everybody can enter a Gmail or Yahoo or any email address so the form validator will eventually allow the customer to post the review. Thanks to Facebook connect, this problem is solved. Well, some guy with a ‘test’ Facebook account can still post a review but this is rarely the case.

Having all that said, go ahead try it. Here is a live demo of the ‘Leave a review’ button below. Just click on it and see how it works.

Leave us a review

How to collect reviews on a website for free?!

To start collecting reviews with the EmbedReviews widget, first, you need to create a free account.

Once you get your free account, log in and follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to sources
  • Click ‘Add Source’
  • Choose Collect Website Reviews
  • Write the Source Name and click ‘Create’
  • Copy the code displayed in the top right sidebar
  • Paste it in the place of your website where you want the button to appear.

The button has a pre-built link to a custom reviews collector form.

You can use the URL of this form and also send it to your customers via email so they can directly submit their reviews and testimonials.

If you want more detailed information, check our blog post on how to collect reviews on your website.

How to display customer testimonials on a website for free

Once you’ve generated the reviews you can use your free EmbedReviews account and display the reviews on any website.

To do this follow the steps below:

  • Click on Reviews feed
  • Click Add new
  • Choose source
  • Once the feed is generated, copy the code displayed at the top right corner
  • And go to your website HTML body section and paste the code

That’s it.

Here is a full video, how you can use the Forever Free Reviews widget to collect customer reviews on your website and display these reviews on your website:

Next steps

If you like this Free Reviews Widget, go ahead sign up for your free account.

For any questions or requests, feel free to chat with us.