How to Turn Customer Testimonials Into Facebook Ads

Boosting your current customer experience in form of an ad can be a great campaign to gain new customers.

Create Facebook testimonials ADs

Boosting your current customer experience in the form of an ad can be a great campaign to gain new customers.

And what’s the best way to reach a broader but targeted audience? Of course, Facebook Ads.

Let me introduce you to EmbedSocial’s latest feature, Facebook Ads.

We are allowing all users of the EmbedReviews platform to use their pre-generated reviews and launch a Facebook campaign.

In simple words, you will be able to select a customer testimonial that you’ve generated from your Facebook page, Google location or Yelp listing and use this testimonial in a Facebook Ad by clicking 2-3 buttons.

Just imagine how powerful and easy it is to run a campaign with the content you already have from your most satisfied customers.

Let your happy customers do the talking and make an impact on your ads conversion rates.

Providing social proof and collecting REAL testimonials from satisfied customers is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the decision-making process for your new and potential customers.

Why Use Testimonials in Facebook Ads?

Utilizing testimonial ads on Facebook can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Here are five to six key benefits explained:

Builds Trust and Credibility

People tend to trust other customers more than the brand itself. Testimonial facebook ads serve as social proof, where potential customers see real-life examples of people benefitting from a product or service.

Enhances Engagement

Testimonials, especially when they tell a relatable story, can capture attention more effectively than standard sales copy. They often speak the language of the target audience, addressing specific concerns or desires, which can lead to higher engagement rates.

Facilitates Decision-Making

Showcase testimonials on how others have solved similar problems or enjoyed the benefits of a product or service. Facebook testimonials can help potential customers envision their value for themselves, aiding in their decision-making process. It reduces the perceived risk of trying something new.

Increases Conversion Rates

Given that they build trust and aid in decision-making, it’s unsurprising that ads with video testimonials often see higher conversion rates. People are more likely to take action — whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a guide — when they see others have done the same with positive results.

Targets Specific Segments Effectively

Tailored testimonials can address particular segments of your market. For instance, a testimonial from a young professional might resonate more with a similar demographic. This relevance can increase the ad’s impact on the audience it’s meant to attract.

Demonstrates Real-world Value and Applications

Unlike straightforward advertisements, testimonials can provide practical, real-world scenarios demonstrating how a product or service works. This aspect can be particularly beneficial for complex, innovative, or new products where understanding the application and impact can significantly influence a buyer’s choice.

By integrating Facebook testimonials into Facebook ads, advertisers can leverage the power of word-of-mouth, enhance relatability, and effectively address potential customer pain points and aspirations, leading to more successful ad campaigns.

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The Facebook Ad Anatomy

Here is what your ad will look like:

Here are the elements in more details:

  • Input field to enter the Ad message
  • A pre-defined template that includes the customer photo and name
  • Pre-generated title and description of the ad link with the testimonial text

How to create my first Facebook Ad with a Customer Testimonial?

The system works with already-established Facebook Ad accounts, so you will only need to choose which review to display in your ad.

The EmbedSocial Ads Manager is a one-page step where you must select the review ad budget, write Ad text, and publish your ad.

All ads that you will create in EmbedSocial, can be also accessed through your Facebook Ads Manager where you can pause or reuse the ad for different campaigns.

Please note, that the payment is processed through your Facebook Ad accounts, which means that our system takes 0 (zero) commission for each of the ads you’ve created.

To start with Facebook ads, just log in to your EmbedReviews account, click on ADs and follow the setup steps.

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Reach new customers and drive traffic

Thanks to our in-depth integration with the Facebook platform, we can provide you with the Facebook Ads feature that you can use to reach more customers and drive traffic to your website.

Our Ads tool will set the targeting for the audience that will most likely engage with your ad, so you will not need to define any targeting settings.

So, if you are not a PRO Facebook advertiser or just need a simple tool to push Facebook Ads, this feature will be perfect for you.

If you still do not have an EmbedReviews account start a free trial now, and see how it works or schedule a demo and our team will provide you with a detailed tour.

Create Facebook Reviews Ads

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