The Facebook Album PRO Is Finally Here

In a world full of information overload words aren’t enough to make your website stand out. So, what’s the alternative?

Facebook album plugin pro version

In a world full of information overload, words aren’t enough to make your website stand out.
So, what’s the alternative?

Show, don’t tell; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Creativity and content are interrelated; you can’t have an on-page SEO without visual backup and vice-versa.

Also, communicating your message through visuals it’s the most effective way to attract and attain the attention of your customers.

If you own a website, I’m sure you already know the above-mentioned and the importance of visual content, and you also know that it’s really time-consuming to crop, upload, and stylize photos for every single web post.

As a solution to the above, we’ve created the famous Facebook Album plugin that helps you to embed a Facebook album from your Facebook Page to your website; the plugin became an enlightening experience for more than 80.000 website owners who had struggled with the management and enhancement of their website’s visual content. The whole process requires embedding a single code to your website. Pretty simple huh? And we haven’t even made it to the good part yet;

And since it’s in our nature to “run the extra mile” for our clients, we wanted to maximize this experience too. That’s why we are happy to announce the Facebook Album Plugin PRO version.

What is new with the PRO version

For those of you already familiar with the plugin’s options, one of the main benefits is that in the PRO version, the logo is no longer included in the footer, and we won’t ask for any author contribution in exchange for a small monthly fee.

And for the newbies, let’s do some mentoring on the basics and, along with that, explain many new functionalities only available in the PRO version.

Firstly, you will need to get an account. The benefit of having a PRO account is that you can create and manage UNLIMITED Facebook albums.

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The coolest part is the complete customization of your albums, including the following new options:

1. Choose the number of photos per page
Besides the default number of 25 photos, you have complete freedom of choosing the number of photos that will show on one page and display the rest of the photos in a pagination layout;

2. Choose the total number of photos in the album
You can choose exactly how many photos the album is to display on your website. This is useful if you have a fixed web design and, for example, you want to display only 10 photos on one page, or you want to display only the 10 newest photos.

3. Title of album on/off switch
This option allows you to choose whether to display the title above your album with the pictures or not;

4. Order photos by date
You can now set your photos by date and rearrange them in ascending or descending order;

5. Likes display on/off switch
Use this option if you want to disable the display of the photo Facebook likes counter;

6. Responsive album
Finally, you have the freedom to set the height and width of your embedded album or just make your album responsive will fit with the layout of the device.

We have more updates coming in our roadmap.

Sign up for a free trial  so you can test them all. 

So, with all summed up, you get a simple and efficient display of your visual content on your website and complete freedom over its management.

Does it look like every website’s owner daydreams right?

And most importantly, along with all the benefits mentioned above comes a complete automation of the upload process.

That means that when you upload photos on your Facebook Page, they will automatically reflect your website within 1 minute.

Bye-bye to the time-consuming re-uploading and hosting photos on your server.

Admin options:

The account comes with a simple layout from which you can

  • manage multiple numbers of albums;
  • preview the albums;
  • change their preferences.

With that, you will have a complete control over your website’s visual content without wasting a lot of time.

Join our happy base of customers and become PRO for managing visual content with the PRO version.

Learn more about the PRO version and sign up for your monthly plan.

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