Get More Customer Reviews With AI Review Assistant

Discover the AI Review Assistant, a game-changing tool designed to streamline the customer review collection process.

AI Review assistant

Welcome to the exciting world of AI Review Assistant, a feature designed to revolutionize how brands collect customer reviews by offering an AI-driven solution embedded in website review forms.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the new EmbedSocial’s AI Review Assistant feature, its benefits, how it works, and how to get it for your brand.

What is an AI Review Assistant?

What is an AI review assistant?

The AI Review Assistant feature by EmbedSocial is an innovative tool that enables brands to integrate an AI-powered solution within review forms on their websites. By activating this feature, customers can save time when writing reviews, and brands can collect more reviews with still highly personalized feedback.

Definition of AI Review Assistant

When customers use the AI Review Assistant, they are prompted to provide a few words about their experience. The AI then processes this input and generates a personalized review that accurately reflects the customer’s sentiment and experience. This streamlined process increases the likelihood of customer participation, resulting in more reviews for the brand.

In more detail, the feature, when activated, displays a simple ‘AI Review’ button on the reviews form provided by EmbedSocial widgets. When clicked, the customer can submit a few words about the experience, and the AI will help them to compose a more structured review text. The customer can still make changes before posting it for display in the reviews widget of the brand.

Benefits of the AI Review Assistant Feature

The AI Review Assistant feature offers numerous advantages for both brands and their customers

  • Saves time for customers writing reviews: The AI simplifies the review process, allowing customers to provide valuable feedback without investing a lot of time and effort.
  • Encourages more customers to leave reviews: The streamlined process motivates more customers to participate in the review process, resulting in a larger pool of feedback for brands to analyze.
  • Collects personalized reviews based on customer input: Each AI-generated review is tailored to the customer’s experience, ensuring that the feedback is relevant and valuable to the brand.

How Does the AI Review Assistant Work?

Implementing and utilizing the AI Review Assistant feature is simple and straightforward:

Step-by-step guide on enabling the AI Review Assistant:

First., log in to your account in EmbedReviews and follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Widgetsand open a widget where you want to activate this feature

Step 2: In the left-hand settings panel, click ‘Header’ and turn on the ‘Enable AI Reviews‘ toggle. Here you need to specify your brand or company name, plus add the type of business. This information is important so the generated reviews have more personalized text.

Enable an AI review generator

Step 3: Click Save, and the button will appear in the ‘Leave a Review’ form of the widget, as shown below:

Ai review assistant enabled in a leave a review form

Step-by-step guide on writing a review with the AI Review Assistant

In the steps below, we show you how your customers will be able to interact with the reviews form and use the new AI review assistant.

Step 1: When the customer clicks the ‘Leave a Review‘ button in the widget, the popup will appear with the review form.

Step 2: In the review submission form, click on the ‘AI Review‘ button to activate the AI assistant

Click AI review button to activate AI when writing a review

Step 3: Fill in a few words about the experience with the interaction with the company that you would like to be included in the review. Click Generate

Write some words of your customer experience

Step 4: Read or edit the text if needed. Once you are ready, click ‘Submit review‘.

Submit ai review

That’s it.

Now instead of just one line of text, the AI assistant helps the customer to submit a review like an example below:

Example of AI-generated review

How to Get the AI Review Assistant?

The AI review assistant is available to all paid users. It is already available in the editor.

So follow the steps described above and enable it today.

If you are completely new to EmbedSocial, you can signup for a free trial and get all premium features for 7 days free.


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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Review Assistant

How many AI review prompts does the customer have?

The AI prompts number for each session is limited to 3. For more, please get in touch with our customer success team.

How does the AI Review Assistant handle negative customer experiences?

The AI Review Assistant treats all customer input impartially, generating reviews based on the provided input. If a customer shares a negative experience, the AI will create a review reflecting that sentiment, allowing brands to address customer concerns and improve their services.

Is the AI Review Assistant compatible with multiple languages?

Yes, If the user writes text in a particular language, the AI assistant will generate a review with the language in the customer prompt. Here is an example
: AI review assistant

Will the AI Review Assistant affect my website’s loading speed or performance?

The AI Review Assistant by EmbedSocial is designed to be lightweight and optimized for seamless integration with your website’s reviews widget. It should not impact your website’s loading speed or performance.

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