Top 10 Instagram Widgets to Embed On Your Website in 2024

Explore the top Instagram feed widgets for your website. They feature content from the feed, stories, Reels hashtags, or mentions.

top Instagram widgets for website

Embedding Instagram widgets on your website is one of the most popular web plugins that businesses use for their website. The main reason is the ability to show fresh and active content from their own Instagram feeds or showcase user-generated content and provide insights from their real customers.

Instagram doesn’t provide native Instagram widgets, but by using a social media aggregator, you can generate your own Instagram content or other people’s content from hashtags or mentions and create all sorts of Instagram widgets for your website.

These widgets range from different layouts, like sliders or carousels, to different functions, like displaying shoppable feeds or testimonials from actual people on Instagram.

Let’s dive in!

FYI: You can automatically embed an Instagram widget with a social media aggregator, bringing your website to life with fresh content.


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What is an Instagram widget?

What is an Instagram widget
Anatomy of an Instagram widget

Instagram widget is a web plugin that can be embedded into a website’s design to display content directly from Instagram. This content can range from the latest posts, stories, galleries, or specific hashtag feeds associated with the account.

Usually, Instagram widgets have different layouts, such as sliders, grids, collages, or more complex formats, such as popovers etc. The main purpose of embedding Instagram widgets is to show fresh content from Instagram, provide trust in the brand, and further stimulate the buying journey on the website with authentic content from different people using the brand’s products.

What it’s common for most of the Instagram widgets is the connection with the Instagram API in order to enable the following features:

  • Auto-refresh – They auto-sync each time you have new content.
  • Link – to the original content for reference.
  • User details – Aggregate the user details and avatar to provide authenticity.

What are the benefits of using Instagram widgets on websites?

If you are still not using an Instagram widget on your website, here are the main benefits:

  • Always have fresh and genuine content – by having a constant Instagram feed widget that auto-updates, your website will feel alive and up to date.
  • Convert website visitors into Instagram followers – most widgets provide links back to the original content or a ‘Follow us’ button that will help interested web visitors start following your account.
  • Increase engagement – by showing fresh and genuine content, web visitors can further interact with the widgets, view the photos or videos, and click through the products tagged within the widget.
  • Provide social proof some of the more advanced tools provide the option to generate posts that mention your Instagram account that can be useful to showcase on your website and further build trust.
  • Save money building and maintaining interactive widgets yourself – Most of the widgets are optimized for loading speeds, responsive on mobile, and need no further maintenance.

Best Instagram feed widgets for your website

The Instagram widgets used in this post are aggregated and available on the EmbedSocial platform. And these are not simple Instagram feed widgets, only showing your own activity. We picked the most interactive widgets with unique designs and layouts but also integrate with Instagram to generate more than just Instagram posts – these widgets can generate Instagram stories, Reels, hashtags, or posts that mention your brand.

As promised, here are the best widgets to display Instagram content on your website:

  1. Instagram Stories Slider
  2. Instagram Shoppable Feed
  3. Classic Instagram social media wall
  4. 4. Instagram Collage Gallery
  5. Instagram Reels Video Slider
  6. Instagram Masonry Slider
  7. Instagram hashtag feed
  8. Instagram Photo Album Widget
  9. UGC Instagram and Google reviews widget
  10. Free Instagram Feed Widget

1. Instagram Stories Slider

With the Instagram Stories Widget by EmbedSocial, you can embed Instagram stories on your website with just a few clicks. It generates active stories, and once you connect your Instagram account, it will continue to generate all future stories you publish.

The Instagram Stories Slider showcases the latest Instagram stories in a slider that can be set to auto-play in a pre-defined interval. It is great for landing pages or a homepage, where you can showcase the Stories you reposted from your customers or just show your company’s latest activities behind the scenes.

Instagram stories slider widget

2. Instagram Shoppable Feed

Embedding an Instagram shop is an amazing way to engage and sell more on your website. This widget enables you to tag each photo whi the products shown on the photo. By doing this yo can create a ‘Shop my feed’ or ‘Shop my looks’ type of widget for your website. You can make a slider, feed or collage and even fully customize the way the posts appear.

Shoppable Instagram widget

3. Classic Instagram social media wall

This is a classic format of the Instagram feed, mostly suitable to show the latest Instagram activity including the textual part of the posts together with the images or reels. It has the option to show a numbered pagination, or to add a load more button with infinite scroll, perfect for feeds that have lots of content.

Instagram social media wall widget

The Instagram collage widget is suitable for creating a web gallery where you will emphasize the photos posted on Instagram. The caption is still included in the widget, but it appears on hover or when clicked in the lightbox.

Instagram photo collage gallery

5. Instagram Reels Video Slider

The Instagram Reels Slider is perfect for Instagram users who mostly use video in their content strategy. You can use the dark theme and switch to a dark mode to create a more modern look for the widget, plus activate an autoplay option that, on hover, will play the videos in the widget.

Example of Instagram Reels widget

FYI: You can embed Instagram Reels widget automatically with a social media aggregator and UGC platform.  Start a free trial to display your social media widgets now. 


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6. Instagram Masonry Slider

This is a more modern way to showcase a combination of Instagram Reels and Instagram posts. It shows this diverse content in a masonry format that still can be used as a slider, so you save space and show it on landing pages.

Instagram Masonry slider widget

7. Instagram hashtag feed

This is an Instagram feed widget with posts that use a particular hashtag in the caption. Companies can use it to showcase content with their branded hashtag, or if they organize hashtag campaigns, they can use it to display the contest on their website.

Embed Instagram hashtag feed

8. Instagram Photo Album Widget

This is a photo album of the latest Instagram photos displayed in a grid format. The Instagram photo gallery can have a load more or numbering pagination. Of course, it includes an option for infinite scroll.

Photo gallery with Instagram photos

9. UGC Instagram and Google reviews widget

Adding Google reviews on a website together with your Instagram posts from customers who mention your brand will result in the ultimate UGC widget for your website.

Having user-generated content that is fresh and authentic is the best way to provide social proof and eventually help customers make faster purchase decisions.

Instagram widget with Google reviews
UGC widget demo

10. Free Instagram Feed Widget

This is a completely free Instagram slider that will show the latest posts on your Instagram feed.

It loads fast and works for any website design.

Forever free Instagram slider

Need more widgets? Explore the biggest library with 80+ Instagram widgets:

How to embed Instagram feeds?

We provide a detailed tutorial on how to embed Instagram feed, and in the following text we will only outline the quick start steps.

1. Create an account on EmbedSocial

Start a free trial on the EmbedSocial platform and follow the steps to connect to Instagram. Once you are logged in, go to Sources and add Instagram.

Create an account in the EmbedSocial platform

2. Connect with the Facebook page connected with your Instagram account

The platform requires you to connect with a Facebook page that has a connection to your Instagram business account. This means that you will just need to ‘Connect with Facebook’ and provide the required permissions.

This step requires you to provide your Instagram access token, which gives the platform permission to aggregate and sync with your Instagram page.

connect facebook account to generate instagram feed

Note: If you don’t have an Instagram business account, use the manual option to type in the username of your account.

3. Customize the Instagram feed and copy widget code

Once you provide the permissions, the platform will generate your Instagram posts and redirect you to the widget editor. Here, you can change the layout and moderate the posts. Once you are finished, just click on the Embed tab and click copy code.

Embed Instagram stories code

4. Embed widget code

Once you have the code, just embed it into the HTML or follow the embedding steps of the CMS or web-building platform you use.

How to embed the Instagram widget in WordPress site without a plugin?

Using the code provided by EmbedSocial will not require you to install or maintain any additional plugins. Just open the WordPress page and in the blocks find the HTML block. Just paste the widget code here and update the page.

Steps to embed HTML in WordPress

How to embed Instagram Feed on HTML website for free

You can use the free Instagram widget and embed an Instagram slider into any HJTML website. The steps are the same. You will only need to paste the code into the body section in your HTML where you want it to appear.

Steps to embed Google reviews HTML

Key Takeaways

Adding an Instagram widget is a must-have for a fresh and interactive website. Plus, Instagram collecting UGC content and displaying it on your website can impact faster purchase decisions of potential customers.

To get started browse the Instagram widgets library and find the widget that best fits your needs.

The widgets vary in their layout, design, and the content they generate.

From carousels to collages, you have tons of options to choose from.

FYI: You can automatically embed an Instagram widget with a social media aggregator, bringing your website to life with fresh content.


Display your Instagram feed on your website automatically!

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