10 Best Instagram Walls for Websites + Real Examples

An extensive list of Instagram wall examples to get you inspired.

Instagram wall

Instagram is by far the most used social media network by content creators and e-commerce brands. It has endless options to help emerging businesses build communities and with personalized, authentic content to gain more customers.

But why not expand that content reach, and showcase it on your website in a beautiful gallery called Instagram wall!

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What is an Instagram wall?

An Instagram wall is a type of social wall that syncs all public Instagram photos from your own account or posts with a specific Instagram hashtag and displays them in a beautiful web gallery.

In order to create an Instagram wall for your website, you will most likely need a third-party social media aggregator to help you generate and automatically sync the Instagram content on your website.

Why use an Instagram wall?

An Instagram widget is a great way to display all the amazing photos that your customers have taken. It’s also a great marketing tool to get people talking about your brand or event by creating hashtag campaigns.

By using an event hashtag, you are able to pull a live Instagram feed on a screen in front of your event attendees and boost audience engagement. You can do this with virtual events too.

You can also create an Instagram feed to show your Instagram activity. Add a ‘Follow us’ link to your Instagram account so more people can discover you and gain more followers from your web visitors.

Here is a summary of all the Instagram wall benefits:

  • Display all the great photos your customers have taken
  • People are more likely to follow you if they can see your fantastic content
  • Generate conversation and online buzz about your brand or event
  • Attract new followers and grow your Instagram following
  • Showcase your brand’s social media activity, your corporate offices or retail stores
  • Gain social proof and credibility by displaying your Instagram following
  • Increase audience engagement and, therefore the time spent on your website
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Instagram Wall Features

There are different solutions on the market that can help you display an Instagram wall on your website.

  • Display photos from your own account or any public Instagram account
  • Choose to display photos with a specific hashtag
  • Select the layout and colors of the Instagram widget
  • Embed your Instagram feed in combination with Facebook or Twitter walls on your website or blog
  • Moderation options to have control over what shows to your website visitors
  • Most aggregators provide a real-time sync of the posts
  • And most aggregators allow multiple hashtags

5 Instagram wall types

Depending on what type of content you display on the wall, here is a list of different types of Instagram walls you can embed on your website:

1. The Classic Instagram Wall

This is the most common type of Instagram widget, and it’s a great way to showcase all of your images in one place. You can use this type of wall to show off your products, events, or just your beautiful photos.

Instagram social media wall widget

2. The Hashtag Instagram Wall

This type of wall is one of the best user-generated content tools that help brands be transparent with their customers’ content and showcase what other people talk about their brand on social media.

3. The Geotag Instagram Wall

This type of wall is perfect for travel brands or businesses that have a lot of locations. It helps people see where your business is located and can also be used as a marketing tool to drive foot traffic to your stores.

4. The Celebrity Instagram Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have some famous friends or customers, the Instagram wall is the perfect way to show off your connection and give your brand some social proof.

5. The Contest Instagram Wall

This type of wall is a great way to increase engagement and get people talking about your brand. You can run a contest where people have to post a photo with your product and use a branded hashtag.

Instagram wall examples

In this post, we created a full list of different Instagram walls that most of our users create with the EmbedFeed platform. You can see examples from specific industries and also social wall templates offered on our platform.

1. Instagram wall for education

Instagram wall for education

2. Restaurant Instagram activity

Instagram wall for restaurants

(or TL;DR – Embedding Instagram feed on website is super easy with EmbedFeed, and you will be able to have your Instagram wall page in seconds and automatically)

3. A Japanese e-commerce brand

Instagram wall for a Japanese brand

4. Example of an Instagram wall slider

Slider Instagram wall
See a demo of a Slider template

5. Grid wall example for a food brand

Grid Instagram wall

6. Travel brand

Instagram wall for a travel brand

7. Extreme sports equipment shop

Instagram wall for a eshop
See a demo of a Carousel template

8. Collage template

Instagram carousel wall
See a demo of a Collage Template

9. NGO Instagram feed

Instagram wall for an NGO

10. Fashion brand using the ‘What’s new’ Instagram widget

what's new Instagram feed

How do I create an Instagram wall?

There are a few different ways to generate and display a social media wall on your website. You can use:

  • Manually embed posts from the native option in the Instagram platform
  • A self-hosted Instagram gallery plugin for WordPress themes
  • A third-party Instagram gallery tool (like EmbedFeed)

The following text will show you how to use EmbedFeed and build your own Instagram wall.

  1. Connect your Instagram business account or add a hashtag
  2. Choose the layout of the widget
  3. Customize or moderate the social content
  4. Copy and paste the code into your website body section
Embed Instagram stories code

If you own more websites, you can use the same code or create different widgets for all your websites.

So If you’re looking for an easy way to embed an Instagram hashtag feed, start a 7 day trial for EmbedFeed.

EmbedFeed has access to all major social media APIs and allows you to connect multiple social media channels and collect different types of social media content.

To start now, you can choose the free forever plan and use the free Instagram wall but with limited features like moderation and customization.

Demos of Instagram wall widgets

To explore real live demos of Instagram walls, check our templates library and pick your favorite template.

Embed your new Instagram wall in seconds. Explore more below:

Key takeaways

If you are planning your next event, consider a hashtag campaign as a powerful tool to promote the event and get more people engaged during the event in real-time.

In addition to that, tools like EmbedFeed will also help generate content from Twitter and embed a Twitter wall.

Finally, Instagram walls can help you aggregate humanized content that tells a story about your brand, product, or event.

When used effectively, an Instagram wall can be a powerful way to connect with your audience, showcase quality user-generated content, build trust, and eventually get new customers.

FYI: You can embed Instagram widget automatically with a social media aggregator and alive your website with fresh content.


Embed Instagram widget on your website automatically!

Generate and display Instagram content from your feed, mentions, or hashtags directly to your website.

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