How to Manage Google Reviews for Multiple Business Locations?

Learn how to manage reviews on multiple locations on Google.

Managing multi-location Google business

Managing Google reviews for multiple locations can be very challenging. Businesses that operate on multiple physical locations need to have separate locations for each office or store, which means they need to have separate Google business accounts for all the locations.

And having these Google business profiles, each for a different location can be managed on a corporate level or have a dedicated person for each separate location.

Key takeaways

  • Decide your approach when managing reviews on multiple locations
  • Learn the best practices to create a multi-location reviews management strategy
  • and choose a tool to effectively manage reviews on multiple Google locations.

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Understanding multi-location review management

Multi-location review management means monitoring and responding to customer feedback across all your business locations on different review sites, such as Google Business Profiles, Facebook pages, or Yelp listings. This is crucial because each review, negative or positive, shapes potential customer’s perceptions of your brand and can impact their purchase decisions.

Before you start creating the strategy, you will need to lay down the foundation and decide on which review sites you will manage reviews and which approach you will choose: the corporate or the individual approach.

1. Decide the multi-location listing policy and approach

First, consider whether you want each location to manage its presence on review platforms or if reviews should be aggregated under the main corporate office. This decision influences how you’ll manage and respond to reviews. Therefore, you need to decide between:

  • Corporate management of Google reviews—the customer service team of the entire company manages the reviews of the individual Google locations. This can also be a position in existing teams such as marketing or customer service teams.
  • Individual management of Google reviews—each business location establishes and manages its own Google review policies independent of the main office.

2. Select review sites

Given its influence on local search visibility, Google Business Profile should be your first choice and it is already built to support businesses with multiple locations.

But don’t overlook other social media platforms like Facebook, Yelp, or industry-specific review sites. Each plays a role in how customers find and perceive your business online.

How to manage multiple business location reviews manually via Google Business Profile?

Managing manually means that you need to access each account to see the latest reviews and respond. This means you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a location for each separate business. See the steps below.
  2. Navigate to your Google Business Profile manager.
  3. Click on the location that first you want to check.
  4. Go to the Reviews and click to reply to each particular review.

How to create more locations in your Google My Business account?

To add locations to your Google My Business (GMB) Page, you need to:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Profile account.
  2. Click on the top-left menu and select Google Business Profile Manager.
  3. If you want to add another profile, select the three-dot menu on Google Search. 
  4. Click Add a new Business Profile
  5. Follow the steps to add a new profile at a new location.
steps to add more Google business profiles

Once you start receiving reviews for each location, you will need to access the reviews on multiple locations.

If you have 10+ locations, this will mean that it is too time-consuming to continue without software built specifically for this purpose.

Manage Google reviews for multiple locations – in one dashboard

Big enterprises managing Google reviews can face a variety of problems if they use only the native option. The system on Google already allows agencies to manage their client’s profiles, but usually, this process is a one-size-fits-all solution and can be complex for managing accounts and sharing information.

Agency profiles to Manage Google profiles

That is why using a multi-location review management tool specifically built for companies operating in different locations is crucial. Here is how to manage multiple reviews with EmbedSocial

1. Connect your accounts and generate reviews

With the EmbedSocial platform, you can connect multiple business profiles by navigating to Sources and, for example, selecting Google. Here, you will need to allow the permissions for

2. Analyze, search, and respond to reviews in one dashboard

Once you generate all the reviews from multiple locations on Google and also other review sites, you will get all the reviews in one place where you can search through, make a sentiment analysis, and find insights for business growth.

3. Display reviews on website

As mentioned, you can reuse the reviews, and the best way is to embed Google reviews on your websites. This is possible, and you can create widgets for different and add the reviews on your website that will further impact positively on your local SEO.

4. Schedule GBP posts automatically.

Google post scheduling again is another challenge for multi-location businesses, which need to post updates on their Google Maps for each particular business.

This also becomes complicated if the same message needs to be updated on more than one location.

also, this update can appear in Google search when searching for the brand and also within the business listing on Google Maps on mobile.

Luckily, most Google review management tools provide options to schedule GBP posts to multiple locations.

Scheduling Google posts

Benefits of using a multi-location review management tool

Need help managing Google Business Profile reviews for multiple locations?

If you manage multiple locations on Google, then you will probably need software that will automate this process.

When choosing the tool, you will need to look at the following features:

  • Managing reviews for multiple locations from within a single dashboard.
  • Search Google reviews and conduct sentiment analysis at scale.
  • Automatically collect reviews via SMS or email.
  • Design and embed a ‘Collect reviews’ button.
  • Embed Google reviews widgets on multiple websites or pages.
  • Embed schema markup to help Google better understand your content.
  • Create an AI autoresponder to respond to reviews with different star ratings.
  • Export reviews in various formats for further analysis.
  • Publish Google posts to multiple locations.

All the above functionalities are available on the EmbedSocial platform. Sign up below to try all of these features.


Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

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Examples of companies managing multiple Google locations

Looking for real-life examples of how businesses utilize a complete review management platform like EmbedSocial? Check out these real-life examples of two different types of companies using review management tools:

  • a marketing agency handling the online reputation management for medical doctors (Infogenix) and
  • a large enterprise (McDonald’s) handling its review management needs for multiple locations.

Case #1: How an agency manages the reviews of multiple clients from one dashboard

This full-service digital agency manages the Google review needs for several doctors’ offices, including the process of collecting, moderating, and displaying all their reviews.

The process they utilize is seamless as they control every phase of the process from a single review management dashboard inside their EmbedSocial account.

There, they can separate their reviews based on star rating or overall sentiment, choose from different widget templates, and embed them across most website builders out there.

Plus, they do all the heavy lifting for their clients despite having the option to give some control to these individual doctors’ offices.

In summary, here are the features used by the marketing agencies:

  • Use separate sub-accounts for each client;
  • Use multi-account management features to access each sub-account from the admin dashboard;
  • Clients can get access to their separate sub-accounts and do other activities such as reply, generate reports, or moderate the widgets;

Check out the look of these widgets on their clients’ websites:

Example of agency managing multiple clients' Google reviews widgets

Case #2: How a large enterprise quickly and efficiently replies to all their Google locations

Can you imagine what managing the reputation of a huge enterprise like McDonald’s involves? Let us tell you that replying to each individual review is almost impossible!

That’s where EmbedSocial comes in. It saves McDonald’s and similar enterprises tons of time to set up customized reply messages based on the star rating of their Google reviews.

Here is what one of the large enterprises using EmbedSocial benefits the most:

  • Control their reviews via different subsidiaries and from the main office.
  • Automatically pull and reply to reviews from within the platform.
  • Use combined widgets from every location embedded on the website.
  • Option to create separate widgets for different subsidiaries.
  • Review badge with buttons and star snippets for every location.
  • Team members have access to the account for assistance.
  • Each subsidiary has a different account if they are more independent.
  • They set a Google autoresponder to auto-respond to reviews with specific star ratings.

The auto-respond is a good way to respond to reviews that have a particular rating. This suto message can be useful, especially if there is a problem, and can respond to 1-star reviews with more directions on how to further connect with a team that is responsible for managing issues.

Google reviews autoresponder

Strategy for managing Google reviews for multiple locations (checklist)

The goal of defining a review management strategy is to keep every team member on the same page and create consistent handling of customer feedback across all locations. This strategy should detail how to respond to both positive and negative reviews and outline steps to assign tasks for particular issues when necessary.

1. Choose review management tools

Implementing review management tools can significantly simplify the process of monitoring and responding to reviews across multiple sites. Tools like EmbedSocial can aggregate reviews in real-time from various platforms into a single dashboard, enabling efficient management and response at both corporate and local levels.

2. Balance corporate control with local flexibility

While corporations can provide general guidelines and support, empowering local managers to respond to reviews allows for quicker, more personalized customer interactions. This approach also ensures that responses are tailored to the specific circumstances and cultural specificity of each location.

3. Address negative reviews strategically

This is usually done with a unified review response policy, where negative feedback is usually addressed up front so the situation is de-escalated, including apologizing if necessary and taking steps to resolve the issue. This type of policy needs to be clearly defined and implemented across all locations.

4. Setup process for asking for positive reviews

Create a procedure that will encourage every new customer to provide feedback. This can include sending follow-up emails after a purchase or visit, providing links to your review profiles, and politely asking customers to leave a review.

5. Define a procedure for analyzing reviews

Regular analysis of your reviews can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction, product quality, and service levels across different locations. Look for common themes in feedback to identify areas for improvement or successful practices that could be implemented across other locations.

6. Leverage and re-purpose reviews

Don’t forget to showcase your positive reviews. Use them in marketing materials, on your website, and in social media posts to build trust and attract new customers. Positive reviews are powerful endorsements of your brand and can significantly influence consumer behavior.

7. Invest in a review management strategy

AI is a useful assistant for analyzing and responding to reviews. Sometimes, you lack ideas on how to compose unique responses, but AI can help a lot and make the review response process more efficient.

EmbedSocial has a built-in AI engine to help you generate assistance while writing replies to the reviews.

Sign up to manage your multi-location reviews

Implement tools like EmbedSocial to simplify monitoring and responding to reviews, aggregating feedback from various platforms into a single, efficient dashboard.

To get started, sign up below or schedule a 1-1 demo.


Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

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FAQs about managing multiple locations on Google

How do I manage multiple locations on Google?

The easiest way to manage multiple locations on Google is to use a third-party review management platform like EmbedSocial that can connect to each of your locations and pull and moderate all your reviews automatically so you can embed them on your websites.

How do you optimize Google Business Profile for multiple locations?

To optimize your Google Business Profile for multiple locations, it’s essential to maintain precise and consistent information for each site. Also, categorize your business accurately to improve its discoverability and use specific keywords related to each location. Finally, you should encourage customers to leave reviews and regularly post updates, promotions, or events at each location to engage with your audience.

Can I transfer Google reviews from one location to another?

No, you cannot transfer Google reviews from one location to another, as reviews are inherently linked to the specific location where they were submitted. This policy ensures that reviews remain relevant and accurate to the customer experience at that particular location.

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