How to Schedule Google My Business Posts with a Tool?

Discover the GMB scheduling tool to automate your publishing process.

How to schedule Google Business Posts

Scheduling GMB posts is essential for visibility and customer engagement. Learn how to schedule GMB posts, automate your Google My Business presence, save time, and boost your local SEO.

This article will guide you through the tools and tactics to ensure small business owners share their activities on Google’s search results pages and reach more customers when performing localized searches.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Business Profiles is another social media platform that local businesses can use to share their updates, offers, or business events.
  • Consistent scheduling of GMB posts enhances online visibility and customer engagement and supports local SEO by ensuring a steady digital presence and keeping content fresh.
  • Creating compelling GMB posts requires clear, concise messaging with engaging visuals or videos, appropriately sized images, and captivating captions that include relevant CTAs.
  • Utilizing social media scheduling tools like EmbedSocial simplifies cross-platform posting and management while monitoring tools like GMB Insights help analyze post performance to refine strategies.

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Steps to use Google My Business post scheduler

Managing GMB posts and other social media accounts can be time-consuming, especially when juggling multiple platforms at once. This is where the social media scheduling tool by EmbedSocial comes in handy. It’s a simple feature that seamlessly schedules and manages your posts for both GMB and Instagram. Think of it as having your own personal assistant for all things related to social media platforms.

Here is how to get started:

Connect Google Business Profile

  1. Sign up for an EmbedSocial account.
  2. Go to Social accounts and connect your Google business profile.

Create and schedule Google post

Once you have your Google account on the platform, just follow these steps to schedule your first Google business posts:

  1. Go to Publishing and click Create post.
    Steps to create GMB post
  2. Choose the Google account (in case you have more), fill in the necessary information, and click the option ‘Schedule post’ to define the time and date when to schedule the post. Once you are finished, click ‘Schedule’.
    Scheduling Google posts

This post will appear on your Google business listing within a few seconds.

Note: EmbedSocial has an API integration with Google that allows it to establish a Google My Business integration and use special permissions to schedule posts directly on the user’s business profile.

The importance of scheduling GMB Posts

Utilizing the feature of scheduling Google My Business posts is a highly effective method to enhance your online presence, engage with customers, and improve rankings on search engines. Similar to how a well-maintained machine runs seamlessly, having an organized schedule for GMB accounts ensures continuous visibility in the digital space. But why is this so crucial? Let’s delve into its significance further.

In essence, Google My Business posts provide immense leverage whereby meticulously planned regularity instills trust and keeps engaged clientele ever-so interested.

Benefits of consistent posting

Is it worth the effort to consistently post on Google My Business? Absolutely! Regular posting on this platform is like having a free spot for advertising on one of the largest digital billboards in the world. Each new post generates interest in your company, whether it’s an update, event announcement, or promotion. It gives you control over your online presence and ensures that customers receive information directly from you.

There’s a catch – GMB posts have a limited lifespan of 7 days (excluding events). This means your visibility will gradually decline if you don’t continuously add new posts. Think of it as playing tag digitally and being “it.” However, by scheduling posts in advance, you can maintain consistent online activity without spending time every day manually adding content. So keep taking advantage of this valuable tool Google My Business provides through regular posting.

Impact on Local SEO

Let’s take a moment to discuss the importance of local SEO for businesses serving a specific geographical area or community. In order to appear in relevant local searches, utilizing strategic GMB posts is crucial, as it can significantly enhance your business’s discoverability and competitiveness within the local market.

To improve engagement and click-through rates, GMB posts also offer valuable insights into consumer behavior. By implementing effective practices such as optimizing GMB profiles and posts, you have the potential for tangible growth in terms of increased foot traffic, targeted web visitors, and improved conversion rates.

What to post on Google Business Profile?

After learning how to create effective GMB posts, the important question is, what kind of content should you post? Various types of posts are available on GMB, such as events, offers, and updates about your business and products or services.

Depending on your business type, having a diverse range of post types in your business listing can be beneficial. Other options include posting photos, reviews, and FAQs. Some categories have more specific choices, like menus and services.

We just did an update about our latest feature, and here is how the post appears on Google.

Here is an example of a Google post within the Maps interface:

Google posts in Maps

Additionally, here are some examples of posts to post on Google if you own a local cafe, apparel store, fitness studio, bookstore or restaurant:

Google post for a Local Café:

Post Title: Weekend Special: 15% Off All Pastries!
Post Content: “Good news for all sweet-tooth enthusiasts! This weekend, indulge in your favorite pastries at our café and enjoy a 15% discount. Perfect with our freshly brewed coffee. See you there!”

Google post for a Boutique Store:

Post Title: New Eco-Friendly Fashion Line Launch
Post Content: “We’re thrilled to announce our new Eco-Friendly Fashion Line! Sustainable, stylish, and perfect for the conscious shopper. Visit our boutique to explore the collection and embrace sustainable living.”

Google post for a Fitness Studio:

Post Title: Free Yoga Workshop This Saturday
Post Content: “Join us for a rejuvenating Free Yoga Workshop this Saturday at 9 AM. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, there’s something for everyone. Bring a mat, bring a friend, and let’s find our zen together.”

Google post for a Bookstore:

Post Title: Celebrate Literature: Author Meet & Greet
Post Content: “Literature lovers, mark your calendars! We’re hosting an exclusive meet and greet with local author Jane Doe, discussing her latest novel, ‘Whispers of the Past’. Join us this Friday at 6 PM for an inspiring evening.”

Google post for a Restaurant:

Post Title: Holiday Season Extended Hours
Post Content: “This holiday season, spend more festive moments with us! We’re extending our hours to 11 PM all through December. Enjoy your holiday favorites in our cozy setting.”

Best practices for GMB post-scheduling

After settling on the perfect GMB scheduling tool, the next step is to optimize your posts before you publish posts. This involves:

  • Ensuring compliance with Google’s content policies
  • Selecting the correct post type
  • Create recurring schedules
  • Using clear and impactful titles
  • Including CTAs to enhance post-effectiveness.
  • Post images with latest Google reviews.

Aim for a clear and concise message in your posts to keep customers interested and informed quickly. While there is a 1,500-character limit available on GMB posts, using fewer words can often have more impact. It’s crucial to adhere to Google’s content policies so as not to be removed due to being flagged as “off-topic.”

Ensure your GMB post stands out by incorporating engaging images or videos, appropriate links, and well-chosen calls-to-action (CTAs). Think of these elements like adding seasoning while cooking – they just enhance the overall appeal.

Using images and videos

When it comes to using visuals in your GMB posts, the way you present them is crucial. To avoid having parts of your images and videos cut off, stick with the recommended aspect ratio of 4:3. Make sure to properly center your photos so that they highlight the main subject.

For optimal viewing on GMB, aim for image sizes of 1200px x 900px. A minimum requirement of 480px x 270 px will also suffice. It’s important not to exceed file sizes over 5 MB as this can result in lower quality due to compression. It’s best practice to adhere to Google’s recommendations for high-quality photo size to ensure that your brand stands out online and captures attention.

Writing captivating captions

So, what makes a great caption? Emojis are one way to ensure universal understanding, while tags can increase audience engagement. Adding some humor also helps create relatable content. It’s important to use proper grammar and spelling, maintain an authentic tone of voice that connects with readers, ask questions to encourage interaction and tell stories that resonate with your audience.

Leveraging CTAs and offers

When it comes to promotions and offers in GMB posts, be sure to give them clear titles with specified start and end dates/times for when they are valid. Including a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your GMB posts can significantly influence customer engagement. CTAs, such as ‘Buy’, ‘Book’, or ‘Learn More’, encourage your audience to take the desired action.

Timing your posts for maximum reach

Effective timing is crucial for posting on GMB. To increase visibility and engagement, aim to post during the best hours between 9 AM and 11 AM. It’s important to note that GMB posts usually have a lifespan of seven days before expiring.

Follow Google’s guidelines

Remember, adherence to Google’s guidelines is necessary when using images and videos in your GMB posts. Photos and videos submitted to Google My Business account must follow additional guidelines beyond the prohibited and restricted content policies. As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your posted imagery complies with all applicable laws and regulations.


We’ve navigated the world of Google My Business post scheduler, highlighting the importance of publishing, the benefits of consistent posting, and the impact on local SEO. We’ve explored how to create compelling posts, the advantages of cross-platform posting with EmbedSocial, and tips for optimizing your GMB posts.

We’ve also delved into popular GMB scheduling tools and platforms and discussed how to monitor and analyze post-performance to refine your strategy. Now, equipped with this knowledge, you’re ready to supercharge your online visibility through effective GMB posting. So, why wait? Start scheduling your GMB posts today and watch your business grow!


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Frequently asked questions about scheduling Google updates and posts

How do I automate GMB posts?

One way to automate GMB posts is by linking your Google My Business profile with a social media management tool such as EmbedSocial. By doing so, you can conveniently schedule and personalize your posts.

This method will enhance efficiency in posting and maintain the interest of your target audience. It involves utilizing a social media management platform for managing GMB posts.

How often should I post updates on GMB?

You should aim to post updates on your Google My Business profile at least once a week, as recommended by Google, but there’s no strict limit on how often you can update.

This will help keep your business profile active and visible to potential customers.

What are the most common GMB posting issues?

If you encounter issues with scheduling or posting on GMB, first ensure that your business is verified and that your posts comply with Google’s content policies. If problems persist, consulting the support documentation of your scheduling tool or reaching out to their customer service can provide solutions.

Can I schedule posts to multiple Google My Business locations at once?

Yes, you can schedule posts to multiple Google My Business (GMB) locations at once, but this capability largely depends on the third-party scheduling tool you are using. Many advanced social media management platforms that support GMB integration offer the functionality to manage multiple locations under a single account.

Is it possible to schedule recurring posts on Google My Business?

Directly through Google My Business, it is not currently possible to schedule recurring posts due to the platform’s limitations. However, some third-party scheduling tools may offer workarounds or features that allow you to replicate a post and schedule it multiple times.

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