50 Templates + Ideas to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio

How to create an attractive Instagram bio? Look at this list of 50 Instagram bio templates and ideas that Instagram users can recreate for their profile.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – so why risk it when it comes to your Instagram bio?

Besides your image, the first thing people see on your profile is your Instagram bio, so without a doubt, we can say it’s one of the most important things.

It might seem irrelevant, but the “devil is in the details,” and the details, in this case, mean more followers and/or customers.

If you lack inspiration for your Instagram bio, in this blog post, we’ll share some ideas, and besides that – here’s everything else we’ll cover:

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Why your Instagram bio is important?

So, where to start with writing your bio?

– With a total of 150 characters, your Instagram bio should contain:

  • vital information – such as who you are, what do you do, the topics you’re interested in/are willing to talk about, your job role, and a way for people to reach out to you (contact information)
  • showcase your personality – feel free to show off your personality even in your Instagram bio (in this way, chances are you’ll attract the right kind of audience)
  • call-to-action – CTA is also essential, especially if the Instagram account is a business one or used as such one.

All in all, these are the most basic elements to every Instagram bio but stick with us.

We will cover so much, plus give away some super practical examples.

We will start with Instagram bio Ideas for Individuals.

If you are an individual using Instagram to create your personal brand, here are some Instagram bio ideas and examples sorted into 5 different categories:

  1. Fashion influencers
  2. Crypto influencers
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Lifestyle influencers
  5. Businesses

Instagram bios for Fashion influencers + examples

With an estimated worth of $1,7 trillion, we can say the fashion industry is one of the biggest ones worldwide. So why not stand out from the crowd and grab a “piece of the cake”? Here’s how to start by writing your Instagram bio:

Template #1 – Emma Hill

Name and Surname
Description of her (your style)
The name of her YouTube Channel
A link to her second account and one for donations (you could place a link to your website)

fashion Instagram bio examples
Emma Hill’s Instagram profile

Template #2 – Chrissy Rutherford

Name and Surname
A brief text that’s a combination of who she is and her interests
Job title
Call-to-action with a unique link and a hashtag

best bio ideas for fashion influencers
Chrissy Rutherford’s Instagram profile

Template #3 – Valeria Lipovetsky

Name and Surname
Most important aspects/interestest of her life (Fashion, Self-love, and Motherhood)
Her profession (Founder @Shopverie)
Social proof
Current Location
Link to her other important links

cool instagram bios for fashion influencers
Valeria Lipovetsky’s Instagram profile

Template #4 – Chiara Ferragni

Name and Surname
Most important aspects of her life
Her role (Founder to @chiaraferragnibrand)
A place for a unique hashtag and a call-to-action for the series
A link to her collection in the stores

creative instagram bios for fashion influencers
Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram profile

Template #5 – Camila Coelho

Name and Surname
A quote
Founder of (her personal brands)
What she supports

fashion influencer bio quotes
Camila Coelho’s Instagram profile

Template #6 – Lauren Conrad

Name and Surname
A list of her interests along with links to her other accounts

clever instagram bios for fashion
Lauren Conrad’s Instagram Profile

Template #7 – Negin Mirsalehi

Name and Surname
Something to make her stand out
Founder of her personal brand
Link to Youtube

simple best bios
Negin Mirsalehi’s Instagram profile

Template #8 – Leonie Hanne

Name and Surname
Where she’s from and her current location
E-mail address for a way to reach out to her
Link to her website

short instagram bio
Leonie Hanne’s Instagram profile

Template #9 – Danielle Bernstein

Name and Surname
Founder at (name of the brand)
A link to her other account
E-mail address to reach out to her
Link to the website

killer instagram bio for fashion influencer
Danielle Bernstein’s Instagram profile

Template #10 – Chriselle Lim

Name and Surname
Roles and titles in life
Co-founder of (name of the brand)

instagram link in bio
Chriselle Lim’s Instagram profile

Instagram bio for Crypto influencers + examples

Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular by the day and if you’re looking to enter this industry here’s how to “sell yourself” in your Instagram bio.

Template #1 – Vitalik Buterin

Name and Surname
Crypto Preference

show your instagram presence with link in bio
Vitalik Butterin’s Instagram profile

Template #2 – Roger Ver

Name and Surname
His interests/Crypto preference
Social proof (featured on Forbes…)
Founder of (Bitcoin)

add your website home page in your bio
Roger Ver’s Instagram profile

Template #3 – Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Name and Surname
Interests and Crypto Preference
Employment state
Additional titles (such as the author of 5 books)

instagram bios for crypto influencers
Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s Instagram profile

Template #4 – Charlie Lee

Name and Surname
Creator of (Litecoin)
Main Interest – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
Role (Director)

good instagram bios for crypto influencers
Charlie Lee’s Instagram profile

Template #5 – Anthony Pompliano

Stating the uniqueness of his profile (One account only)
Unique selling proposition (Earn bitcoin within 3-5 days)
Call-to-action with link (How to start trading with crypto)

insert a creative profile picture
Anthony Pompliano’s Instagram profile

Template #6 – Tone Vays

Name and Surname
Stating the uniqueness of his profile
I will never DM offering investment opportunities
Role – Producer of (links to two other Instagram accounts)
Link to his YouTube profile

insert multiple links in your bio
Tone Vays’s Instagram profile

Template #7 – Dan Held

Name and Surname
Two sections Me and Work; Description of his crypto preferences, roles, and titles
Link to his YouTube profile

crypto influencer instagram bio ideas
Dan Held’s Instagram profile

Template #8 – Lyah Heilpern

Name and Surname
Current Location
Link to TikTok account
Additional Interest she speaks about

cool instagram bios for crypto influencers
Layah Heilpern’s Instagram profile

Template #9 – Michael Saylor

Name and Surname
Founder of (company)
Crypto preference and what he talks about
Additional Insta profile and interests
Link to his page

add link of your latest instagram posts
Michael Saylor’s Instagram profile

Template #10 – Ben Armstrong

The name he is recognized under (BitBoy Crypto)
Name and Surname
Crypto Preference (what cryptocurrencies he talks about)
His personal and professional roles
A single link that contains all his important links

add a link of your latest blog post
Ben Armstrong’s Instagram profile

Instagram bio for Entrepreneurs + examples

Entrepreneur: “A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.” – if you do recognize a little bit of this entrepreneur definition in yourself or you’re about to start your very own business, here’s how to compose the perfect bio:

Template #1 – Jasmine Star

Name and Surname
CEO @ (name of company)
Unique selling propositon
Contact info
Call to action in combination with link

add a link of your business instagram feed
Jasmine Star’s Instagram profile

Template #2 – Richard Branson

Name and Surname
Unique Quote
Links to his company’s profile and website

insert a link in your instagram bio of your website
Richard Branson’s Instagram profile

Template #3 – Brit Morin

Name and Surname
A unique quote and a USP – Here to help women rise to their full potential
Founder of (links to other profiles)
Other interests
Call to action with a link

cute instagram bios for influencers
Brit Morin’s Instagram profile

Template #4 – Gary Vaynerchuk

Name and Surname
Job title
Creator of (link to profile)
Call to action with a link

insert cool symbols in your bio
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Instagram profile

Template #5 – Jenna Kutcher

Name and Surname
An inspiring quote
Author of “name of the book”
Host of @ name of the podcast
Main interests
Link to her website

post a link of your business instagram feed posts
Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram profile

Template #6 – Tony Robbins

Name and Surname
Unique selling proposition
Social proof
Call to action with a link to his podcast

post a link of your user generated content
Tony Robbins’s Instagram profile

Template #7 – Patrick Bet-David

Name and Surname
A unique background quote – Entrepreneur since 10 yrs old
Background and place of birth
Job role – host of @company
Additional work interest (link to podcast) and personal interests
Link to website

add as much infor in your entire bio
Patrick Bet-David’s Instagram profile

Template #8 – Ed Mylett

Name and Surname
Roles and titles
Co-founder @company
Call to action with a link to his show

good instagram bio for an entrepreneur

Template #9 – Lewis Howes

Name and Surname
Role and ex-role
Something that makes him stand out
Social proof for his most valuable asset – his podcast
Link to his podcast account and website

add a link to your businees profile page
Lewis Howes’s Instagram profile

Template #10 – Manny Khoshbin

Name and Surname
His personal and work-related roles
A unique quote – Living the American dream
Call to action with a link (Learn my top real estate strategies)

valuable real estate bio
Manny Khoshin’s Instagram profile
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Instagram bios for Lifestyle Influencers + examples

Last on our Instagram Bio Ideas for Individuals is the lifestyle influencers and here come ten unique templates and examples to help you compose your perfect Instagram Bio:

Template #1 – Lauren Conrad

Name and Surname
Unique hashtag
Links to her personal account, shops, nonprofit organization, and website

use branded hashtag in your instagram bio
Lauren Conrad’s Instagram profile

Template #2 – Julie Sarinana

Name and Surname
A quote – California girl dreaming big
Founder @name of brand
A link to her other account
A link to her website

straight up class act in your bio
Julie Sarinana’s Instagram profile

Template #3 – Aspyn Ovard

Name and Surname
Personal information – Mama + wife
Online store – and a link to it
YouTube – with names of accounts
Link to her multiple most useful links

add some info of your own life
Aspyn Ovard’s Instagram profile

Template #4 – Chris Han

Name and Surname
(speaking with her customers with emojis)
❤️ – and her interests and what she speaks about
?? mama to @link to another account
? married to @ link to another account
? – more photographs to be found @ another account
? contact e-mail
? – her education
Link to her other most important links

make funny instagram bios with emojis
Chris Han’s Instagram profile

Template #5 – Caitlin Patricia Weiler

Name and Surname
Her current location
Her roles – actor, writer, creator, and model
Sole personal information embellished with emojis
Link to her IMDB profile

good instagram bio with personal information and funny instagram bio ideas
Caitlin Patricia Weilers’s Instagram profile

Template #6 – Chevonne Dixon

Her main interests and things she speaks about
Personal information – Living with heart failure
A quote – Do what makes you happy
A link to her website
Current location
Link to her quick links selection

add quotes
Chevonne Dixon’s Instagram profile

Template #7 – Shonda

Name | Her main interests
A personal inspiring quote
Personal information
A description of her fitness journey
E-mail for contact
Link to another account and her website

show your future self and add multiple links
Shonda’s Instagram profile

Template #8 – Pamela Reif

Name and Surname
Her age with a social proof of her accomplishments – Forbes 30 under 30
?Food Account: @link to her food account
?YouTube: Name of her YouTube channel
? founder of @personal brand
Imprint: link to her PR account
Link to her products/personal brand

become social media guru with healthy lifestyle bio
Pamela Reif’s Instagram account

Template #9 – Amber Fillerup Clark

Name and Surname
Her interests
Founder of @name of brands and links to them
Link to her website

add healthier habits in your cute instagram bios
Amber Clark’s Instagram profile

Template #10 – Shayna Terese Taylor

Name and Surname
Her interests with links to her products
Podcast: “the name of her podcast”
Current location
Link to other important links

add a link in your instagram bio
Shayna Taylor’s Instagram profile

Instagram Bio Ideas for Businesses + Examples

Short but super important, a well-put Instagram Bio is a super impactful element to every Instagram business profile!

It’s the first thing that tells who you are and what you do, showcases your brand personality, and set’s the tone with your potential customers.

If you lack inspiration, here are a handful of templates + practical examples:

Template #1 – Mango

Name and type of brand
Mango Official Account – stating the originality
A welcoming message aligned with their brand voice
A call to action and unique hashtag
Link to website

use branded hashtags
Mango’s Instagram profile

Template #2 – Upwork

Name of brand
Unique selling proposition stated in a sentence

add a link of your landing page
Upwork’s Instagram profile

Template #3 – Vitality

Name and type of brand
Call to action – Shop the base camp collection now
(extra spacing)
Brand’s unique message and unique selling proposition.
Call to action with a link to the website

add line breaks in your bio
Vitality’s Instagram profile

Template #4 – Good Filling Company

Name of Brand
Value proposition – a statement about what are they doing
Their unique selling proposition
Let’s get started – Call to action with a link to their website

ideas for businesses
Good Filling Company’s Instagram profile

Template #5 – Book Depository

Name of brand
Types of books they are selling
Unique hashtag
Unique selling proposition – Free delivery on 20 million books!
Link to other important links

book depository ideas
Book Depository’s Instagram profile

Template #6 – Purito

Their slogan, Name of the brand, and type of industry
A few value propositions such as a natural skincare brand, and smart ingredients
Link to other important links

purito ideas for businesses
Purito’s Instagram profile

Template #7 – RiseDesk

Name of Brand and type of industry
Unique selling proposition
Call to action – “Upgrade your home office today” with a link to their most important links

risedesk bio ideas for a business
Rise Desk’s Instagram profile

Template #8 – Staedtler

Name of brand
#Brand’s hashtag in combination with their slogan
A unique quote – a value proposition
Unique hashtag with a call to action (share arts and crafts with the hashtag)
Link to other important links

bio quotes and branded hashtags
Staedtler’s Instagram profile

Template #9 – Nespresso

Name of brand
Unique selling proposition + unique hashtag
(extra spacing)
Certification statement
Link to other valuable links

good instagram bios for businesses
Nespresso’s Instagram profile

Template #10 – Paradise Food

Name of brand and type of industry (in this case – a restaurant)
Value propositions – Fresh and delicious healthy food
Type of food they are serving
Working hours
Way to reach out

paradies food good instagram bios for businesses
Paradise Food’s Instagram profile


How many characters are in an Instagram bio?

150 characters is the total length of a single Instagram bio and 30 characters for the username.

Do spaces count as characters in Instagram bio?

Yes, they do count as characters.

What makes a good bio for my Instagram profile?

A good Instagram bio is one that describes who you are in an easy-to-read way.

How often can I edit my bio on my Instagram account?

As often as you would like, although that’s not a recommended practice.

How do you make multiple lines in your Instagram bio?

Once you open your bio and write your first Instagram bio line, tap on the 123 key, and when the return key in the bottom right corner appears, click on it twice to add a line break.

Key takeaways

We hope by now you’ve learned never to underestimate the power your Instagram bio has.

It’s the first interaction, the first impression with every single person that lands on your profile.

  • So, who are you?
  • What are you looking to tell the world?
  • How will you stand out?

Make sure you include information such as Instagram category, add link in bio if you have one or other accounts, relevant call-to-action, one-of-a-kind hashtag, and your unique selling propositions or said less marketing-ly what are you unique for.

What does your current Instagram bio look like?

Did you find some inspiration in our shared examples?

We’d love to hear more, so feel free to drop a line in the comment section.

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