Best Instagram Apps For Creators in 2024

Summary of the best Instagram apps to create, edit or publish photos and videos for your Instagram feed.

best Instagram apps to create photos and videos

Serving your audience with relevant content daily is a hard and challenging process. Whether you are a content creator or a business owner, choosing the right tools for your Instagram strategy is necessary for achieving the real growth of your Instagram account. To step out of the crowd, we will show you a list of the best Instagram apps you can use for free and enjoy their benefits.

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Best Instagram Apps To Edit Photos

Instagram has in-app filters and photo editing tools that allow you to edit your photos before posting them on the feed. But in this section, we will suggest the best Instagram apps for photo editing you can use for free and make your photos pop with a unique design.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Аdobe lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is one of the most popular photo editing tools among Instagram users. With thousands of 5 stars reviews, Lightroom is a feature-rich app for both desktop and mobile devices – it has an iOS and Android version.

How to choose?

If you are a content creator who wants to transform the Instagram feed dramatically, Lightroom is the best fit for you.


  • Catalog database-style for easier photo viewing
  • Easy search for specific photos
  • Preset features


  • Not handy for editing more photos at once
  • No sync option
  • You need a paid Adobe account

From my personal experience, I am amazed by the editing features. It provides one-tap color features and art camera modes that make my photos look professional and high quality, even if they are not.


VSCO app

VSCO is one of the best apps for Instagram photo editing and it is used by many Instagram influencers. It is a simple app to use but it provides many filters, editing tools, and preset effects that will give you an influencer-like feed for free. When I started using it, I got that arranged feed and this app made me feel like a real pro.

How to choose?

If you are a creator who wants to make a portfolio of influencer-level quality photos, VSCO’s basic version is a great start.


  • Pallet of retro film rolls presets
  • Good for direct mobile photography
  • Option to recreate already saved edits
  • RGB spectrum curve tool


  • No dark mode
  • Unable to use it on pc

3. Snapseed


Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editing studio developed by Google. It is another popular photo editing application recognized by its creative editing tools, a library of plug-ins, one-tap presets, and tools for portrait face photos.

Here is a quote from its users on the Google Play Store:

This app is one of my main photo editing apps. It has a lot of options and they all work relatively well. I like how many options it offers and I find it a lot easier to use most photo editing apps. I highly recommend it and haven’t had any problems with it.

How to choose?

Even if you are not a creator or photographer, Snapseed is a beginner-friendly Instagram tool for photo manipulation, face retouching, and similar adjustments.


  • Completely free, no limitations
  • Professional one-tap presets
  • Portrait photos editing


  • No social media integration
  • Not intuitive options

4. Afterlight


Do you have an eye for color shades and light effects when it comes to photos? Then Afterlight would be the best app for your editing adventures. There are many color-editing features and light leaks I like, with more than 130 photo filters for the creators. Colors are important to me and make my photos look clean and professional, so this app provides me with this firsthand.

How to choose?

If the light leaks and the colors of the photo matter to you, then Afterlight is the right choice.


  • Selective color-editing effects
  • Modern light leaks
  • User-friendly interface


  • Long time for editing
  • No zoom option

5. Picsart Photo & Video Editor


PicArt is our last photo editing app on the list. It is an all-in-one photoshop tool that offers professional editing, artistic filters, and millions of stickers. There is an option to create your stickers for the posts.

How to choose?

Love designing creatives for your Instagram feed? Then PicsArt is the best fit for you, including millions of premade stickers and different overlays.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Option to create own stickers
  • Pallet of fonts, collages, masks


  • A lot of advertising in the free plan
  • Hard to use overlays

Best Instagram Apps For Video Editing

Instagram is constantly pushing video content on the platform because that’s how people engage longer with social media posts. Video editing will be your usual Instagram activity if you want to stay original and go viral. Here you will find a list of Instagram video apps you will definitely like.

1. InShot

InShot video editing

InShot is one of the best apps for video creators with different features and editing options. InShot allows you to make vertical videos suitable for reels, including many transitions, effects, titles, fonts, and similar. I like the option to blur the background of my videos if I record in the crowd and it is really good for editing mini vlogs too.

How to choose?

You can change the video ratio to 9:16 and edit your videos for Instagram reels, or choose a ratio for IGTV, story, etc. If you are a reel-focused creator, InShot is a no-brainer for it.


  • Many ratios and frames for the videos
  • Hundreds of effects, stickers, titles, sounds
  • Footage trimming


  • InShot logo on the videos
  • Hard to use effects

2. Clips by Apple

Clips app by Apple

Clips is a free app created by Apple and it is perfect for making fun videos. With a few taps, you can create vertical and horizontal videos with immersive camera effects, artistic filters, dynamic music, animated text, emoji, stickers, and more. Here is what some of the users think about Clips:

As a Clips user, for perhaps 2 years or so, I would know that Clips is a practical way to edit, send, and combine your videos. It has no ads and doesn’t cost a penny to use. You can take multiple videos uploaded onto your device, and put those onto Clips. Then, once you play from the start, the videos will be combined. You may also add effects and themes, for there is an extremely expanded library of things to choose from.

KazyGamer, review on Apple store

How to choose?

Clips could be your choice if you create speaking reels or videos where you want to actually talk to your audience.


  • Customizable fonts and text
  • Transcribing option
  • Subtitles


  • No social media sharing option
  • Hard to use for non-tech people

3. Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Rush is another member of the best free Instagram tools list, coming up with powerful premade video editing templates and options to export your videos in HD. It allows you to edit simple reels, stories, IGTV, and similar. I love the fact that my videos look professional after Adobe Rush, thanks to the in-app camera modes I prefer for recording.

How to choose?

If you are not a video creator, but still want simple videos for your Instagram profile, then Adobe Rush is the right choice for you with handy features for video editing.


  • Clean user-friendly interface
  • Option for adding titles
  • Video speed changing


  • No green screen
  • No audio tools

4. Animoto

Animoto video app

Animoto is our next app you can use for video editing when it comes to Instagram. This is one of the best Instagram tools for non-tech people and doesn’t require any video editing skills. There are many in-app templates, sounds, and drag and drop functionality for simple video editing solutions. The functionality and the interface are so easy to use and I literally edit my videos in a couple of minutes – and I don’t have video editing skills.

How to choose?

If you are not a tech person and a video editing newbie, Animoto’s video maker will be the best fit for your Instagram videos.


  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Stock images
  • Unlimited layouts


  • Not suitable for professional video editors
  • Limited editing options

5. Instagram Boomerang App

Instagram Boomerang app

Last but not least from the list, Boomerang is another Instagram app for video editing, different from all apps mentioned before. The Boomerang app brings fun to my Instagram profile, thanks to the option to create your GIFs, boomerang videos, and a short sequence of up to 10 photos.

How to choose?

Want to create fun videos and catch your followers’ attention? Use your creativity and Boomerang will help you in editing engaging videos on the go.


  • In-app Instagram sharing option
  • Camera roll saving
  • Photo sequence option


  • Can’t use it on pc
  • Limitations for the iOS version

On this note, always test the Instagram layout apps and other apps that this social media platform provides. Instagram’s tools are actually the most popular apps for creating content not just on mobile. Recently, the native Instagram web app lets you customize photos and publish posts from your computer.

Best Instagram Apps To Create Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a powerful Instagram feature that creators can use to engage with their followers. There are many algorithm updates that Instagram implements for getting more story views, but it all depends on the content quality posted here. There are a lot of Instagram story tools for marketers that can help you out to analyze their performance and even embed Instagram stories on our website. In the following text, we will share Instagram stories apps that can help you create stunning stories for better engagement with your followers.

1. StoryArt

iOS app to create Instagram stories

The highest-rated editing tool for Instagram stories, StoryArt, provides you with hundreds of templates and presets for your stories, as well as original fonts, effects, filters, design tools, etc. I have a great personal experience implementing some of the templates which gave me influencer-like stories and increased engagement on them. Sometimes I use it for story highlight background design.

How to choose?

Want to create influencers-like Instagram stories? StoryArt will help you in the editing process for professional-looking stories on your profile.


  • 200+ creative templates
  • Free themes
  • Weekly updates


  • Limited color-editing options
  • Animations only in the paid version

2. Canva

Canva iOS app

Canva is a general-purpose designing tool you can use for Instagram stories. You just need to sign up for an account and choose an Instagram Story frame to start designing. Here you will find different background pictures, original filters, effects, and fonts. I love Canva and I use it for years, not just for Instagram but for other designs. It’s so handy to use and you can find everything under the sun for your stories to look better than usual.

How to choose?

Want to use different templates for your daily Instagram stories? Canva has the biggest collection of story templates, and it would be the best Instagram app for your editing adventure.


  • More than 1 million background ideas
  • Handy designing tools
  • Massive collection of fonts, stickers, effects, templates


  • Limitations for the mobile version
  • Many paid features

3. Mojo

Instagram Reels publisher

Mojo is a way different Instagram designing tool because it is mostly focused on animations for eye-catching content. Mojo allows you to use its big collections of animation templates, sounds, and layouts for video duration.

How to choose?

If you want attention-grabbing animated Instagram stories, Mojo is the best fit for you thanks to its design nature.


  • Hundreds of animation templates
  • Customizable sound collection
  • Simple to use interface


  • Many paid templates

4. Add Text: Write On Photos

mobile app to add text on photos

Add Text: Write On Photos is another editing app you can use for your stories, coming up with different text ideas, font effects, and design options. While Add Text is completely free to use, some additional design elements (such as premium fonts and graphics) require a paid subscription.

Here is what some of the app users say:

OMG!! This app is so amazing!! I was trying to find so wallpaper apps and I downloaded this to try, and was amazed! This app works works perfectly!! When you choose text there are so many fonts and they are all unlocked!! 

Review on Apple App Store

How to choose?

If you want to create Instagram stories as a message for your audience, or stories where text is the main ingredient, Add Text is the best free Instagram tool for you.


  • Hundreds of texting styles
  • Text animations
  • Many typefaces and styling tools


  • Slow response of some effects
  • Premium fonts and grafics are mostly paid

5. Creative Cloud Express: Design

adobe express

Want to create video-based Instagram stories? Then, Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Design, or Express in the new era, is your best editing partner, including many options for editing videos and combining photos, a wide range of sounds, effects, fonts, and many more. It is beginner-friendly and no editing skills are required, which I definitely like as a new video editor on the stage.

How to choose?

If you prefer to post video content on your Instagram stories, Adobe Spark is the best Instagram app for keeping your audience’s attention effectively.


  • Video animations
  • Original typography style
  • Cloud back-up


  • No plug-ins
  • Hard to use features

Bonus: EmbedStories


We include in this list EmbedStories, an app that will help you sync your beautifully created stories to your website. It is a one-of-a-kind app that has a unique ability to automatically show Instagram stories widgets due to it’s direct Instagram API integration.

Additionally, the app will show you all the latest statistics about the generated stories also their performance (views and clicks) in the widget on your website.

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Best Instagram Apps for Posts Scheduling

You have busy days and don’t have time to post content on your Instagram profile regularly. It’s important to keep the posting consistent, so the Instagram algorithm pushes your posts on the platform for better engagement.

Most of the social media management tools have Instagram publishing functionality so you should pick an app that can allow scheduling on multiple platforms. No matter if you are a busy business owner or simply don’t have time for social media, here are 5 apps to help you plan and schedule your Instagram posts.

1. Combin Scheduler

combin Instagram planning tool

Combin Scheduler is one of the best Instagram apps for post scheduling with many handy features. It allows you to edit your content size, recommends the most relevant hashtags, link in bio, and many more. I am happy when I can find everything in one place, so this app gives me more than enough for my auto-publishing IG feed.

How to choose?

If you want an Instagram tool not just for posting, but for Instagram marketing, Combin Scheduler is not at the top by accident.


  • Drives traffic to the link in bio
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Manage content, location, tags, hashtags.


  • Up to 15 stories scheduling for the free version
  • Challenging for reposting content

2. Later


If you want a tool to schedule posts, Instagram analytics, and user-generated content, then Later is no brainer for it. This could be your best tool for Instagram scheduling, visual planning, analyzing your Instagram posts, making new schedules, and getting relevant hashtags for the posts. I love the clean visual plan for the content this app provides me, so it’s easier to manage it and know your post

How to choose?

If you are a busy business owner and want a precise content strategy for your brand, Later would be the best free choice for you.


  • Content analytics
  • Visual content schedule
  • Suitable for more social media platforms


  • Longer time for bulk uploads

3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another Instagram tool you can use for scheduling a single piece of content, like a photo or video. You can use the bulk composer to post multiple pictures or carousels on your profile, but only if you are an iPhone user.

How to choose?

If you want to plan and auto-schedule your content on the go, then Hootsuite is the best free Instagram tool for you.


  • Directly scheduling of posts and videos
  • Story scheduling
  • Built-in content planner


  • Schedule carousel posts only on the iOS version
  • Some limitations for the free version

4. Buffer


Buffer is one of the best free Instagram tools for content scheduling. There are many quick options for planning and you can create a consistent look across your social media with the calendar view.

How to choose?

Best for busy people who want to publish all their social media content from one place.


  • Check your competitors’ content
  • Analyze your audience
  • Weekly reports by email


  • Some options are complex
  • Lately some users are reporting bugs on the Android app

5. Crowdfire


Want to discover and manage content for Instagram? Crowdfire could be the right choice for it, thanks to its content scheduling options, not just for social media but for your website or blog. Also, you can use it as a Chrome extension for totally free. This is mostly a business-based content scheduler that I personally use for my business accounts, also for scheduling updates on my website and new blog posts twice a week.

How to choose?

If you want to discover and plan your content for different media at once, not just Instagram, this tool could be your partner for it.


  • Customizable posts for every social media
  • Chrome extension
  • Automatic photo research


  • Some options are limited
  • Not suitable for big businesses

Best 5 apps for tracking followers on Instagram

Analyzing your audience and tracking their activity related to your profile is a crucial step for providing them with the right content at the right time. In this section, we will show you the 5 best Instagram apps you can use for tracking your followers’ behavior from the shadow.

1. Spamguard App


Spamguard App is a powerful free Instagram tool you can use to track your followers’ behavior and see their activity on your profile. It allows you to see who followed and unfollowed you, report spammers, and even expose your profile for marketing purposes. I had many spam followers on my list and I didn’t even know it. This app detected them in 2 minutes and made my followers’ list as clean and legit as before.

How to choose?

If you want a clean Instagram profile with detailed insights about your audience, Spamguard is a no-brainer for it.


  • Save and easy to use
  • Marketing features
  • Clear behavior insights


  • Sometimes not respond well
  • Reactivate subscription plan without notification

2. Unfollowers and Ghost Followers App

unfollowers Instagram app

Reading its name you already know that this Instagram app will help you in detecting fake followers and people who unfollowed your profile in the background.

This analytics app gives you the analysis of your account, including the list of:

  • all your unfollowers and allows you unfollow them directly from our app!
  • all your ghost followers (fans) and allows you follow them directly from our app!
  • all your new followers
  • all your recent unfollowers

How to choose?

Great for people who want to scan their audience and detect fake profiles for free.


  • Direct unfollow / block option
  • Whitelist access


  • Frequent ads

3. Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer

Do you have a business account and want precise insights for your audience? Follower Analyzer is one of the best choices of Instagram analytics tools, including different analytical features and regular reports related to your followers’ activity.

Here is a quote from the users on Google play:

The app is great, no issues (Android user). I love that it doesn’t just tell me whose followed or unfollowed, but allows me to manage my audience. I value the other information also: my recent likes, average and top comments. Very robust and easy to navigate.

How to choose?

If you want to check your engagement rate, how your audience responds to your posts and engages with them, Follower Analyzer could be your tracking buddy.


  • Suggests the best time to post
  • Top audience location
  • Engagement rate insights


  • No competition check

4. Instatistc

Analytics for Instagram Pro

This is another free app for Instagram that you can use for follower tracking, providing you with simple features for audience insights. YOu ca

How to choose?

If you are a non-tech person, Instatistc, Analytics for Instagram Pro will help you in tracking who followed, unfollowed, and blocked you recently.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for non-tech people
  • Follower-based


  • No detailed insights

5. Listen by Brandwatch

Listen followers analytics app

Listen is another fast audience checker you can use to see your followers’ activity, get suggestions about your best content, and similar insights related to the engagement. It is a great way to find out what customers really feel about your brand.

How to choose?

If you want fast reports from your followers’ statistics and activity data, Union Metrics is the right choice for you.


  • Fast reports
  • Clean scanned data
  • Helpful suggestions


  • Low feature integration
  • Low navigation

Bonus: EmbedFeed


EmbedFeed is an another app from the EmbedSocial suite can help you generate Instagram posts from your own account and posts other people published by using a specific hashtag or mentioning your brand.

The best thing about this app is that you can collect all the user-generated content from your customers shared on Instagram, and store all this content in one single dashboard.

Plus you are able to embed an Instagram widget on your website as a social proof widget that definitly helps boost trust and authenticity of your brand.

Main criteria when choosing the best Instagram apps

If you are a beginner, sometimes very advanced editing tools are not the best way to start and you might want to look for an app that provides basic features.

So here is a list of the main things to consider before starting to use any free app for your Instagram presence:

  • Options to connect multiple social accounts
  • Fast and simple options to edit photos and video editing
  • Consider the permissions you provide to access your Instagram business account
  • Works for both iOS and Android users
  • Options to import photos from your phone
  • Doesn’t limit your usage too much – for example, you can create multiple videos although you are in the free plan
  • Provides royalty-free music

Please note that most of the mobile apps provide in-app purchases so you will be able to easily upgrade to a premium version if you need to.


Getting a wider audience on Instagram and creating original content for them is hard and requires a lot of consistent work. Even so, people face daily challenges using different Instagram apps for creating eye-catching content and getting more engagement.

Some Instagram apps can help in different aspects, like editing your posts and stories, scheduling your content, and tracking your Instagram followers. Don’t be afraid to test them and choose the right ones for your needs to achieve booming results and scale your Instagram game.

And finally, there are constant new Instagram features that you can natively use in the Instagram app that are pretty advanced and can help you do most of your content creation and analytics needs.

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