How to Display Responses from Custom Forms in Reviews Widgets?

Collect customer reviews in web forms and display them in reviews widget.

embed form responses in reviews widget

The EmbedReviews platform provides options to collect customer reviews via a variety of sources, including feedback forms. 

But, sometimes, you need to use a forms builder to create custom feedback forms that fit your own branding, have custom input fields, or even build entire different formats of surveys where you collect customer information for different purposes but still have options to ask them for a testimonial or feedback. 

And the perfect workflow for you will be to collect any testimonial-related info into your reviews management platform, where you can always store all your customer testimonials from lots of different collection sources. 

EmbedForms Integration with EmbedReviews

No more. We successfully integrated EmbedForms with EmbedReviews, and now you can use custom forms that you build in EmbedForms to sync responses with EmbedReviews. 

Once you match the responses with the reviews card data, you can create widgets for your website showcasing the collected answers in feedback or reviews widgets.

In the following text, we will show you how to use this integration to create reviews widgets from the responses you collect from your custom forms in the following text. 

Step 1: Create Reviews Form in EmbedForms

collect form for product reviews

First, create a free account to start using EmbedForms. 

Next, from the premade templates choose a review form or feedback form. You can do this by scratch, but note that you need to create a form that contains information such as:

  • Customer name
  • Star Rating
  • Review or feedback text area
  • Product photo (optional)
  • Customer photo (optional)

As mentioned above, you need this information to match the review card data required to create a reviews widget. 

The last step is to make this form published and start receiving reviews from your customers. 

Pro tip: Use the widgets to embed the form as a feedback widget on your website and collect more reviews faster and easier. 

Step 2: ConnectFform with EmbedReviews

Once you have some responses then you are ready to integrate with EmbedReviews and sync the collected reviews with your reviews widgets. 

Here is how to do this:

First, log in to EmbedReviews and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sources and click ‘Add Source’
connect new reviews source

2. From the popup choose ‘EmbedForms’

choose embedforms

3. Choose the testimonials form that you want to sync with EmbedReviews and click ‘Next’

select testimonials form to connect with EmbedReviews

4. Match the form questions with the review card data and click ‘Next’

match forms responses with reviews card

5. Lastly, all the data from the form will be imported, and you have the option to wait to collect more responses or click and Create a widget with the imported responses

That’s it. For more details, check the full integration tutorial or watch the video below:

Step 3: How to showcase the results in a reviews widget? 

In the previous section, we explained how to connect a form created in EmbedForms with EmbedReviews and get all the responses to match with the reviews widgets data fields.

Once your form is synced with EmbedReviews, now you can easily create a widget or combine this source in an already existing widget – from Facebook or Google reviews – so you will get one big reviews page for your website.

To create a widget, in the last step click ‘Create widget’ or you can go to Widgets and click ‘Create new’

create reviews widget with survey responses

To embed the reviews widget, just copy-paste the provided code into the position of your website where you want the widget to appear.

In case you combine the reviews with Google reviews, you can create a Google reviews widget that will include also the imported reviews from the custom form.

Live Demonstration

Here is the form we created with EmbedForms.

And now, every time somebody fills in this form, we use a reviews widget that we created with EmbedReviews in order to show the testimonials here on the website. Here is the widget:

Important note: You do the integration of the form once. And the system updates the widget automatically every time there is a new response in the form.

We hope this new integration will help you do more with your customer reviews and if you have any questions, feel free to chat with us via the Chat icon in the right-hand corner.

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