UGC Video – Ultimate Guide + Examples

UGC video: Ideas on how to collect user-generated content videos from customers and re-use them for marketing and sales purposes.

ugc video

It’s not like we need to mention this, but: today’s customers don’t fall for just ads anymore. Any brand that wants to keep up with modern trends needs to jump on the marketing train run by user-generated content video (UGC video).

People love to express themselves on almost any issue. Being vocal about a specific product or a service is arguably among the top 5. Especially if they do it through a video camera lens.

The quality content you create as part of your marketing strategy better has room for user-generated content videos.

Hold on! User-generated what now?

Let’s deconstruct this one step at a time.


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What is a UGC video?

User-generated video content is any video a brand’s audience creates that acts as that brand’s ambassador.

We’re not talking about paid advertising here – the lovers of organic video strategy that we are. But about well-deserved, positive customer feedback and reviews from loyal customers.

For example, someone buys your organic, hand-made body lotion and falls in love with it (why wouldn’t they, it is awesome!). Then they want to share what a treasure they’ve found with their social media audience. They also want others to benefit from it.

So, they create a short video for TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook where they show the greatness of your product. Like this:

user-generated video content

Benefits of user-generated video content

UGC video boosts brand advocacy and credibility

Basically, you hit two birds with one stone here. First, unpaid, willing customers spread the word about you in the best possible way (brand advocacy). Second, potential customers trust you more because they trust those unbiased online written reviews (credibility).

Do you know that one-of-us feeling? Well, it’s exactly that feeling that sells. If the potential customer relates to another ordinary customer who shows how great your product is, they will be eager to try it out themselves.

youtube video reviews

UGC video increases social media reach

Every business’s audience is on social media, and yours is no different. If you want to scale your ROI, you better invest time in a user-generated content video campaign.

This way, you’ll increase the number of followers, likes, comments, and shares. Subsequently, you’ll increase brand awareness and outreach. Also, you will boost your web traffic or page views – the main reason for an increased number of prospective clients.

Check out the engagement on this UGC TikTok video for Flaming Hot Mountain Dew – Likes: 159.6K, Comments: 6257

TikTo UGC video

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The UGC video is good for the budget

Imagine not lifting a finger and still getting a complete video done by software. An edited video and light and sound were added. Moreover, imagine that video showing off your business in the most positive way while speaking to the right audience. Neat, right?

User-generated content videos are created by users, a.k.a your customers. And they have done all the work for you. All you need to do is just use their UGC style video for your customer-inclusive strategy. Subsequently, this will save you a serious amount of time and money.

Just remember, though, to keep encouraging people to create authentic content for you. More on this in the next chapter.

The UGC video improves conversion rates

This is closely related to the building of trust we mentioned earlier. Trust is the way to entice loyal customers. If someone trusts your brand, they will likely convert into customers.

And what better way to show credibility than having an already satisfied customer review your product?

In fact, 93% of the customers claim that UGC videos play an important role in their purchasing decisions.

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Types of UGC Videos

UGC has become increasingly popular due to the rise of social media platforms and user-friendly video creation tools. Here are 5 types of UGC videos:


Vlogs are personal video diaries or logs where users share their daily lives, thoughts, experiences, and more. They can be about virtually any subject and are often characterized by their informal and personal tone.

Tutorial and How-to Videos

These are instructional social media videos that teach viewers how to do something specific. It could range from makeup tutorials to DIY projects, cooking recipes, and tech tips.

Review and Unboxing Videos

Users create these videos to share their experiences and opinions about a product or service. “Unboxing” specifically refers to the act of unpacking a new product and providing initial impressions.

Challenge and Trend Videos

These are videos where users participate in popular trends or challenges. A single viral video or idea often starts them and quickly spread as more and more users create their own versions or responses.

Testimonial and Story Sharing

Individuals share personal stories, experiences, or testimonials about a particular subject, product, or service. They can be positive or negative and provide insights based on genuine experiences.

How to collect user-generated videos?

Now that you know what user-generated content videos are and how important they are to your business, all that’s left is to get them.

But how? You can’t just knock on their email and say: May I get a review, please? Especially if they haven’t even used your brand before.

However, there are a few strategies you can try that are super effective:

1. Run a hashtag contest

This means organizing a giveaway and encouraging users to use your branded hashtag on their own social media profiles. This way, the winner gets a prize, and you get increased brand awareness and a bigger number of followers.

One of the most popular KFC hashtag campaigns got this Instagram influencer to visit every KFC in London in just 1 day.

Hashtag UGC campaign

2. Get into influencer marketing

Like it or not, influencer-generated content is the driving force on various social media platforms. Especially when it comes to good reviews and feedback.

Let’s be honest: who would you rather buy mascara from? A brand with a random ad on your newsfeed, or a brand mentioned in Rihanna’s video about her makeup routine?

That being said, keep in mind that getting a celebrity influencer onboard can be tricky, especially if you’re a small business. However, plenty of micro-influencers will be willing to promote your brand to your ideal audience. Subsequently, this will have a significant impact on people’s purchasing decisions.

micro-influencers get trusted fenty customers

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3. Reach out to your satisfied customers

Customers who have already purchased from you are your brand’s best advocates. Plus, people relate better to people than to brands. When you focus your content on the customer, past and future clients will be more encouraged to engage with their own stories.

It’s best to acknowledge them as the original creators of the content. This way, they’ll be even more motivated to repeat the action. Moreover, you’ll get a whole new group of followers through their personal networks.

4. Create a UGC video out of your social media mentions

If you have the time, you can do this manually. Watch out for all notifications whenever someone mentions your brand on any social media platform. Or, you can use social media tools that monitor those mentions for you.

User-generated content video here can be made of online customer reviews, pictures, or posts. Also, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find actual videos that people filmed without you (your brand) knowing.

5. Offer an incentive

Related to the hashtag contests, this is also a case when you offer something to your audience in exchange for their authentic user-generated content videos. Instead of using the hashtag, you can promote it on social media through ads.

Like this example from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse):


Stepping into spring with my @dsw shoes! Share ur spring shoes w/ #DSWCutLoose + #DSWContest for a chance to win a $200 DSW gc! #ad #tiktokfashion

♬ Footloose – Kenny Loggins

The incentives can be in the form of cash prizes, coupons, new products, etc. Whatever you choose, just make sure you set certain criteria for your marketing strategy. That way, you give enough space to your audience to be creative. They can show how and why they used your brand and what the benefits were for them.

How to get the most out of your UGC videos?

Share the UGC video on social media

Once collected, you can re-share the UGC video content on your social media accounts. Be careful, though, because not all platforms work the same for this type of visual content. All social media channels work differently. So, it’s your job to find the best fit for you.

We recommend Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for videos as they have the highest market reach on average. However, you can always re-purpose any type of content into a UGC video from any platform. Just play the noble card and give credit to the creator.

Use the UGC video in ads

Many people claim that user-generated content videos and paid ads on social media are a match made in heaven. And why wouldn’t they? You pay only for the ads but get more out of it due to relevant (and highly trustworthy) social proof. Moreover, that proof is included through the user-generated content.

The truth is that paid ads perform far better with incorporated user-generated content videos. This is because people get to see your ad in their news feed. They will relate more to it if they see a familiar face. As well as if anyone with a similar interest or problem is talking about it.

Check out this successful ad with UGC video by Codeacademy:

Use the UGC video in an Email

Most marketers and business owners’ first go-to step is various social media sites for their brand marketing campaigns. However, incorporating user-generated content videos in emails is a true marketing gem.

This is where things get personal – away from the noise and in an intimate, personal spot. It’s also where the chances for a potential client to convert into a paying customer are bigger. Because here, you create a feeling of belonging and a sense of community.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that videos are much larger in size than photos. So, when you want to include a UGC video in your email campaign, your best option is to add the link to the video in the body of the email. The link can be either to a video on your YouTube channel or your website.

Embed the UGC video on your website

Adding UGC visual elements like photos, especially videos, is arguably the most effective way to use UGC for your website. It allows you to connect with your customers in ways other media might fail.

UGC style videos have a great shareability potential, which means they can increase your number of followers and sales. 51% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a brand that shares user-generated content videos on their website.

With user-generated videos, potential customers see original stories from previous buyers, thus giving your brand credibility. This way, you also get more customer engagement and support from your audience.

EmbedFeed is an advanced social media aggregator that automatically curates and displays your social media content on your website. The platform integrates with Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, and almost all popular social media platforms.

It’s the easiest way to embed your user-generated video content on your website without coding.

You just need to create an EmbedSocial account, connect to your social media and create a beautiful widget for your website. It automatically updates each time you have a new post.

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Top platforms for collecting user-generated content videos

1. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial UGC platform

EmbedSocial is a complete UGC software enabling businesses and UGC creators to automatically generate and display any kind of user-generated content on their websites.

The software integrates with all popular social media platforms. You can easily create a social media widget out of your posts, videos, hashtags, and mentions. Also, embed UGC on any website in just a few clicks.

2. Yotpo

Yotpo platform for ecommerce brands

Yotpo targets eCommerce brands and integrates solutions for reviews, SMS marketing, visual user-generated content, and loyalty and referrals. You can integrate Google, Instagram, and some of the top eCommerce platforms.

3. Bazaarvoice


With Bazaarvoice you have total control in collecting, displaying, and distributing user-generated content globally. The tool includes ratings, reviews, Q&As, and visual and social content. They cover industries from apparel and accessories to food, beverage, health, and beauty.


TINT offers different solutions

TINT is an advanced but easy-to-use platform for both user-generated content and authentic influencer marketing. It offers solutions for websites, events, social ads, user-generated content insights, digital signage, email, etc. The industries it covers include hospitality, education, agencies, and internal communication.

UGC video examples

1. GoPro

2. Five Guys

3. Ikea

4. Starbucks


Just Starbucks lovers things. ? @cicii_mitchell #Starbucks #StarbucksLovers

♬ original sound – Starbucks

5. Ray-Ban


Show us how you dance to the beat with your Ray-Ban. Join the #RayBanElevatorDance like @raino did?Get ready and tag us #YouAreOn

♬ You’re On – Ray-Ban

Key takeaways

It’s a known fact by now that UGC, especially the Instagram feed for websites, has become the jet motor of UGC marketing campaigns. More and more businesses turn to their loyal customers for support. They know that former and present users are the best brand advocates.

Everyone spends time scrolling through cute, funny, or educational videos on Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube. Why not use this potential as content for your business’s growth and watch it turn into a golden goose?

The best part is that you don’t even have to go through it on foot. Simple software does all the work for you. A user-generated content platform will collect all mentions or reviews of your brand. You can efficiently add them to your not traditional advertising campaign.

Ready to start showing off your true value as a brand as seen by your devoted customers? can help you with any questions or difficulties you might have. Questions concerning collecting and curating user-generated content so you can get the most out of your tribe.

Frequently asked questions

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content stands for content in the form of text, images, videos, reviews, etc. Content that is created by users, not brands.

Is user-generated content free?

It’s free because users create the content voluntarily. An exception is when a brand pays influencers to create that content or engage in a paid campaign that would include user-generated content.

Why is user-generated content so important?

User-generated content is important because it helps businesses increase revenue through user engagement. It’s great for building trust and credibility because it’s created by users for users – not by the brand itself.

Is user-generated content effective?

It’s very effective because it costs (little to) nothing in terms of money and time. Also, it still manages to drive sales and increase outreach.

What are the different types of user-generated content?

User-generated content can be text (reviews, testimonials, blog posts, social media posts, case studies) or visuals (photos or videos – live streams or recorded).

Can you use user-generated content for ads?

Yes. Not only that you can, but it’s also highly recommendable that you do so. While ads offer features of the product/services, user-generated content relates on a more personal level with the user. The creator does this by explaining the benefits first-hand.

What is a UGC video platform?

A user-generated content platform is a software as a service (SaaS). It helps businesses collect and curate various types of content (photos, videos, online media). Then use them as part of their marketing campaign.

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