How to Create Testimonial Images for Social Media Automatically?

Learn how to create social media images with your customer testimonials without paying a graphic designer.

Tool to generate testimonial image from Google reviews

Testimonial images have become a cornerstone of effective social media marketing, and best of all: they are easy to create and share across your online destinations.

After all, you can rely on various tools (free and paid) to collect customer reviews and testimonials and present them as images for your social media calendar. That way, you can easily share your current customer’s experiences that further captivate and engage your social media followers.

What is an image testimonial?

Testimonial images (or image testimonials) are a visual form of customer endorsement used in marketing and advertising that combines your customers’ praise of your products and services with an image—most often a portrait of the customer.

Visual testimonials – image and video testimonials—do wonders for your social media marketing strategy since they often feature the customer, sometimes using or interacting with the product or service, accompanied by a quote endorsing the brand.

This blend of visual and textual elements is what makes testimonial pictures a potent tool for building trust and authenticity, as they provide prospective customers with relatable, real-world social proof of a product’s value or a service’s effectiveness.

Thus, testimonial photos help in creating a connection with potential clients, illustrating the benefits and satisfaction derived from the product or service.


Fantastic customer testimonial examples!

How to create testimonial images for social media automatically?

Perhaps the most effective method to create the perfect testimonial images is by utilizing a social media and reviews generator that collects all your customer reviews, tweets, Instagram mentions and other posts from customers in one place.

Such platforms allow you to arrange your user-generated content (UGC) and present it to your customer base and website visitors to boost your online presence, brand recognition, and credibility.

For instance, EmbedSocial goes one step further: once you collect let say your Google review it allows you to automatically create testimonial images that you can reuse in your brand campaigns.

Create testimonial images from Google reviews: step-by-step guide

In this example we will show you how to use our reviews management platform, to collect Google reviews and transform them i to images that you can use on your social media. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for EmbedSocial;
  2. Go to ‘Reviews’ > ‘Sources’ > ‘Add new source’; In this example, we’ll be add Google reviews as a source.
    Embed Google reviews automatically
  3. Connect the Google account from where you’ll pull your reviews and select an image template from the templates library. This will allow you to quickly get to the widget editor with a pre-defined laytout.
  4. Once the widget is generated, you can choose which review, tweet, Instgram post etc, to display as a single widget that will be part of your image. Once done, customizaing, click ‘Download image‘ in the top-right corner.
    Generate and download testimonial image from your Google reviews

That’s it! You now have a gorgeous image that you can either embed on your website or show off all across your social media accounts.

Here is an example of the iamges you can generate:

Generated images for social media with reviews

You can sync any reviews sources, such as Facebook reviews or other testimonial you manually upload in the platform.

Please not you can create a template like this for your own brand, and just use it every time you want to get an image with a new review.

Do more: You get to embed your newly created Google reviews widget on your website. And to do that you only have to copy the widget code found in the top-left corner of the editor and then paste it into a new HTML element in your favorite website builder.

Other tools to create images with reviews for social media

Various tools and services can help you design your testimonial images—provided you don’t mind spending some time creating the perfect image testimonial.

Here are two common methods to do just that:

Using Canva

Canva is perhaps the go-to choice for amateur designers for any number of reasons. Why? Because it has given businesses inexpensive (and free) tools to create their own designs without hiring an in-house designer or requiring in-depth design skills.

Needless to say, Canva is great for creating attention-grabbing testimonial graphics, and all you need to do is create a free account and follow a few steps:

  1. Once you have your account and log in, just type in ‘testimonial’ in the search box:
    Search for testimonial images in Canva
  2. Then, you’ll see thousands of testimonial templates you can reuse to design your own:
    Testimonial image templates by Canva
  3. After clicking on one and tapping ‘Customize this template’, you’ll access the Canva editor where you can change everything about your design:
create customer reviews for social media in Canva

Finally, once you are satisfied with the result, you just have to press ‘Share’ (top-right corner) and choose one of the many share and save options available to you.

Note: In the free version, you are limited to an export size of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels.

If you are looking for inspiration for your testimonial templates, check out:

20+ Testimonial Template Examples for Your Social Media Posts.

How to best use your image testimonials?

You have the perfect visual testimonials. Now what? Well, you’ll reap several benefits if and when you utilize these image testimonials in these marketing strategies:

Use them to create high-quality email templates

Did you know that you can make fantastic email templates for your current and future customers with these visual review samples? It’s true!

You can simply personalize your emails by selecting testimonials that resonate with the specific segment of your audience you are targeting. Thus, you’ll add a touch of authenticity and reliability. Plus, you can enhance your newsletters and promote special offers.

As an example, here’s one such template, including a sample of reviews:

testimonial images in email

Post them across your social media business accounts

How about creating a regular social media feature like “Testimonial Tuesdays”? Meaning, you will take the opportunity to post a new image review on social media each Tuesday to showcase the love and appreciation your customers have for your products and services.

You can also use Instagram’s and Facebook’s story features to post your image reviews and then save them to your highlights so they are available to all visitors. You can even encourage your customers to comment on their experiences.

Here’s one such example of a happy EmbedSocial customer:

EmbedSocial image testimonial on Instagram

Enrich your website platform with gorgeous image testimonials

Best of all, you can strategically place your best testimonials with a gorgeous background directly on your main homepage display. You can also have their style, including their font size and type match your website before you upload them, so they integrate seamlessly.

Better still, if you have plenty of testimonials to showcase, you can design a dedicated testimonials page where users can search for experiences similar to what they are looking to get out of your products and services to ensure they pick the right brand.

For example, here’s a section on EmbedSocial’s website showcasing some of the fantastic testimonials they’ve received complemented by photos:

Google reviews widget with rainbow design

Key benefits when sharing your customer testimonials

Sharing image testimonials offers several benefits, especially in the context of marketing, brand awareness, and customer engagement, such as:

Enhanced credibility & trust

Image testimonials, especially those featuring real customers or clients, significantly boost the credibility of a product or service. They provide visual proof that others have not only used the product or service but are satisfied enough to endorse it. This visual aspect often feels more authentic and trustworthy compared to text-only testimonials.

In general, half of modern consumers prefer purchasing from a brand that builds their credibility via photos and videos shared on social media.

Increased engagement

Images are more likely to catch the attention of viewers than text alone. An image testimonial can break through the clutter of information online, engaging potential customers more effectively. This is particularly true across all visual social media platforms.

After all, 9 out of 10 Instagram users are following a business profile on the platform, and when you have an opportunity like that, you must use it fully!

Emotional connection

Pictures can evoke emotions more effectively than text. An image testimonial that shows a happy, satisfied customer can create a positive emotional response in potential customers, making them more likely to feel a connection to the brand and consider purchasing.

Better memory retention

People generally remember visual information better than text. An image testimonial can leave a lasting impression, making it more likely that the viewer will remember the product or service and the positive endorsement associated with it.

Must be said that Instagram retains and boosts its numbers thanks to its photo-based content (65% of the posts are photo-based). The age-old wisdom still rings true: a picture is worth a thousand words, and viewers rather than readers remember better.

Versatility & shareability

Image testimonials are versatile and can be easily shared across various platforms, including social media, websites, and email newsletters. This ease of sharing helps the testimonial potentially reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

Learn more about the:

UGC’s impact on the consumer decision-making process!

Conclusion: Increase your customer base with testimonials!

Harnessing the power of testimonial images through tools like Canva and EmbedSocial offers a compelling way to showcase customer satisfaction and enhance brand credibility across all your channels, from your website to your email and social media.

At the end of the day, these visuals not only promote your product but also tell a story that resonates deeply with your audience. Plus, authenticity and relatability are two brand aspects that every business must nurture if it wants to prosper in the digital age.


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What is an image testimonial?

An image testimonial is a powerful marketing tool that combines authentic customer testimonials with images (typically photos of the customers in question). This visually engaging format helps potential customers relate to the product or service, enhancing credibility and trust.

How do you create a testimonial?

Creating a testimonial is a process of a few steps: request feedback from your satisfied clients or customers and then format this feedback into a compelling narrative or quote, and, if possible, include a photo or video of the client. Remember: ensuring authenticity and clarity in the message is key to an effective testimonial.

Making up testimonials is not only unethical but can also be illegal, particularly under advertising and consumer protection laws. Fabricated testimonials mislead consumers and can result in legal penalties and a loss of trust in the brand or company. Authenticity is crucial in maintaining credibility and trustworthiness.

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