Topic Tags on Threads: Everything Brands Need to Know

Explore the power of Topic Tags on Threads for brands. Learn how to use them effectively for engagement, community building, and marketing."

Topic Tags on Threads app

Threads (Instagram’s public conversations app) recently launched Topic Tags, and this feature is certainly getting traction.

Topic Tags are a new, advanced version of the hashtags feature we all know, but with a twist. The main difference from the one-word hashtags is that Topic Tags are actually phrases, more topical concepts that people can engage more deeply around.

In this article, we cover all the details, including examples of how to join the topics and grow your brand on Threads.

What are Topic Tags on Threads?

Topic tags are specific keywords or phrases used on social media platforms like Threads to categorize and link content to a particular subject, making it easier for users to find and engage with topics of interest.

Definition of Topic Tags

Here is the announcement:

Topic Tags

What are the benefits of Topic Tags against hashtags?

According to Adam Mosseri, having hashtags can usually inspire malicious content to be fed in hashtags that are popular and easily discoverable. But Topic Tags are more niche-specific and can create smaller groups of users who are only interested in interacting with each other’s Threads on that topic.

Related to this, here is a summary of the main benefits of Topic Tags compared to traditional hashtags include:

  1. Enhanced Specificity: Topic Tags are often more specific than hashtags, leading to more focused and relevant content aggregation.
  2. Improved Organization: They offer better organization of content, making it easier for users to find and engage with topics of interest.
  3. Targeted Discovery: Topic Tags facilitate targeted discovery, allowing users to explore content in their niche areas more efficiently.
  4. Community Building: They are effective in building niche communities by connecting like-minded individuals around specific subjects.
  5. Reduced Spam: Topic Tags can reduce irrelevant or spammy content often seen with broader, overused hashtags.
  6. Quality Engagement: They tend to encourage more meaningful and in-depth discussions, enhancing user engagement quality.

How to create a Topic Tag on Threads

To create a post with a topic tag on Threads and at the same create your own topic tag that is not on the platform, follow these steps:

  1. Compose a new post: Tap the ‘+’ icon to start writing your Thread post.
  2. Add a topic tag: Tap on the hashtag icon.
  3. Write your tag: Enter your tag phrase. If it’s a new phrase, select your newly entered phrase to create it as a topic tag.
  4. Finalize and share: Review your post with the topic tag and tap Post to share it with your audience.
Create a topic tag on Threads

Tips to craft your own Topic Tag

If you are a brand, thought leader, or a small business, you can create your topical tag and create your own Threads community. Here is what to consider when creating your brand’s topic tag:

  1. Identify the core theme: Start by pinpointing the main subject of your post or conversation.
  2. Keep it relevant and concise: Ensure your tag is directly related to your topic and easy to remember.
  3. Avoid general terms: Specificity is crucial. Choose terms that uniquely represent your content.
  4. Use targeted keywords: Include words your audience is likely to search for.
  5. Align with your community: Make sure your tag resonates with the language and interests of your intended audience.

By following these steps, you’ll create effective topic tags that enhance the reach and relevance of your content on Threads.

Examples of Topic Tags on Threads

typically, popular tags on social media platforms tend to revolve around trending topics, major events, popular culture, and common interests like technology, fitness, food, and travel.

For the most current and popular Topic Tags on Threads, the best is to do your own research in the Search bar in the Threads app, but if you need inspiration, here are some popular tags and descriptions of their purpose on Threads:

  • Threads Communities
  • Marketing Threads
  • Entrepreneur Threads
  • Feminist Threads
  • Tech Threads
  • Mental Health Threads
  • Politics Threads
  • Book Threads
  • Movie Threads
  • Freelancer Threads
  • Parenting Threads
  • Moms in Tech Threads
  • SoCal Threads
  • Comedy Threads
  • SEO Threads

In case you find a Topic Tag that is inappropriate, violent, or offensive, you can report it.

How to report a Topic Tag on Threads?

To report a Topic Tag on Threads, just click on the topic link (it’s blue inside a Threads post), and on the Topic Tag page, click the top right 3-dots icon and tap Report Topic.

What should Brands consider Threads in 2024?

Brands should consider using Threads in 2024 as it offers a more focused and less toxic environment compared to other platforms, like X (Twitter). Threads’ emphasis on topic-centered discussions and community engagement provides a space for meaningful and relevant conversations, away from the personal drama often found on platforms like LinkedIn. In summary:

  • Focused environment: Threads offers topic-centered discussions, avoiding the toxicity and drama of other platforms.
  • Meaningful engagement: Encourages deeper, more relevant conversations with audiences.
  • Authentic connections: Allows brands to connect genuinely with users.
  • Targeted discussions: Facilitates discussions on specific themes, aligning closely with brand values and interests.
  • Leveraging UGC: Leveraging user-generated content on Threads can be very effective due to the conversational nature of the platform. .

Also, Adam Mosseri announced that they are working to extend the fact-checking program on Threads. They currently match fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to Threads, but the goal is for fact-checking partners to have the ability to review and rate misinformation on the app.

These are all great reasons why brands should consider Threads for their social media presence in 2024.

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