Unveiling the Latest Features on Instagram Threads App in 2024

Discover the new features of Instagram's Threads app. From new app settings to experience updates, we delve into everything you need to know.

Instagram Threads App

Introducing Threads, the new public conversations app by Instagram. It is a separate app that has the potential to challenge X (Twitter) and become the world’s new text-based conversation platform for creators to share ideas, opinions, and creativity.

In this blog post, you will find all the latest features and updates on Threads.

New Threads Features March 2024

Sports Score Updates on Threads Miss a Crucial Detail

Zuckerberg has recently announced that the Threads team has launched a ‘Live Sports Scores’ feature starting with NBA.

This change is an effort to capture the attention of certain Twitter users who utilize Musk’s platform to follow their favorite sports teams and events.

Check out how the UI will show you the most up-to-date score when you search for your favorite team on Threads:

Then, you can tap on the team logo to get additional information, such as their most recent scores and upcoming matches.

Threads with native GIF search and web posting features

Publish Gif in Threads

Meta continues adding features to Threads with an expanded GIF functionality and the option to post via the website version of Threads.

While it’s not a major update, it’s still a quality of life change that will help users utilize the platform’s full functionality even if they are in front of a computer.

For instance, prior to the change, users could still attach GIFs but they had to manually upload them as images.

Side-Swiping Feature to Show Interest in Feed Posts on Threads

Prompted by users’ requests to improve the platform’s post recommendations, Threads is finally introducing a swipe feature to like or dislike certain types of content:

If you swipe right, you tell the algorithm that you prefer seeing more of that type of posts, whereas left indicates your lack of interest.

Swipe option on Threads

This feature is set to further differentiate Threads from Instagram since its algorithm is still based on its parent platform.

Threads fedeverse sharing

Threads is testing a functionality for users to be able to share in the Fediverse.

Fediverse short for federated universe, is an open, decentralized social media network and is a concept of integrating social media networks to allow users from any network to share posts and followers easily and without limits.

This means that Threads users from certain countries will now be able to post and get likes from people from other social media networks who will see their Threads posts.

For now, Threads won’t show you replies to your federated posts or who followed you on other servers.

To activate sharing in the Fediverse, just go to Account settings and tap on Fediverse sharing.

Turn on fediverse sharing in Threads

After a month-long test, Threads has finally pushed out the live update for their latest ‘Trending Topics’ feature for all users in the U.S.

The platform will offer you these trending topics in two places: within the ‘Search’ tab and in your main feed, such as here:

Trending now available on Threads

Meta has included a few minor tweaks in this live version. For instance, there’s a new title: “Trending now”, which replaces “Today’s topics”.

In-stream camera and drafts finally available for all Threads users

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, has announced on Threads that his team has finalized the testing of two of the latest additions to the Threads platform: saving drafts and the in-app camera feature:

Using either feature is extremely straightforward. For instance, if you want to save a draft of a new post, you simply have to exit out of your post. To get back to it, you simply have to click on the ‘Compose’ button again.

As for the in-app photo feature, you can see a little camera button whenever you are starting a new Thread or responding to an existing Thread.

Here’s an illustration of both features:

Threads app photo camera and drafts

Threads launching API for posts scheduling

Some happy news for all social media managers out there: Threads has finally granted limited API access to a select group of partners, which initially allows them to provide scheduling of Threads posts on ther platforms.

Announcement of Threads API for scheduling posts

This first-stage testing allows users to rely on third-party tools to publish and authenticate the content they post. That said, they’ll be able to moderate the replies they receive and get crucial analytics to evaluate their strategies soon enough.

However, while modern businesses and publishers are expected to benefit from this long-awaited addition, there are also some risks to avoid, including bad actors like spammers and scammers, which are prevalent on X.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri asks the public about auto-archiving Threads posts

The topic of whether or not social media posts should auto-delete after a certain time period has been reignited recently after Instagram chief Mosseri asked the public on Threads whether or not they should implement an auto-archive on the platform:

Archive Threads posts

Mosseri posted the poll after a recent Korea trip, where he observed Threads users sharing genuine and unfiltered content. That said, Mosseri has previously expressed support for the feature but they haven’t done anything about it since some users prefer to keep a record of their activities on social media.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said about privacy, which is the younger audience driving such trends as they don’t want their social media posts to come back and haunt them in the future. Therefore, the auto-archive feature is supposed to encourage these user groups to post more on Threads.

New Threads Features February 2024

Threads is testing out its in-stream camera and post draft features publicly

After internally testing out the ‘post drafts’ feature, Threads has initiated a live test in selected regions. Users have noticed the new feature popping up when they try to discard a new post. After saving the draft, they can then access it once again via the compose button.

This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, who already shared a photo with the new Threads camera:

New Threads camera

Additionally, Threads has added a new camera feature that allows you to take only still photos while commenting on any post. However, users can only take one photo as of right now.

Meta is connecting Facebook to Threads via cross-posts

Recently, certain Facebook users have started being prompted to share their Facebook updates to Threads via a new toggle, as you can see from this screenshot:

Cross post from Facebook to Threads

According to Meta, this option will only apply to links and text posts, and is currently only being tested in the U.S. on iOS devices.

However, while the update is meant to help your content reach a greater audience, some users have been asking the community on social media whether that result is even desirable.

That said, Meta is still implementing their overall content cross-pollination strategy across most of their platforms so it gets the most out of user-shared content.

Threads is testing out its in-stream camera and post draft features publicly

After internally testing out the ‘post drafts’ feature, Threads has initiated a live test in selected regions. Users have noticed the new feature popping up when they try to discard a new post. After saving the draft, they can then access it once again via the compose button.

Additionally, Threads has added a new camera feature that allows you to take only still photos while commenting on any post. However, users can only take one photo as of right now.

Threads trending topics

After managing to limit political discourse on Threads, Meta has started implementing trending topics, which would otherwise get drowned out by divisive and often factually incorrect political content.

As announced by Mark Zuckerberg a few days ago, they’ve started testing out trending topics to selected U.S. users with the goal of ironing out its functionality before releasing it worldwide.

Called ‘Today’s Topics’ this new feature is expected to offer a new level of engagement to Threads’ users as it incentivizes them to interact with the broader community.

One thing to remember is that Meta is relying on emerging AI technologies to determine these trending topics and that users can customize the algorithm to suit their needs.

Threads fact-checking feature coming soon

Fact checking feature on Threads app

Since social media is about to be swamped with political discourse in 2024 as it’s a presidential election year, Meta wants to get ahead of the curve and introduce fact-checking to Threads.

Similar to how fact-checking is done on Facebook and Instagram with the help of independent fact-checkers, Meta knows that political discussion will make it to Threads despite the company’s efforts to keep it away.

Fact-checking on platforms like Threads is seen as crucial for countering misinformation, with previous studies highlighting its effectiveness in reducing the sharing of false news.

New option to save posts is coming to Threads

Option to Save Threads for later use

Threads is introducing a “Save” feature, allowing users to bookmark posts, a move towards enhancing user experience and aligning with the functionalities of other social platforms like Instagram—another feature to bring it to par with Twitter.

Users can access this feature from the three dots menu on any post on Threads. Then, they can find these saved posts in their profile menu options, just like on Instagram.

Meta tells us how Threads’ algorithms really work

Threads, now boasting 130 million active users, presents a mixed bag for brands testing engagement, with its community feeling sparse and content discovery algorithms showing inconsistency.

Meta’s insight into the Threads algorithm reveals key visibility factors:

  • user interactions (likes, replies, follows),
  • the number of posts viewed,
  • recent activity,
  • profile views.

These factors aim to tailor the content display to user preferences, although the impact of the Instagram activity on the Threads experience remains questionable.

Users can influence their Threads feed by interacting with content or hiding posts, signaling their preferences to the algorithm.

Threads will implement recommendations to deprioritize political discourse

Option to limit the political content on Threads

Instagram and Threads are updating their recommendation systems to limit political content, aiming to reduce divisive debates for users.

This initiative, announced by Adam Mosseri, will avoid amplifying political content from non-followed accounts, introducing an opt-in feature for those interested in political recommendations.

This strategy aligns with Meta’s broader goal to enhance the user experience by focusing on non-political, entertainment content, following previous efforts to reduce political content after social media criticism for fostering division.

However, while effective on Instagram and Facebook, applying this approach to Threads, aimed as a real-time discussion platform, raises questions about its potential to fully serve its intended purpose.

Threads surpass 130 million users with a steady growth pace

Meta’s Twitter alternative, Threads, is experiencing a notable increase in user engagement.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during the Q4 2023 earnings announcement, reported that Threads has reached 130 million monthly active users, surpassing its initial launch peak.

130 million Threads users

This growth aligns with expectations, especially after Threads expanded to EU users in December, which was predicted to contribute significantly to the user count.

This steady growth trajectory of Threads suggests it’s on its way to becoming a major platform in the social media landscape.

Threads is set to introduce a Trending Topics feature, but Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, expresses reservations about its importance and the impact of similar functionalities.

Mosseri acknowledged that his team is looking to incorporate trending topics and other popularly requested features into the app but they are not currently a top priority for them.

Instagram Threads App Features January 2024

Threads reported problems with irrelevant recommendations

Threads users have recently reported seeing more irrelevant recommendations in their “For You” feed. Well, according to Mosseri, the Threads team is working to show fewer low-quality content recommendations.

“We want people to have a positive experience on Threads and we’ve actually had some issues over the last few weeks with low quality recommendations – things that don’t quite violate a community guidelines (which is when we take them down entirely), but the ones that kind of go right up to that line.

So we’re working on improving it.

A lot of it should be fixed at this point.

Let me know if you’re not seeing that, but there’s a lot more work to do.”

Adam Mosseri

Ultimately, the algorithm is supposed to show more relevant content and maximize its retention and engagement.

Per an older interview by Zuckerberg, fixing this type of issue is important to keep the quality of public discourse high by eliminating controversial and factually baseless content.

The system used by Meta to deal with such an issue is de-amplification of the content once it reaches a certain level of sensationalism. Therefore, provocative content will get more effective the more engagement it gets.

Instagram Threads App Features December 2023

Threads is launching something big: A timer on their website

Threads launching something big

After a few days of anticipation and this big timer on the Threads.net website, the app is finally live and running for users in the EU.

If you are new and need to learn about the Threads features, feel free to browse below for all the interesting ways you can build community on Threads.

Referral link in Threads

As recently reported by Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri on Threads, his team is adding a dedicated Threads domain.

Social media managers and web admins will certainly breathe a sigh of relief as this small change will make their jobs much easier.

After all, this new feature simplifies tracking referral traffic from Threads posts. Meaning, users can easily view specific referral traffic insights within their preferred analytics application.

At the end of the day, these professionals need to know how much their Threads strategy is paying off, which this dedicated URL helps with.

This update is also a precursor to the eventual release of a full API for Threads, promising expanded functionalities such as post-scheduling.

Threads’ latest update: Introducing Topic Tags

Threads has recently updated its platform with a new tagging feature that expands the traditional hashtag concept. This update allows users to tag their threads using phrases, not just single words, offering a more versatile way to categorize and participate in discussions. Here is the announcement by Adam Mosseri:

The key difference in Threads’ new tagging topics system is its allowance for phrase-based tags. This means users can use multi-word expressions like “remote work strategies” or “healthy meal prep” to tag their discussions. This change is a significant shift from the typical single-word, no-space hashtags you might be used to.

Differences between traditional hashtags and threads’ tags

  1. Phrase usage: Threads’ tags can include spaces, allowing for more descriptive and conversational tagging.
  2. Contextual depth: These phrase tags offer more context, which can make finding specific conversations easier and more intuitive.
  3. Improved Search Functionality: By using phrases, users can more accurately locate discussions relevant to their interests or needs.

User advantages

  • Enhanced organization: This feature helps in categorizing conversations more effectively, making it easier for users to track and engage in topics of interest.
  • Targeted engagement: With more descriptive tags, users can find and participate in discussions that are more closely aligned with their interests.

How to use the new tagging feature

  1. Creating a topic: When you create or respond to a thread, simply click on the # icon and type out your phrase, and it will automatically be recognized as a tag.
  2. Searching tags: To find threads under a specific tag, enter the phrase in the search bar, and Threads will display relevant conversations.
Keyword search on Threads

In a significant update that promises to redefine user interaction, the Threads app has rolled out a new feature enabling users to search for threads using keywords. This latest enhancement is set to transform the way users engage with the app, offering a more streamlined and efficient browsing experience.

The introduction of keyword search marks a pivotal shift in the app’s functionality. Users can now effortlessly locate specific threads by simply typing in relevant keywords.

This feature is a boon for those seeking to quickly access particular discussions or topics, eliminating the need for time-consuming scrolling through numerous threads.

Threads set to launch in the European Union in December 2023

Finaly, Adam announced the great news – Threads is launching in. EU this December.

This expansion represents a strategic move by Meta, as the EU is a critical market for the growth of Threads, especially as the timing for overcoming the competition is perfect – keeping in mind the meltdown of X and its advertising revenue.

Previously, Threads was available globally, but the EU’s stringent online service regulations presented a unique challenge for its launch in this region.

Instagram Threads App Features November 2023

Voice threads

Create an Instagram thread with voice.

As Adam Mosseri, announced, there are new options this month, and voice threads are one of them. People now can tell stories in a more teacher way.

When a user wants to post a thread reply just tap the microphone icon and record what you want to say. The coolest thing about this feature is that the system will automatically transcribe what you are saying, and you can post the voice and the text of the transcript.

Cool right?

Edit button

Finally, for all users who want to correct their spelling, once they quickly post a thread, they will be able to click on an edit icon and correct the text within the first few minutes.

More features on Threads

Threads continues to improve its web interface to bring it up to parity with X.

In a recent Threads post, Mosseri outlined several upgrades to the platform:

  1. You can now add and edit alt text on the videos and images they post on the desktop.
  2. You can now drag and drop or copy and paste media attachments to your posts.
  3. You can now see all the quotes and reposts of threads by clicking on ‘likes’.
  4. You can now add multiple posts to your thread post before publishing it.

All these updates aim to add crucial functionality to Threads as it looks to gain more ground on X, formerly known as Twitter. (edited) 

Instagram Threads App Features August 2023

Here’s what’s new in the Threads app: 

Threads Search is Coming soon

Threads Search

The Threads team is testing a new keyword search feature in Australia and New Zealand.

This will allow users to find posts about specific topics by simply typing in the keywords.

For example, if you are interested in learning more about cooking, you could type in the keywords “cooking” or “recipes” to see posts about those topics.

So, if you are based in Australia or New Zealand, you might be able to try this new search feature.

Threads.net is live on the web

The new desktop look for Threads is now available, and it includes a number of changes that make it more user-friendly and functional. Here are some of the key differences:

  • The navigation bar has been moved to the top of the page, making it easier to find the different features of Threads.
  • The For You and Following feeds have been combined into a single feed, making it easier to see your Threads activity in one place.
  • You can now like, comment, and share Threads posts from the desktop.
  • There is a new mention button that makes it easy to tag other users in your Threads posts.
  • You can now add custom alt text to your Threads posts, making them more accessible to visually impaired people.

These changes make Threads more similar to the mobile app, making it easier for users to connect with their friends and family on the desktop.

Threads.net web

Here are some of the benefits of the new desktop look for Threads:

  • It is more user-friendly and accessible. The new navigation bar and the combined feed make finding what you are looking for easier. The mention button and the ability to add custom alt text make Threads more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • It is more functional. The ability to like, comment, and share Threads posts from the desktop makes interacting with your friends and family easier.
  • It is more consistent with the mobile app. The new look and feel of the desktop app makes it more consistent with the mobile app, making it easier to switch between devices.

Overall, the new desktop look for Threads is a welcome improvement that makes the app more user-friendly and functional.

Share threads in Instagram DMs

This is a great option to share threads to your Instagram friends. To do this, just tap the share button of the thread you want to share, and you’ll now see “Send on Instagram” option. You will be redirected to the Share link screen in Instagram, where you can choose which person you want to send the thread to.

Send to Instagram from Threads

See all the threads you’ve liked

head to your profile, go to settings, and select “Your likes” 

Sort the accounts you follow

To do this, go to your profile, tap your followers, head to following, and tap “Sort.”

Add custom alt-text

When attaching your image/video, you now have the option “Alt text,” where you can write the alt of the image or video. Useful for search and accessibility.  

They also rolled out Threads support for rel=me links to help you verify your identity on platforms like Mastodon. You can now add your Threads profile link on supported platforms to verify your identity. These are meaningful steps towards adopting open standards and the fediverse.

Instagram Threads App Features July 2023

Search for topics and hashtags – coming soon

New Threads features

As Mosseri announced, the team plans to introduce a more robust search function, making it easier for users to follow topics and trends in real time. This will enhance the user experience by making navigating the app easier and staying updated on the latest trends. Furthermore, the app will include options to:

  • Switch to multiple accounts,
  • Post search,
  • Hashtags,
  • Web presence,
  • Ability to see everything that you’ve liked in one place
  • Translations,
  • and many, many, many more things.

Chronological feed – coming soon

Threads is continuously evolving, with plans to add several new features. These include improved recommendations in the feed, which will make it easier for users to discover new content that aligns with their interests.

Sharing short messages and updates

Threads are designed to facilitate real-time updates and public conversations. It allows users to create posts that can be up to 500 characters long. These posts can include various forms of media, such as links, photos, and videos. The videos can be up to 5 minutes in length, providing ample time for users to share engaging content. This feature enhances the versatility of the app, making it a comprehensive platform for sharing and communication.

Decide who can reply to your thread

Select who can reply to your thread

In Threads, you can decide who can actually reply to your thread.

To do this, at the bottom left, you’ll see the text anyone can reply to, and if you tap on that, you can change from Anyone to the Profiles you follow.

And you can even change it to Mentioned only because sometimes you want to keep the conversation tight in order to keep it simple.

Shortcut to a new thread

If you hit return three times in the composer, the app will automatically start an additional post, so you’ll have a thread right there in line and continue making productive conversations.

Quick follow

Tap the user avatar on Threads to quickly start to follow them

Now, the whole point is to help you find amazing things that you’re interested in on threads. And as you go through it, you’ll see that there’ll be some posts from accounts you follow and some posts that we call recommendations from accounts you don’t follow.

But if you see something from someone you want to keep seeing, you can decide actually to follow them right there in line.

Just tap on their avatar, and in the small popover, tap Follow.

Share in the Instagram app

Options to post on Instagram feed or add to story

The Threads app integrates deeply with Instagram. There are quick options to share your Threads post from your Threads account to your Instagram profile. To do this, tap the Share icon below the post you want to share, and choose ‘Add to story’, ‘Post to feed,’ or even ‘Tweet’ to share the post on Twitter too. By doing this, users gain diverse and interconnected networks at the same time.

It is important to note that users can also share content on their Instagram accounts using the same options on the posts of their favorite creators.

Instagram account login

Keep Instagram username when login to Threads

Threads integrate seamlessly with Instagram, and as mentioned above, if you have an Instagram account, you can connect directly and join Threads with literally one click.

Users can log into Threads using their Instagram account, ensuring a smooth transition between the two platforms. The username and verification status from the user’s Instagram account will carry over to Threads.

Additionally, users have the option to customize their profile specifically for Threads, allowing for a personalized user experience. And finally, they can select to follow all their Instagram followers and instantly get a follow back and an initial number of followers on the Threads app too.

Quick mute and hide content from other people

Options to mute accounts in Threads

As Threads shows not only the post from people you follow on Instagram but also provides recommendations of posts from the people, you might want to control this and hide the content from people that Threads recommends.

To do this, use the three-dot menu for the person in the top right of the post; you want to stop seeing in your feed.

In the same screen, you will be able to Hide, Block, or Report the account.

Make a private profile on Threads

If you don’t want to have a public profile on Threads, you can tap on the profile icon and, in the menu, toggle on the option to switch to a Private profile.

Hidden words

Hidden words on Threads

Threads prioritize user safety and privacy. It offers a range of controls that allow users to manage their interactions within the app.

To access privacy settings on the Threads app, tap on the bottom right profile icon and go through the available settings. Here you will find the option Hidden words.

The “Hidden Words” feature in Instagram’s Threads app is a powerful tool designed to enhance user experience and promote positive interactions. This feature allows users to create a list of specific words or phrases that they wish to filter out from their Threads conversations.

When a word or phrase from the user’s “Hidden Words” list appears in a reply or mention, Threads automatically filters it out. This means that the user won’t see any content containing those specific words or phrases, providing a more personalized and comfortable social media experience.

This feature is particularly useful for combating online harassment, hate speech, and spam. By enabling users to filter out offensive or unwanted content, Threads empowers users to take control of their online interactions and create a safer, more positive social media environment.

Moreover, the “Hidden Words” feature can also be used to avoid spoilers or unwanted information about specific topics. For instance, if a user doesn’t want to see any content related to a newly released movie or a trending event, they can add relevant keywords to their “Hidden Words” list.

Interoperability with Other Networks

Open platform setting for Threads

Threads are designed to be compatible with other Fediverse social networking platforms like Mestodon.

The app plans to work with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol, to allow users to stop using Threads and transfer their content to another service. This means that posts made on Threads could potentially be accessible from other apps, expanding the user’s reach without any additional effort.

What is Instagram Threads?

What is Threads

According to Instagram Head Adam Mosseri:

Threads ?, a new app from Instagram is here. Threads is for public conversations. We’re hoping to bring some of what we’ve built for photos and videos on Instagram to Threads with text. Now the idea is there’s an amazing community on Instagram and wonderful creators. We want to create a space where they can engage in public conversations that is friendly and that is open. And so we’re going to bring a lot of the good tools from Instagram to Threads, things like hidden words and Restrict, which allow you to shake the experience into something.

What is Threads.net?

As much as people love joining public conversations, it is important to note that one of the main capabilities of the app is the ability to move followers to another platform. As advertised, the Instagram team is working to integrate Activity Protocol, which is the same technology behind the Mastodon server and network, a decentralized social network now. And according to Mosseri, they believe that allowing users to move followers to other platforms is very important:

If you’re a creator, you should own your audience, and integrating into this protocol should allow us to enable you to take your followers with you to another server or app, should you so choose in the future. And we think that that would be incredibly important to offer the Crater community that’s we’re working on that and a number of other features to try to improve threads as quickly as we can. Let me know what you think down below in the comments and what features you’d like to see. There’s a lot more to come really soon. Thanks so much.

Signing up for Threads

Download Instagram Threads

Signing up for Threads is a straightforward process; users can sign up with the same usernames as on Instagram. You can sign up for Threads through your Instagram account. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Threads app from the App Store or Google Play Store. or go to the Threads.net website and scan the QR code.

  2. Open the app and tap on ‘Continue as [Your Instagram Username]’.

  3. If you’re logged into multiple Instagram accounts, choose the account you want to use with Threads.

  4. You’ll then be asked to choose the friends you want to add to Threads. You can select from your existing Instagram close friends list or choose a custom list.

  5. Once you’ve selected your friends, tap ‘Done,’ and you’re all set to use Threads.

Your Instagram username, password, and account name will remain the same in Threads. This seamless integration allows for a smooth transition between the two platforms.

Availability of Threads

Threads is a global app available in more than 100 countries and supports more than 30 languages. This wide availability makes it accessible to a diverse user base across the world. With its unique features and integration with Instagram, Threads has significant potential for growth. Its user base is expected to expand as more people discover its benefits and convenience. In its first days, it reached 100 million sign-ups, which is still unavailable in the European Union due to regulation challenges.

Threads vs. Twitter

While both social media platforms, Threads and Twitter, offer different experiences. Threads is a camera-first messaging app allowing you to share photos, videos, and messages with your close friends on Instagram. On the other hand, Twitter is a platform that focuses on public conversation and real-time updates.

One of the unique features of Threads is its integration with Instagram. You can share your Threads posts directly to your Instagram Stories, allowing you to reach a wider audience. This feature is not available on Twitter.

However, it’s important to note that Threads is a relatively new platform, and it’s still growing. While it could pose a threat to Twitter due to its unique features and integration with Instagram, it’s too early to predict its impact as a Twitter competitor and its user base.

Challenges for Threads

Like any social media platform, Threads faces several challenges. These include preventing spam, harassment, conspiracy theories, and false claims. Ensuring user safety and maintaining the integrity of the platform is crucial for Threads. The platform needs to continuously update and improve its safety measures to tackle these challenges.

Threads also need to enforce its community guidelines and take strict action against those who violate them.

Conclusion- What to expect from the Instagram Threads app

Threads is the new Instagram’s text-based conversation app with the goal of enabling positive public debates directly competing with Twitter. From its initial launch, the users have truly engaged in text-based messages, and Threads has become a very serious social platform.

It is built on ActivityPub, a protocol that will allow users to move their followers if they want to on another platform, making a bigger step toward creating interoperable social networks.

Whether you’re a content creator, a social media enthusiast, or someone looking for a new way to connect with others, Instagram’s Threads app holds exciting possibilities. As we continue exploring and adapting to this new platform, one thing is certain: Threads is a game-changer, and we’re just beginning this exciting journey.

And finally, Instagram’s Threads app presents marketers with a unique opportunity to tap into user-generated content, fostering more authentic engagement, building stronger communities, and gaining valuable consumer insights.

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FAQ about Threads

Is Instagram Threads a messaging app?

Threads is similar to a messaging app but for public conversations. Users can use the same accounts as on Instagram and actually use the Threads app as a spin-off from their Instagram usage to start and engage more in text-based conversations.

Is Instagram Threads like Twitter?

Yes. It is a direct Twitter competitor, and as Threads users have significantly increased since its launch, it might completely change the social media landscape and become the most used text-based conversation app and space to discover what’ll be trending tomorrow.

Is Instagram Threads available on the Google Play Store?

Yes. Instagram’s Threads app is available as a separate new app on the Google play store. Download Threads for Android >

Is Threads available on the Apple App Store?

Yes, Threads is available in Apple’s app store. Download Threads for iPhone >

What is a Fediverse?

The Fediverse is a decentralized network of platforms that communicate with each other via an open protocol. Platforms in the Fediverse use various protocols, the most common of which is ActivityPub. Other protocols include OStatus, Zot, and Diaspora. These protocols allow different platforms to communicate with each other, creating a network of interconnected services. Threads.net is one of the platforms in the Fediverse.

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