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Display your Google reviews in an interactive widget on your website provided by EmbedSocial.

If you are not a web developer nor have a budget for maintaining your website, don’t worry! You can use our Google reviews generator and embed one line of code that updates automatically and show your Google reviews on your website.

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Sliders, carousels or grids. Use 10+ ready-made reviews widgets

It is time to re-design that rigid and fixed testimonial page.

We aim to reinvent the way you show your customer feedback and testimonials and give you modern and authentic widgets that will showcase REAL people and not stock photos and imaginary persons’ avatars.

EmbedSocial’s team is working hard on regularly updating the layouts library. You can use sliders, tables, or responsive grid templates, depending on your purposes.

Custom template builder

If, by any chance, you need to make sure your widget is entirely on brand, you can use the Custom CSS builder that will provide you with full flexibility entirely customizing your widgets.

This option is perfect for agencies who continuously need to make the web widgets for their clients based on their brand requirements.

How to generate and embed Google reviews?

Follow these steps to start collecting Google reviews with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Sign in with your Google account to connect with our platform
  3. Choose Google My Business Page
  4. Customize the widget layout and moderate the reviews if needed
  5. Copy/paste the code to display the Google reviews on your website

Hands-free updates with auto sync

Have full control of your review widget, that at the same time, can be set to auto-update without any manual filtering.

The auto-moderation means that you can define the system to show only the 5-star ratings or the reviews with text only.

EmbedSocial gives tons of settings for any need you might have to ease your social reviews management and, simultaneously, more authentic for providing you the best results.

Multiple widgets on multiple websites

Yes, that’s right. EmbedSocial gives flexibility in creating more than one Google review widget.

With this option, you can combine the same reviews in different widgets and other criteria.

For example, you can use the tagging option and categorize reviews based on specific keywords, helping you to create separate widgets for all different tags.

By doing this, you can get embeddable codes for each widget and use them to embed the reviews on different web pages and even other websites.

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