Best 7 Tips to Generate More Traffic on Social Media – A Quick Guide

When you start a new business whether locally or globally, your prime focus is always on generating more and more leads from that business.

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When you start a new business whether locally or globally, your prime focus is always on generating more and more leads from that business. This can only be achieved by having a sufficient amount of incoming traffic towards your business website.

And for that, you should have the existence of your brand reputation among your target audience. This leads you to create social networking profiles for your business on various social channels, and once you set up all profile over social network, several questions brainstorm your mind:

“How can I build a brand name?”, “How can I get more followers and likes?”, “How can I drive web traffic from different social networks?”

And once you start receiving traffic from social media, you are triggered by the last question: “What are the steps to generate more traffic from social media and How do I manage to keep up its consistency”?

The traffic stats of any blog signifies that social media is one of the top three sources of total traffic, which is even more important than the search engine and direct traffic to meet your business goal.

So, one should know the tips and tricks to build a strong brand persona on social media. Keeping this in mind, we will be discussing here the important steps for more traffic generation via social media.

To give you a clear understanding of this social media strategy, below are given some known and unknown steps that will help you drive more social traffic to your site:

Pick Keywords with a good Conversion Ratio

Various insights declare that some keywords are performing and generating more engagement than other keywords. These keywords get more clicks, shares, likes etc., and hence if you use them within your social posts, you will surely be experiencing increased visibility, engagement and interaction on your post.

Some of the high conversion keywords for different social media are:

Facebook: When, What Deal, Offers, Discount, etc.

Twitter: Follow, RT, Social Media, Help, etc.

Follow Right Way to Use Hashtags

Everybody knows that hashtags play a big role in enhancing the reach of social media updates not only to your own followers but also to other users too, a big reason why people generally use hashtags. However, your bid to enhance genuine reach to your social post requires you to follow the right way of using hashtags.

For this, you need to follow the hashtag usage guidelines defined by Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Besides, it’s also recommended to use trendy hashtags as per the relevancy of the topic, which will act as a booster for the social update visibility.

Define Post Timing and Frequency

Defining post timing and frequency is very important to get genuine and healthy engagement. Before defining a specific time of posting, try to post updates at some regular interval during a day and check the engagement analytics for last 1 week to see which post performed better in terms of visibility, clicks, shares, likes, favorites, etc. Doing this will give you an ample insight into finding the high traffic time on social media networks (high active audience). As a result, you will be able to choose the best timing to post, along with the posting frequency on different social media channel as per your acquisition target audience.

Customize Post Update for Different Social Channel

Don’t always throw the same message to all social channels, because there are several users who are following you on different social channels as well. If you post the same message on all social channels, chances are high that your followers will tend to pass on your same message update after reading it from some other social network.

So, always follow the best practice to send a message to different social platforms, with a different approach, hashtag, image or snippet. This helps a great deal to get more engagement on other social media platforms too.

Visual Content Wins the Race

All social media platforms have been designed in such a way that they support visual content more than simple text content, and there is no amazement that visual content gets more likes, shares, clicks and overall engagement as compared to the ordinary test based content. So, it is very crucial to use visual content within your social messages in the form of catchy images, videos, vines, gifts, infographic and other visual content.

Various stats show that image based content attracts more visitors on Facebook, video posts get more interaction on Google+, and images, vines and videos grab more than 200% engagement on Twitter.

Share Quality Blog Content

Users on social platform prefer to follow only high-quality content, no matter how much optimization you did while sharing that piece of content. Creating and sharing low-quality content undermines all your efforts to increase engagement & conversion rate. So, it is advised that before creating a blog post, you must collaborate with your content team to help research and find a great trendy topic.

After that, you need to draft the well-researched, SEO-optimized and share-worthy content for all your social platforms. Doing so will definitely help you make your content go viral and get more user interaction in the form of likes, shares, favorite, etc., which in turn will enhance conversion ratio.

Work Hard on Doubling Traffic Via Robust Social Strategy

Working harder and smarter on your existing and upcoming Social Media Strategy plays an important role in boosting your social traffic. That said, you need to pay extra attention to researching and developing new strategies to get desired results. Some of the key strategies that work well are explained below:

  • Re-promote content more than once: When you share your content once, your content doesn’t reach out to masses, because your followers live in a different time-zone and are not available at the same time. So, if you plan your posting more than once after 1 or 2 weeks time, then you will have a better chance to get to double your social media traffic coming from across the globe. But, do remember to avoid daily post automation that fills your followers feed with repetitive updates in hours.
  • Enhance reach using hashtags: Hashtags are now available on all popular social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram. So, you need to understand well what people are talking about related to your brand or product and make use of good tools to find high rank and trendy hashtags that can be used within your message updates to get more reach among your followers and other existing users.
  • Join social groups and communities within a niche: Social group and communities are a great source of social media traffic, so look for relevant groups and communities within your niche and start engaging within these groups before actually starting to promote your brand there. When joining groups, try to join highly relevant, less known and fewer member groups to get a competitive advantage. Apart from joining other groups, also create your own groups/communities and manage it regularly.


The above mentioned seven points are the best steps to generate more traffic from social media channels which will not only double your social media traffic but will also increase your lead conversion graph. This write-up includes only 7 steps to generate social media traffic, however, there are also some other tips and tricks to get the same result which is also welcome in the comment section.

Manoj Rawat, a Growth Hacker, Ideator, Innovator and Experienced SEO, SMM and Marketing Consultant with over 7 years IT experience. Loves to share marketing tips & strategies among online marketers. He is an avid sports person, traveller, explorer & nature lover.