How to Generate Online Reviews Reports? For Agencies and Multi-Location Businesses

Learn how to easily generate reviews reports from Google, or other online reviews sources. Useful for agencies and multi-location businesses.

Reviews reports

While running a business with multiple locations can be challenging, everyone knows that understanding what your customers think doesn’t have to be.

When you access your customer review reports, you’ll gain valuable insights into your clients’ experiences, which will help you improve your service.

To help you with that, I’ll show you how to collect and analyze your online reviews via review management software that generates detailed review reports.

That way, you’ll get the most out of every piece of feedback, start making smart decisions, and enhance your products and services in no time at all.

Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in!

What are online reviews reports & summaries?

Customer review reports are comprehensive documents that compile feedback from clients across review sites, such as Google, Yelp, and social media channels.

These reports provide an overview of customer sentiments, highlight trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement, all of which are crucial for product development.

So by consolidating your online reviews, you gain valuable insights into customer experiences and preferences, which helps you offer a better product down the line.

Why do you need customer review reports for multi-location businesses?

In short, getting the latest customer review report is crucial to understanding your customer base since they are telling you what you need to fix. But there are other reasons why I think multi-location businesses need to obtain their review report:

Process showcasing the benefits of review reports
  • Centralized insights – you gather all your reviews in one place for a comprehensive view of customer feedback from all your online platforms;
  • Identify trends – you get the opportunity to spot common issues or praises across different locations to make informed improvements;
  • Improve customer satisfaction – once you understand what your customers love or dislike, you can start enhancing their overall experience;
  • Benchmark performance – then, you can compare the performance of different locations to identify best practices and areas needing attention;
  • Boost online reputation – after all, you should act on feedback quickly to improve ratings and maintain a positive reviews balance across all locations;
  • Enhance marketing strategies – finally, you can use this feedback to tailor marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

As you can see, you should be looking to get these reports on a regular basis to stay connected with your customers’ needs and continuously improve your company. A

One of our users downloads their review reports from around 200 Google business locations to check their average review rating, how many reviews they got, and what their clients have to say to get insights on how to improve their offering.

Didi, Customer Success Manager, EmbedSocial

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How to generate review reports for multi-location businesses?

If you are looking for a straightforward method to generate review reports you need or want for your multi-location business, here’s how to do it using EmbedSocial:

  1. Sign up for a review management platform
  2. Access the ‘Reviews’ section and connect your sources
  3. Tap the ‘Reports’ button and choose your source
  4. Choose the data type and other pertinent details

Step 1: Sign up for a review management platform

To quickly and easily get all the review reports you need, you must first sign up for a free, paid, or trial account with a complete review aggregator platform, such as EmbedSocial:

Step 2: Access the ‘Reviews’ section and connect your sources

Once you log into your account, you have to log into your account, you have to access EmbedSocial’s ‘Reviews’ dashboard (left-side ribbon) and tap on ‘Sources’. Once there, you have to click ‘Add Source’ and choose the platform(s) from which you’ll pull your reviews:

Embed Google reviews automatically

Note: You can add Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp sources. Plus, you can import your third-party reviews and upload custom reviews with text and photos.

Step 3: Go to ‘Reports’ and choose your source

Once you access the ‘Reports’ section from your Reviews dashboard, you can select the review sources you want to add to your report. You can also choose ‘All’, which will pull all the reviews from all the sources you’ve connected to your account:

Aggregate reviews reports from Google, Facebook or Yelp

Step 4: Choose the data type and fill out all pertinent details

EmbedSocial’s ‘Reports’ feature offers two types of reports:

  • a summary of all your reports, which lists the number of reviews you’ve received, their average rating, and their distribution on the 5-star scale,
  • a full list of all your reviews, which includes the reviewer’s name and photo, the textual review, the source type, the date of creation, and more:

Once you choose the right data type, you also have to pick the time or date range you want the report to cover, the types of reviews to include (all, active, or disabled), and the file type. Right now you can download your review reports in .xls, .csv, and .tsv file formats.

Step 5: Download and check out the review report

Once you’ve set up and configured everything, simply download your comprehensive review report. This report will provide detailed insights into customer feedback across all your locations, helping you make informed decisions to improve your business once you analyze it. Below, we tell you how to get the most out of it, so keep on reading!

Example of a Google reviews report

How to analyze your customer review reports and get insights?

Once you download all the positive and negative reviews from consumers via EmbedSocial’s ‘Reports’ feature, you should start analyzing them to get deep insights into your business’s performance and customer satisfaction. Here are the general steps involved:

How to analyze reviews report
  1. Categorize your feedback: You should divide your feedback into several categories, such as product quality, customer service, and overall experience. Once you do that, you should look for recurring themes or issues within each category.
  2. Identify patterns and trends: Analyze the frequency of specific comments or complaints and look for trends, such as seasonal changes in satisfaction or recurring issues, which you can quickly find in EmbedSocial’s detailed reviews spreadsheet file.
  3. Perform sentiment analysis: You can use sentiment analysis tools to determine the overall tone of the feedback, such as whether customers are generally satisfied, neutral, or dissatisfied. We have a fantastic tool for that purpose: AI Reviews Summarizer.
  4. Highlight actionable insights: First, focus on feedback that provides clear suggestions or points to specific issues. Then, plan and prioritize actions based on the frequency and impact of said feedback.
  5. Benchmark against competitors: A very smart activity is comparing your reviews with your competitors to understand your strengths and weaknesses. That way, you’ll find the areas where your business can excel over your competition.
  6. Track key performance indicators (KPIs): You should also monitor metrics such as average rating, number of reviews, and sentiment scores, most of which are available in the summary report you can obtain via EmbedSocial’s ‘Reports’ feature.
  7. Engage with your customers: An extremely important step is to respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to show that you value customer feedback, as that helps you build stronger relationships and address any concerns directly.
  8. Implement changes based on insights: The last step that will directly affect your net income is to use the insights gained from your analysis to improve your product, train your employees, and make all the necessary operational changes.

For this strategy to have any meaningful impact on your business, you must regularly review and adjust your approach based on ongoing feedback. By doing so, you can transform customer reviews into actionable insights that drive continuous improvement.

Use AI for extra insights from your reviews

When using EmbedSocial to analyze your customer reviews, you get features other than generating review lists and summaries. For example, we’ve enhanced our product with several AI-powered tools that will help you get the most out of your customer reviews.

AI reviews email digest

One such feature is the email digest that creates a weekly overview of all the insights with the reviews you’ve received.

The AI cretes the email automatically and provides the positive and the negative findings from the received reviews.

It also cretes a section in the email where you can get also further steps on how to improve.

And finally, this is one friendly report that will save you tons of time to create a brief for your managers and instantly just forward the email to them. Here is a sample of the email digest generated with AI:

AI reviews email digest

AI reviews summary

One such feature is the AI Reviews Summarizer, which has been designed to provide your visitors with an at-a-glance overview of all the feedback you’ve received online.

This feature creates brief and pertinent summaries of customer reviews automatically, giving you and your website visitors a fast and thorough grasp of all your reviews:

AI reviews summarizer

You can even see it in action in the demo below. Just scroll through the reviews after reading the summary to see how it captures your customers’ feedback:

Key takeaways

Ultimately, regularly generating review reports from all the negative and positive reviews you get gives you a comprehensive view of customer feedback.

That way, you won’t miss out on valuable insight, since by analyzing these reports, you can spot common themes and trends and address recurring issues.

Additionally, comparing different locations helps identify best practices and areas needing improvement, ensuring consistent quality across all locations.

Only by leveraging this feedback, can you improve your ratings, boost your reputation, and get more business from users consider to do business with you.

Thankfully, there are tools to help you do that, such as EmbedSocial’s ‘Reports’ feature and the AI-powered review management tools.


Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

Use complete reviews management software to generate and display Google reviews widgets on your website.

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What is a review report?

Review reports are typically comprehensive documents that compile customer feedback from various online platforms with the purpose of providing insights into overall customer satisfaction and highlighting areas for improvement for businesses.

How do I see all my Google reviews?

To see all your Google reviews, log into the platform where you are collecting reviews (Google Business Profile, Facebook, Tripadvisor, etc.) and navigate to the corresponding “Reviews” section, where you can view, respond to, and manage all your customer feedback.

That said, you can always streamline the process by using the best review management software for you to collect, manage, and display all your online reviews.

How to write a customer feedback report?

You can write a customer feedback report by collecting and analyzing feedback from various review sites, summarizing key insights, identifying trends and common issues, and providing actionable recommendations to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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