10 Course Evaluation Forms for Social Media Course Creators

Learn how your course is performing with free course evaluation form templates and get feedback from your students.

online course evaluation forms templates

Whether you’re a teacher at an institution or you’re providing/selling courses online, you want to know how well your course is performing. In other words, you want to know if your course is actually providing value to the students. The best way to do this without sacrificing time and nerves for both you and the students is to use a course evaluation form.

Using free feedback form templates is simple and easy to make, and you can reach a far greater number of students than you would by asking them one by one.

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What is a course evaluation survey?

A course evaluation survey is a document used to collect feedback from students about a particular course. Like all forms in the survey makers, this one is easily accessible and created for utmost convenience. It will also help you increase your survey response rate.

The form usually asks students to rate different aspects of the course, such as the instructor’s teaching ability and the course’s level of difficulty.

Students may also be asked to provide comments about their experience in the course.

The course evaluation form is anonymous, so students can be comfortable giving honest answers related to the teacher, such as techniques, ability to convey the message, etc.

Or, if the course is taken online, they can rate the course’s technical aspects, like easy navigation or use of certain tools and apps.

Why is it important to conduct a course evaluation?

The course evaluation form aims to improve any shortcomings that may arise from the course itself, both related to the material and the instructor.

Instructors/teachers use this form to help improve their teaching skills.

Some items that can be improved based on student feedback include clarity of instructions, the pace of the class, and the use of technology in the classroom.

They also use it to assess how well the course is meeting the objectives set for it.

On the other hand, administrators can use the forms to decide curriculum changes and budgetary allocations.

From the students’ perspective, the course evaluation form can be used to provide feedback about their experience in the course.

They can use it to provide information about the above-mentioned professor’s teaching ability and the course’s level of difficulty, as well as the amount of work required for the class.

Students may also use the form to express their opinions about the usefulness of the course.

For example, if the student felt that the course did not help meet their goals, they may choose to write this in the comments section of the form.

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List of must-ask questions

If you want to collect feedback about your course, make sure you include relevant and meaningful questions in the course evaluation form.

You can always brainstorm for questions, but why waste time when you can use these ready-made questions from our list?

Of course, you can adjust or add/remove as many as you want.

It’s best to have them categorized so the students don’t feel like the survey is all over the place and without structure.

For example, divide the form into categories such as:

  • Questions/statements related to the instructor
  • Questions/statements related to the course material
  • General questions/statements about their overall experience

Now, to the list.

  • How well was the instructor prepared for the class?
  • Rate the willingness of the instructor to help you learn.
  • Did the instructor provide enough feedback?
  • How would you describe your interaction with the instructor?
  • The instructor clearly explained what the expectations were of me in the assignments.
  • The material succeeded in implementing new knowledge and skills.
  • How well did the different materials complement each other?
  • Was the course easily understandable?
  • Rate the workload assigned in the course.
  • Which part of the course was most beneficial to you?

General questions/statements about students’ overall experience

  • Did the course meet your expectations?
  • Were you encouraged to ask questions during the course?
  • What did you like about the course?
  • What did you not like about the course?
  • Would you take this course again?
  • Would you recommend this course to a friend?

To get inspired, here are 10 course evaluation questions you can use in your feedback forms:

1. General online course evaluation form

This is a Free course evaluation form that you can use and customize with EmbedForms. Use this template >

Powered by EmbedForms

We didn’t want to limit you just to one type, of course, so we created this super-simple template that you can use anytime.

What’s great about this course evaluation form is that it requires no coding skills – just a few clicks, and you can design it according to your website’s needs.

Also, like all our EmbedForms, this form is completely customizable as well, so you can choose the logo, the design, and all types of form fields. Take a look at all the beautiful themes you can choose from:

course evaluation form maker

Regarding the questions, you can drag and drop every field and place it wherever you find it best – top, middle, or bottom of the form.

Plus, when you select a question, the form allows you to choose what type it to be:

choose questions for your evaluation process

The general settings offer you options like:

  • Privacy policy
  • Redirect after submit
  • ES branding (for Pro version)
  • Required message
  • Thank you message
  • Custom CSS

You can also schedule a close date and response limit and set notifications for email and Slack.

And once you’re done with all that, just get the form link or embed it on your website. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

create your own survey questions with the course evaluation form from EmbedForms

And you know what?

You can create as many forms as you want, collect photos with them, and export the responses.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Now let’s see some more specific examples:

2. Web design course evaluation form

With businesses going all online, they first need to set up a website. Here is where web design courses take over the wheel. If you’re offering a web design course, you’ll want to include questions like:

  • Was this course adapted for your level of expertise?
  • Rate the transition of the modules (going from basics to more advanced design concepts).
  • After taking this course, I feel comfortable starting to build websites on my own
  • Is there anything you would like to add to the course content?
  • Which module was most helpful to you?
  • The instructions were definitive, clear, and engaging
  • Did the course offer a cohesive flow of subjects relevant today?
  • Rate the ease of coding alongside the instructor
  • Which of the assignments did you find most helpful?
  • Would you recommend this course to others?

3. Photography course evaluation form

Whether you’re offering a course in black and white photography, portraiture, or storytelling techniques, lovers of the visuals will want to perfect their skills. Here are some helpful questions to include in your course evaluation survey:

  • How helpful was the course regarding light, content, and sharing?
  • In which module do you believe you have presented your best work?
  • What was most challenging?
  • Rate the course structure
  • Rate the balance between theory and practice in the modules
  • Did the course manage to fill any technical gaps you might have had as a professional photographer?
  • How would you describe the instructor’s teaching methods?
  • Are you satisfied with your grades from the course assignments?
  • How confident are you in your newly acquired skills in optics, exposure, color, digital cameras, etc.?
  • Was the price for this course justified?

4. Blog writing course evaluation form

With the demand for writers rising like never before, thousands of people rely on writing courses to ignite their careers. Make sure your course stands out by collecting feedback from your students with these questions:

  • Which level of your writer’s journey are you at the moment?
  • Did this course cover all the topics you were interested in learning?
  • Rate your knowledge of crafting a compelling blog headline
  • My knowledge of SEO has vastly improved
  • How would you describe the assignments in this course?
  • How satisfied are you with the pace of the course?
  • Are you comfortable conducting your own research for topics after completing the course?
  • Rate your knowledge of finding relevant keywords for a topic
  • I am confident in my writing skills after taking this course
  • I know how to charge for my writing services after taking this course

5. Email marketing course evaluation form

Email marketing plays a huge part in any business’s marketing campaign, so no wonder this skill is in high demand. People looking to learn or strengthen their skills in this department should be able to answer these questions in a survey:

  • Rate the level of your email marketing skills before taking this course
  • Rate the level of your marketing skills after completing this course
  • Do you feel confident that you can grow your email list after this course?
  • Which module was most helpful to you?
  • Rate your copywriting and design skills
  • Can you confidently create a lead magnet via email now?
  • How confident are you in creating an email strategy on your own?
  • How confident are you in optimizing that strategy?
  • This course has provided me with an actionable plan for converting website traffic into subscribers.
  • Rate the downloadable resources

6. Instagram marketing course evaluation form

As part of the greatest social media platforms, Instagram is definitely among the top 3. Every business, big or small, knows that this is the place to be. But not everyone knows how to use its full marketing potential. If you’re offering a course about marketing on Instagram, make sure you include these questions in your survey:

  • Was this course relevant to your industry niche?
  • Did the course teach you how to build an Instagram account from scratch?
  • Rate the ease of navigation throughout the modules
  • Did you have enough time to complete the assignments?
  • Rate the price for this course
  • Which course part was easiest to follow (videos, text, images, etc.)?
  • Which part of the course was most difficult to complete?
  • Did you learn how to work with the Instagram algorithm?
  • Rate your newly learned skill to conduct hashtag research
  • Rate your ability to create a posting schedule
  • I learned how to use bio links and Instagram stories creatively

7. Copywriting course evaluation form

Another goldmine in digital marketing, copywriting is considered to be one of the top sought-after skills nowadays. If you’re offering/teaching this course, students will be expecting to get a lot for their money (or time). Include these in your form for the most practical feedback:

  • Rate the comprehensiveness of the course
  • Did the modules answer all or most of your questions related to copywriting?
  • Rate your knowledge in content marketing
  • Rate your knowledge of the different types of copy
  • Are you confident in implementing the AIDA formula in your copywriting?
  • Which part of the course was most challenging for you?
  • Rate writing assignments in the course
  • How ready do you feel to start looking for copywriting jobs after this course?
  • Is there anything that should be added to this course?
  • How would you describe the feedback for your writing tasks?
  • How worthy was this course of your money/time?

8. LinkedIn course evaluation form

Every entrepreneur today has (or is thinking of having) a LinkedIn account. Considering that it’s the best platform for business, it’s no wonder more, and more people want to learn how LinkedIn works. This is where your course takes the stage. These are the most important questions to put in your evaluation form for the best results:

  • How would you rate the overall complexity of the course?
  • Was the instructor explaining the material in an easily digestible manner?
  • Rate your knowledge in creating engaging posts on LinkedIn
  • Rate your knowledge of using hashtags in LinkedIn posts
  • How satisfied are you with the length of the course?
  • How much has your knowledge about LinkedIn increased after this course?
  • The course was easy to navigate
  • Describe the best features of the course
  • Which skills from this course will be most valuable to you?
  • Do you feel confident in marketing your business on your own after this course?

9. Paid advertising course evaluation form

You already know that every marketer and business owner is craving a course like this – otherwise, you wouldn’t be offering it. The potential of paid advertising is enormous, but only when implemented the proper way. Use these questions in your feedback survey and never have an unsatisfied customer:

  • Did this course provide valuable information on journey-based advertising?
  • Rate your knowledge of organic and paid efforts after completing this course
  • How confident are you in determining your ad spend?
  • Which part of this course was a lightbulb moment for you?
  • Rate your ability to create effective ads after taking this course
  • Is there anything that could be added to the course?
  • Was the course material enough for learning to create a paid campaign?
  • How confident are you in your budget planning skills after completing the course?
  • Rate the dynamics and progression of the modules
  • I know how to boost my sales funnel through paid search

10. Coding course evaluation form

You want your course to be flexible and available to anyone eager to learn. You want to be the ideal solution both for people who prefer learning on their own and for those who want a stable leading hand. This is why the following questions are crucial for your evaluation form:

  • How would you rate the overall course structure?
  • The resources covered everything I needed to learn
  • The instructor presented expert knowledge on every topic
  • I can recite coding fundamentals in my sleep
  • I’m comfortable making game development my new career
  • Rate your knowledge in C++
  • Rate your knowledge of Java
  • How much has your knowledge of cyber security increased after this course?
  • How would you grade your knowledge in HTML?
  • Which part of the material was the most complex to you?
  • Would you recommend the course to others?

Key takeaways

No matter what type of course you’re selling/teaching, it’s essential that you offer a feedback form for it. It will help you improve the weak points and double down on the strong ones. It will also allow students to be heard, making you look good as a course provider.

Although most of the course evaluation forms contain some general and repetitive questions and statements, you can always niche it down and create one that is specifically focused on one particular course.

Use these templates whenever you want to save time creating your surveys and watch your reviews increase.

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