20 Instagram Post Ideas For Micro-Influencers by Category

Ready to copy-paste Instagram post ideas to boost your engagement.

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The rise of micro-influencers and their user-generated content have been one of the most exciting developments in digital marketing. With their diverse Instagram post ideas, they create more engagement and increase the number of followers.

These are everyday people who have a small but engaged following on Instagram. Also, they have undoubtedly multiplied the range of possibilities in Instagram marketing.

Micro-influencers are influential people with Instagram accounts with a few thousand to 100,000 followers.

They’re perfect for smaller businesses looking to get engaged and authentic brand exposure on the platform rather than having paid promotions or just boosting a post.

If this is not a new trend, it is a constant “thorn” that many marketers feel as they search for certain strategies to exploit its potential.

We know it’s hard to come up with great Instagram post ideas, so we did it for you. Here are 20 great ideas from a variety of categories.

Consider this post as a cheat sheet that you can use when in a bind. Just get on with your Instagram and start shooting amazing content.

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Fitness Influencers post ideas

Fitness influencers have a particular audience to speak to, and they can’t just post random things.

They need to keep their followers engaged and post relevant and enticing content to gain more followers and grow their brand.


People want to know what workouts their favorite influencers are doing, so it makes sense that they would be posting them on Instagram. Thus, if you are a fitness influencer on Instagram, you need to start posting a variety of different workouts.

Don’t just post one workout and then move on to the next thing, only to come back to that one again in a week or two. Post different workouts so your followers can have a more extensive choice when they do your workouts.

For example, you can have an Instagram post for upper body workouts, legs, glutes, cardio workouts, etc.

Additionally, remember to use hashtags for your posts. If there isn’t a hashtag available for what type of workout you’re doing, consider creating one yourself!

post workouts on you instagram feed
Source: Instagram

Motivational fitness quotes

Posting motivational fitness quotes from famous athletes can help you increase engagement on your page. Show everyone that you have a passion for fitness and a desire for success in every aspect of life.

People struggling to find the motivation to work out often have an excuse that it’s simply not in their nature to work out and live a healthier life.

Therefore, motivational fitness quotes are great Instagram post ideas if you want to build trust among your followers. That way, they will know that you were not simply born a fitness enthusiast. Still, it is your choice to live a healthy life; and you, like all others, found the right thing to motivate you to achieve that.

motivational quotes as instagram post ideas

Fitness tips

Making exercise mistakes is one of the most common problems many fitness enthusiasts have. People who do influencer workouts at home don’t always have somebody to tell them if they are doing something wrong.

And unfortunately, those mistakes will cost you the desired results and can also be a reason for serious health problems.

Posting pictures or videos of workouts with explanations on how they should be done is an amazing Instagram post idea if you want to have a professional fitness account.

It’s not enough to show someone how a particular exercise should be done. Showing how it shouldn’t be done is very helpful. Moreover, you can also explain why a specific exercise works for each person or group.

fitness tips for your user-generated content

Show what you eat in a day

Many people struggle with the idea of dieting. They believe it means starving themselves or giving up all their favorite foods.

You, as a fitness influencer, can show that this isn’t true. Show them how they incorporate healthy foods into their daily meals without depriving themselves of anything enjoyable!

You can create a “change this with that” post and recipes for your favorite healthy meal.

Also, since one of the most common excuses for not eating healthy is “I don’t have time to cook,” make sure you post meals that are fast and easy to make. For example, go-to smoothies, weekly meal preps, lunch you can take to work, etc.

creative instagram posts about food
Source: Instagram

Before and after photos

Fitness influencers also use before and after photos to show their followers how far they’ve come since starting their journey toward better health.

This Instagram post idea gives your followers hope and motivation when trying to reach their own goals.

before and after photos for the instagram users

Travel Influencer post ideas

Even though we might think that travelers always have interesting and new content to share, they can also struggle to come up with new useful content that will entice new followers.

That’s why we are giving you a few Instagram post ideas we know for sure your followers will love.

Must-visit places

This type of Instagram post is simple and easy to execute. You can create a list of must-visit places in your area or city you have already visited. This will help others who want to visit those places get an idea about the best places to go.

Moreover, you can include information about the entrance, whether it’s free or paid. If a ticket is required, it’s very useful if you can include the price of the tickets. That way, those who decide to go can plan their travel budget.

carousel post of the must visit places as instagram post ideas

Pack with me

Packing is a nightmare for many travelers out there. Therefore, if you are traveling somewhere for a few days, you can share what you packed with you and why.

Share packing hacks that will help your followers be organized at packing even if they travel with small baggage.

sneak peek into your packing routine as instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

Local cuisine

If you love food, have traveled around the world, and know which restaurants serve the best local cuisine, this is a perfect Instagram post idea for you.

When traveling in another country, sample some local cuisine and give a review.

Travelers often want to try local food instead of eating at McDonald’s. Recommending what local food is a must-try in some countries is a fun, enticing, and useful Instagram post idea your followers would love.

feed posts about local cuisine as part of your instagram post ideas

Cool activities to do

Whether you’re visiting a new city or going somewhere far away from home, there will always be something fun and exciting that you can do while away from home (other than just sightseeing). This is where cool activities to do posts come into play.

If you show what people can do when they visit different cities around the world, you can help your followers to organize a fun and adventurous trip they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

post photos of cool adventures as your instagram post ideas

Food Influencer

In the past few years, food influencers have been outstanding on Instagram with creative and quality content. We can all agree that Instagram is overflowing with creative reels with recipes and tasty dishes created by our favorite food influencers.

Even though the hashtag #food is used on 250 million posts every month, you can still be recognized on Instagram if you create authentic content.

To get started, here are a few Instagram post ideas you should include in your content if you want to be a successful food influencer on Instagram.

Favorite ingredients

This is one of the best Instagram post ideas for food influencers. You can do this by simply taking a picture of your favorite ingredient and writing about it in the caption.

For example, if you love using garlic in your cooking, take a picture of several cloves of garlic and write about its health benefits or how you like using it in recipes.

Tell your followers about the ingredients that make up your favorite dishes or drinks. Share how you like them prepared, whether it’s steamed or roasted or sautéed in butter or oil.

Tell how they taste best with other foods. Also, mention the brands that you like best and explain why they’re good quality (or why they’re not).

Additionally, with this type of Instagram post, you can collaborate with brands and put a spotlight on some of their products.

One thing to keep in mind when collaborating with a brand is that your audience will trust and follow you only if you are honest about the quality of the products. If you are advertising low-quality products on Instagram, you are jeopardizing your career as a food influencer.

favourite ingredients post as user-generated content idea
Source: Instagram

What’s in your fridge

This is an interesting way for people to see what kind of ingredients they have in their kitchen and get inspired to cook something new with them.

You could also include some tips on how long certain foods last. That way others won’t end up throwing away spoiled food because they didn’t know when it expired.

post multiple photos about what's in your fridge
Source: Instagram


Probably this is obvious and goes without saying; however, when it comes to posting recipes on Instagram, there are a few useful tips that will help food influencers get noticed.

You can divide recipes into different categories so you can attract a specific audience.

For example, you can have a series of different posts for fast and easy-to-make recipes, a few healthy versions of your favorite ‘unhealthy’ meals, or even easy 3 ingredients recipes.

Moreover, you can have multiple different posts of recipes with the same ingredient.

Additionally, if you are creating different recipes based on the same ingredient, you can challenge your followers to get creative and do the same. Also, you can do a contest where the most creative recipe will get a prize.

healthy recipes as your instagram ideas

Cooking tips and most common mistakes

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

By sharing the mistakes you’ve made, or you know are commonly made, you are increasing the chances for your followers to succeed at making your recipes.

Showcase your expertise by sharing some cooking tips or mistakes you’ve made when cooking. This post will allow people to feel more connected with you because they’ll see that you’re human.

If you want to engage your audience, use the hashtag #cookingmistakes and encourage your followers to join in on the fun!

create more engagement with cooking tips

Beauty / Fasion Influencer

If you want to be a successful Instagram influencer in the beauty and fashion niche, you need to create truly inspiring content.

Whether you’re just starting or have been a micro-influencer for years, these Instagram post ideas will help you increase engagement and grow your following.

“Get ready with me” post

When it comes to Instagram post ideas for fashion or beauty influencers, Get Ready With Me (GRWM) posts are among the most popular types of posts.

Whether it’s getting ready for work or an event, showing off your morning routine is a great way to show your style and personality.

You can also do this in different ways; from wearing different outfits or using different products in your makeup routine to doing something different every day (like doing your hair differently).

grwm as instagram marketing strategy

Outfit/Makeup switches

One of the most fun things about being a fashionista is having multiple outfits. Also, makeup looks that you can switch up throughout the week!

Whether switching out an accessory or changing up your shoes, outfit switches are a great way to showcase multiple looks while still keeping things fresh.

Outfit and makeup swaps are similar in many ways to get ready with me posts. Instead of showing people how others get ready, they show them how two different outfits could look when worn by the same person.

To keep your content interesting, you can leverage the opportunities of Instagram reels and use your skills to show your outfit or makeup switches creatively.

Add your favorite song, use relevant hashtags, and get engaging and fun content for your Instagram account.

other posts about outfit
Source: Instagram

Looks inspired by celebrities

This is the easiest way to come up with Instagram post ideas.

You can check out what your favorite celebrity is wearing and then copy their style. This can be a great way to gain followers. People will want to know what you are wearing and where they can buy it.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind when creating these Instagram posts is to make sure that the item you are wearing is not too expensive or hard to find so that everyone can buy it and recreate the look.

What’s more, if you want to earn money from these posts, you can insert affiliate links. If your followers purchase something through one of these links, you will earn a small commission at no extra cost to them.

inspired looks influencer marketing

Styling/Makeup tips

These Instagram posts are great because they’re easy to produce and help your followers look their best.

Teach your audience how to create colorful outfits, put eyeliner, make their lipstick last longer, quickly transform a day outfit into a party outfit, etc.

how to carousel posts
Source: Instagram

Crypto / NFT Influencer

The crypto world is a fast-growing industry, and there is no doubt that many influencers are jumping on the bandwagon. There are even influencers who are creating their coins and tokens!

When it comes to Instagram post ideas for Crypto/NFT influencers, several options are available.

You can create your coin or token, promote an existing project, educate your followers about crypto, or do all of that.

Crypto and NFT for beginners

This post will help beginners understand what crypto is and what NFTs are, and their importance in the crypto world.

You can also include some helpful tips on buying your first NFT token, what coins to buy if you are a beginner, what mining is, and literary everything you think beginners in crypto would like to know.

If you run out of ideas, you can always use Instagram Stories to discover what your audience wants to know.

Another way to get ideas for your content is to encourage your followers to ask questions in the comments. That way, you will engage with your followers and deliver the content you know for sure is interesting for them.

engage your followers with instagram stories and posts

Review crypto wallets post

If you have experience using different wallets or reviewed any of them, this could be a great idea for an Instagram post.

You can show off your knowledge by explaining how different wallets work or which ones are best suited for certain situations.

This will help people learn more about how they can use their cryptocurrencies safely and securely while allowing you to earn some money too.

customer testimonials review
Source: Instagram

Crypto/NFT memes

This is a great way to reach out to your audience and start conversations. Most people have been following the crypto market for a long time, so they know what’s happening.

If you want to make them laugh, create some funny memes about blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

Another benefit is the fact that this is easy-to-share content that will help you reach a wider audience.

boost engagement with funny memes
Source: Instagram

In the Influencer driven-marketing world, content is what defines one’s existence.

However, apart from great Instagram post ideas, there are a few habits every successful influencer needs to adopt.

Embed your Instagram posts on your website

Use an Instagram widget to embed your Instagram posts on your website. A common practice by highly successful Instagrammers, that helps them to reach more audiences beyond their Instagram account.

Plus most of the social media aggregators that provide this functionality give options to tag the posts with shippable links that will additionally help to increase conversion rates on the website.

The steps to embed the Instagram feed are very simple. You will only need an EmbedFeed account paid or free, depending on the number of accounts you want to generate content from. So feel free to click below and explore all features in a 7 day free trial.

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Have a theme for your user-generated content

You’ll want to make sure your feed is consistent and cohesive. This will help your followers know what to expect from you. It’ll also make it easier for them to find your content.

Think about what you post and how it can fit into a larger theme that you can repeat over time.

For example, if you’re a travel blogger, you might have a “Tuesday Travel Tips” series. There, you will share tips on how to travel better or with fewer hassles every Tuesday.

Or if you are a motivational coach, maybe every Monday is “Monday Motivation” day. Here, you will share inspirational quotes from established people in different niches.

Use high-quality images

When creating content for Instagram as a platform based on visual content, it is important to use high-quality images that look like they were taken professionally.

You can use editing tools to edit your photos before posting them on your feed. One thing to always keep in mind is to create unique looks without compromising quality.

Interact with others

Don’t just post pictures of yourself all day long!

Reach out to other influencers in the same niche as you with similar audiences and see if they’d like to collaborate on a project together. This way, both of you will get more exposure from each other’s followers.

Optimize your captions

A short caption can make all the difference. It can be used as an introduction or conclusion for an image that provides additional context or background information. This will help readers understand what they’re looking at.

This can also serve as a second chance to share any affiliate links or products that may be relevant but not included in the photo itself; for example: “Shop this dress here!”.

The link in bio feature is particularly effective because it allows people who are interested in your content to click on the link and visit your website directly from their feed.

This makes it easy for them to learn more about you and find out more about what you do.

This will also help you build trust with potential customers by showing them that you care about providing useful information rather than just trying to sell them something.

If you want to use this feature, but you aren’t sure how to do it, you can use Feedlink and not only build a link for your Instagram bio but you can build a complete microsite in seconds.


FAQ about your Instagram post idea

Even though we covered the best Instagram post ideas that will help you get noticed on Instagram, some frequently asked questions are constantly bothering influencers when they start working.

Let’s discuss some of them.

How often should influencers post on Instagram?

You should post as often as possible while still maintaining high-quality content relevant to your niche audience. The more often you post, the more likely people will engage with your posts and follow you back!

Post once per day or no more than three times per day if possible (with several hours in between each post).

What’s the best time to post on Instagram?

Instagram has a feature to schedule posts so you won’t stress if you can’t post something at the exact time you planned.

However, there are no rules about posting at certain times. Some people post at odd hours and still see great results.
It depends on what content you’re posting and who your target audience is.

For instance, if you’re selling menswear, it might make more sense to post in the evening hours after work so that men can see your products before going out on the town with their friends.

Do I need to use hashtags on my Instagram posts?

Yes! Everyone uses hashtags on Instagram these days. Even brands use hashtags because they help make posts more visible in the platform’s search results and help others discover new content from your account.

However, it’s essential that your Instagram hashtags are relevant and engaging for other users so that they can click through and see what you have to offer.

Key takeaways

This may seem obvious, but to become a micro-influencer on Instagram, you need to be authentic, your photos must look great, capture your audience’s attention, and you need to engage with those following you.

The lesson here is simple: keep your posts relevant and personalized, and promote them effectively. A simple formula that’s effective for most strategies online.

So there you have it. A lot of good Instagram post ideas and thoughts could be put into use here.

If you agree with these points, this article will surely benefit you a lot. Even if it does not apply to you right now, perhaps it will work in the future.

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