20 Digital Signage Examples That Are Redefining Engagement

Discover 21 creative digital signage examples to elevate your brand's visual impact and engage audiences.

Examples of digital signage with social media

Digital signage has revolutionized modern communication strategies, offering a powerful way to engage and attract customers. After all, it can showcase real-time updates, interactive features, and eye-catching visuals that adapt to the pace of the modern workplace.

To better illustrate this technological achievement’s importance, we found and showcased the best use cases and examples of digital signage content.

So, keep reading to learn about all the innovative approaches businesses take across various industries when it comes to digital signage strategies.


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What are digital signs, and why do brands use them?

Digital signs are those electronic displays, such as LED screens or projectors, that showcase certain information, advertising, or different messages to a target audience. This modern technology finds wide use across various industries for several reasons:

  1. Dynamic content—digital signage allows you to get easy integration of dynamic content, enabling real-time updates and ensuring that information is always current, relevant, and put in front of potential customers;
  2. Higher engagement—the visually appealing nature of digital signage attracts the target audience more effectively than static displays, thus fostering better engagement levels;
  3. Cost Efficiency—over time, digital signage can prove more cost-effective than traditional printed materials as it eliminates the need for constant reprints and distribution;
  4. Flexibility—digital signage is highly adaptable, making it suitable for wide use, such as retail advertising or employee communication in corporate settings. Its flexibility allows a wide range of content types, ensuring it meets the specific needs of different industries.

If you’re aiming to inform, entertain, or inspire, then digital signage can serve as a great source of inspiration for your own marketing campaigns.

Examples of digital signage content ideas

Let’s explore a world of creative possibilities for your digital displays. These 21 innovative ideas will transform your digital signage content into an engaging experience!

1. Branding & Storytelling

If a picture speaks a thousand words, why not use it as your brand message?

Digital signage can showcase your brand innovations, product launches, employee achievements, and event promotions. It’s crucial for higher brand awareness and storytelling to get closer to your target audience.

Here is an example of digital signage content used for branding by Coca-Cola:

Digital signage with Coca Cola

2. Sales promotions & campaigns

A digital signage display is the best way to communicate with your in-store customers. You can display anything from discount codes to UGC campaign rules.

Another good idea is to show off the benefits of certain products with catchy visuals and large ‘For Sale’ letters or other similar special promotions designed to attract new customers to your store.

The example below shows a sales promotion in the form of digital signage in a busy mall:

Dynamic digital signage content for promotions and sale campaigns

3. Motivational quotes

Sharing motivational quotes on bravery, dedication, love, and other virtues in a place of business is a welcome idea as it impacts your employees, trainees, and clients. Displaying motivational quotes as digital signage content can help you boost the morale of all these actors.

Here’s how fitness centers and gyms can use digital signage content as motivational quotes for customers:

Digital signage display featuring motivational quotes in gyms

4. Digital schedules & appointments

Navigating the busy schedule of meeting rooms is a daily challenge in all big companies. You can simplify the process with a sleek digital signage solution deployed on smaller screens all around the venue. This type of setup will provide your team with a real-time schedule of room availability, attendance, upcoming events, etc.

No more guessing games, just an efficient way for employees to secure the space they need for successful collaboration. See the example of how digital signage can be used for meeting room reservations:

Example of digital signage for schedules

5. Digital maps for facilities

Displaying the map of your facility on a digital signage screen will help your customers better experience your place of business, especially if situated in a large facility. It is a great alternative to traditional printed maps and provides easy accessibility with a 3D representation of the building.

Also, the big campuses or shopping malls can use it to automate the direction process and provide visitors with easy-to-read displays to get to their final destination. Here is an example of a digital signage display showing map directions on a certain campus:

Digital signage screens displaying maps in large facilities

6. Before & after digital signage

The power of digital signage is not just displaying but celebrating your expertise and building trust and loyalty from your clients.

Regardless of your business niche, be it real estate, interior decoration, cosmetic surgery, hair styling, or pet grooming, captivate your potential clients with before-and-after images that showcase your success stories.

For example before and after digital signage can be perfectly used in the construction industry.

7. Digital displays for store discounts

With a discount coupon solution, digital signage can transform your retail business into an exciting savings game. Set the discount percentage, duration, and scan parameters easily using in-store displays with digital content.

You can also display the QR code feature where customers will scan their coupon code with their mobile phones, turning every purchase into a winning moment. Here is an example of digital signage content that can be used in stores to display discounts and promo codes:

Successful industries are those that ride the wave of evolution, focusing on the flow of trends, changes, and innovations. No matter what business you are in, be it hospitality, marketing, sales, food, etc., staying ahead demands a keen awareness of industry dynamics.

Keep your team in the loop with the latest trends, breaking news, and country-specific updates via digital signage. Being well-informed isn’t just an advantage; it’s the compass guiding your journey toward success. See how easily can implement digital signage for presenting industry-specific news:

Meeting room signs showcasing the latest industry developments

9. Employee recognition & achievements

Take your team introductions and achievements to a whole new level with digital signage. Welcoming new team members, wishing a happy birthday, or representing a significant employee achievement in your company can now be a delightful experience.

Electronic signage for employee recognition

It’s an important step for boosting your company culture and positive energy so employees feel more important and happier. Below is an example of how to use digital signage to promote your employees and their personal achievements:

10. Displaying user-generated content

Use digital signage as an interactive display that brings your user-generated content to life. Curated from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, etc., a UGC display can be fueled by hashtags, mentions, tags, favorites, and other features, delivering a real-time showcase from your customers.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about engagement. Here is an example of how Moxy Hotels in Viena showcases Instagram posts from their actuall guests on the screens in their lobby:

User generated content on digital signage

11. Digital menu boards

Thanks to digital signage, restaurants, cafes, fast food stores, and similar businesses can offer next-level creativity and innovation.

These displays can now present your menu completely customizable and visually captivatingly. Elevate your presentation game with animated images of your dishes showcased on the menu card, digital coffee steam, etc.

Below is an example of how restaurants can show their special meals and offers using digital signage boards:

Digital display showcasing menus at restaurants

12. Internal communications

For internal communication, creating good digital signage content is important for replacing paper notice boards or official emails.

It is quick, efficient, and doesn’t require too much manual management. School, college, or business administrations can update any information instantly with a couple of clicks. You can display multiple messages on a single screen, such as event calendars, scholarship opportunities, faculty meetings, holiday lists, timetables, etc.

Here is an example of how companies can use digital signage content to share certain information across the company with all employees and sectors:

Digital signage used to transmit business critical data

13. Ideas & suggestions

If you are in the fitness industry, shift from traditional lifestyle guides to an empowering visual narrative that resonates with fitness enthusiasts. Engage with your gym members with interesting videos showcasing their fitness journey’s benefits and transformative outcomes.

Your fitness center can become a dynamic hub offering more than health advice; it can demonstrate crucial training techniques, provide expert instructions, diet details, and more. For example, gyms can use digital signage to present a specific diet plan.

14. Digital notice boards

Trade in the antiquated charm of wooden notice boards for the dynamic prowess of digital signage. Traditional pinning papers often escape notice, providing an ineffective channel to convey vital information like special deals, exclusive offers, and emergency notices.

Start crafting catchy content for digital signage since it’s swift, manageable, and highly effective to ensure that crucial information not only catches the eye but also leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Here is an example of how to use digital signage and say goodbye to the boring notice boards with papers and pins:

Office digital signage in EmbedSocial

15. Event promotions

Another digital signage content idea for higher audience engagement is organizing event promotions.

Whether it’s the publishing of a new book, launching new products, or organizing public concerts, digital signage can help your event leave an indelible mark.

It’s not just an announcement; it’s an invitation to be part of the pulse of your city’s vibrant happenings, showing digital signage in busy malls, culture facilities, bus stations, across the streets, etc.

16. Digital product catalogs

Using in-store digital signs showcasing your products is an engaging approach to presenting a modern digital product catalog. By installing displays with exciting product images combined with user-generated content, you are weaving an exciting tapestry of products showing their design characteristics and benefits, creating not just a display but personalized mix-and-match suggestions for potential customers.

Here is an example of a Nike store in London and how they use Instagram digital signage content to help in-store promotions serving as product catalogs:

17. Loyalty program contests

The key to success lies in effective promotion, and what better way to captivate attention than through interactive digital displays that invite contestants to take part in various competitions, giveaways, and loyalty programs?

Digital signage is the answer to this question as well since brands can create all kinds of innovative and interactive displays.

For example, have your customers spin a digital wheel for a chance to win a prize, unlock various store discounts, and collect loyalty points. Here is an example of the rewards digital board:

Digital signage for loyalty programs contests

18. McDonald’s – Twitter digital signage

At McDonald’s, digital menu boards play a pivotal role in creating an engaging and dynamic ordering experience around the world. Positioned strategically inside and around the store, these digital signage displays are designed to attract customers with visually appealing content.

As customers approach the ordering area, they are greeted by vibrant digital menu boards that showcase a range of food items through high-quality images and animations. That’s the usual practice.

But in Canada, McDonald’s used outboard digital signage to promote their all-day breakfast menu by displaying Tweets using the hashtag #AllDayBreakfast.

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Twitter digital signage by McDonald's

19. Pepsi – AR digital signage on bus stations

As one of the world’s largest drink companies, Pepsi is also known for its creative ad campaigns. For example, back in 2014, Pepsi wowed the world with a super cool campaign for their drink Pepsi Max. They used cutting-edge technology, Augmented Reality (AR), and awesome digital signs to offer a really cool experience for people waiting for buses at bus stations.

In effect, Pepsi made its drink seem like magic, which took people by surprise. After all, this fantastic campaign showed how new cool technology, like digital signs, can push creativity and help brands create unforgettable experiences.

Ultimately, it wasn’t just an ad, but a super cool adventure that put people in the middle of a “cyber war” with aliens thanks to the AR screens they used.

20. Apolosophy – Digital signage shampoo ad with animations

Apolosophy has cracked the promotion code using digital signage for their cool shampoo ad that totally catches subway commuters off guard. People can see a regular subway poster of a woman with pretty hair, but here’s the twist: the poster is live thanks to this modern technology!

Using advanced ultrasonic sensors, the digital ad display could “feel” when trains were coming. When a train passed by, the woman’s hair in the poster would lift up. The woman on the display then casually runs her fingers through her hair, smiles, and returns to her usual serious look.

It’s like a mini show that adds a catchy focus on the hair, which is made all pretty and shiny thanks to the new shampoo product from the Apolosophy line.

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Digital signage screens

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Key takeaways

Introducing the digital signage element into your marketing strategy is very important for modern brands as it’s a must-have asset where creativity meets technology.

At the end of the day, digital signage manages to grab the audience’s attention and elevate awareness for the brand, as it offers several advantages:

  1. Better customer experiences—augmented reality campaigns, as demonstrated by Pepsi and Coca-Cola, showcase the potential of creating exciting and unforgettable brand experiences using new-era technology to amaze people and convert them into customers.
  2. Interactive engagement—utilizing interactivity, be it through games, contests, or direct action with the customers, as seen in our various examples, leads to higher audience engagement and creates a memorable connection with the brand.
  3. Personalization & customization—the ability to tailor digital content to specific locations, demographics, or individual preferences adds a personal touch to the digital signage strategy that you can use for your brand in different industries.
  4. Strategic information delivery—from health tips to real-time transport information, digital signage serves as a powerful tool for strategically delivering relevant information to the right people, enhancing the overall customer awareness for your brand.

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FAQs about digital signage

How can digital signage benefit my business?

Digital signage can enhance customer engagement, boost brand visibility, and deliver dynamic content that captures attention and communicates messages effectively.

What types of content work best for digital signage?

Video content, animations, interactive displays, and real-time updates are highly effective for digital signage, providing visually appealing and engaging experiences for viewers.

What technologies are used in digital signage?

Common technologies include LED screens, interactive touch displays, content management systems (CMS), and integration with data sources for dynamic content delivery.

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