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If you are using WordPress you need to add the schema code to a specific page or a blog post in order to make sure it triggers the aggregated rating snippet in the Google search results.

EmbedReviews provides schema codes, that include the aggregated rating from the total reviews in a specific review widget, which when embedded in a webpage can allow Google to show star snippets in the search results of that page.

You can find the schema code in the Schema tab in your Reviews feed.

schema code wordpress

Please note: The platform provides two schema code options:

  1. A static code – outlined with the red border. This code is fixed and it won’t change the ratings values although the ratings update in your reviews feed.
  2. A dynamic code – outlined with the blue border. This code is dynamic and it will change once you receive a new review and the aggregated rating changes. To get the dynamic code you will need to install the WordPress

Here are two ways how you can embed the schema code in WordPress:

Read below how you can do this for both cases.

Add schema code directly in the page HTML editor

The simplest way to add the code is to go to your Page editor and add the code in the page HTML block.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Open your page and click the plus icon in the text editor
  2. Choose the ‘Custom HTML’ block (as shown below)
  3. Paste the schema code in the block
  4. Click ‘Update’
custom html block WordPress

The schema code will be embedded in this page HTML and you will only need to submit the page URL in the Google console for a new re-crawl (read below if you need help on how to do this)

In some cases, the schema code does not trigger the star snippet if it is not placed in the page header, above the </head> tag.

In order to do this and paste the schema code only on a selected WordPress page and not paste it in the global WordPress header, please follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate this plugin or any similar plugin that allows you to add code in the head of a specific WordPress page
  2. Open your WordPress Page, scroll down and find ‘Add to head’ block
  3. Paste the schema code in this ‘Put your head html here’ input field
  4. Click ‘Update’
header code wordpress

The schema code now will appear in your page header and you will need to submit this page URL in your Google Console for a new re-crawl by the Google bots in order to reflect these changes in the Google search results.

Here is how to request re-indexing in Google search Console:

  1. Go to your Google Search Console
  2. Click ‘URL Inspection’ in the left menu
  3. In the top search field paste the page URL
  4. In the new page click ‘Request indexing’
google console request index

It takes some time for the bots to re-index the page, and once the process is finished and the page is indexed with the new schema code, the star snippet will appear in the search results.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us.

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