8 Reputation Management Services for Agencies to Offer Today

Learn what type of reputation management services you can offer to your clients and make more money as an agency.

Reputation management services

If you represent an agency that manages multiple client accounts, you must be familiar with the challenges of maintaining their online presence and reputation.

Thankfully, you can offer various reputation management services for agencies to your clients and maintain their positive image. At the same time, up-sell your current contracts and get more work from the same clients.

After all, it takes one negative review to damage your customers’ reputation and potentially impact their sales numbers. Plus, almost every online shopper (95%) checks reviews written by his or her peers before purchasing anything online.

The benefits are simple and concrete and you can share them with your clients so they start benefiting from your reputation services today.


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What are online reputation management services for agencies?

In the context of agencies, reputation management refers to the ongoing process of monitoring, influencing, and shaping the online perception of their clients’ businesses.

Essentially, reputation management means safeguarding your clients’ brand image across various digital platforms like review sites, social media, and search engines.

The first phase of the process includes actively tracking their brand mentions, including reviews, social media comments, news articles, and forum discussions. Then, you must proactively build a positive online presence for them to shape the public’s perception.

Then, you must stay on top of all reputation management trends and proactively help any of your clients if their online reputation gets affected by anything at any time.

Benefits of reputation management you can pitch to your clients

Here are the main benefits you can present to your clients with a pitch, in order for them to consider using reputation management services:

diagram showcasing the benefits of reputation management for agencies
  1. Build a strong brand image: Our services ensure your brand maintains a positive and trustworthy online presence, making it more attractive to potential customers.
  2. Boost customer trust and loyalty: By handling customer feedback quickly and effectively, we help you build strong relationships and encourage customer loyalty.
  3. Improve SEO: We use SEO strategies to ensure that positive content about your business ranks higher in search results, pushing any negative content further down.
  4. Stay Informed with real-time monitoring: Our constant tracking of online mentions and reviews keeps you aware of public opinion, allowing you to respond to issues immediately.
  5. Prepare for and manage crises effectively: With a reputation policy and crisis management plan in place, we help you address problems quickly and minimize potential damage to your reputation.
  6. Increase customer satisfaction: By listening to customer feedback and making necessary improvements, we show your customers that their opinions matter, leading to higher satisfaction.

Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

Use complete reviews management software to generate and display Google reviews widgets on your website.

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8 online reputation management services for agencies

Here are 8 different services you can offer to your clients to start managing their online reputation today:

  1. Online profile management
  2. Review sites and social media monitoring
  3. Positive reviews collection
  4. Reviews responding and addressing negative reviews
  5. Create social proof widgets for clients’ websites
  6. Social media publishing for positive image
  7. Provide SEO strategies by using online reviews
  8. Offer reputation analytics and reporting

Please note that for most services, reputation management software can streamline this process by providing a central hub for collecting and monitoring reviews, responding to feedback, and analyzing client sentiment. This allows you to manage everything in one place, saving valuable time and resources.

1. Online profile management

Add new Google location

Provide services for your clients to create online profiles, such as Google business profiles or listings on relevant directories where businesses can get public feedback or reviews from their customers.

For local businesses, having Google reviews will be essential to grow, so offering Google reviews management services is a no-brainer for this type of business.

2. Review sites and social media monitoring

Social media and the Internet, in general, are a goldmine for managing and analyzing customer sentiment. As an agency, you will most probably benefit from offering social media monitoring services by pitching the need to stay alert for any positive or negative UGC.

Reputation management tools such as social media aggregators can help you track brand mentions, analyze conversations, and identify potential issues before they escalate. These insights are crucial for crafting effective reputation management strategies and proactively addressing customer concerns that your client is highly invested in.

3. Positive reviews collection

Collecting UGC from social media and reviews

These services will include activities to encourage your clients’ satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, such as follow-up emails and incentives.

Positive reviews are a powerful trust signal for new and potential customers.

To simplify this process for you as an agency, using a reviews aggregator can help you generate your clients’ customer reviews from all over the Internet, such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Instagram mentions, etc.

Plus, they help you collect new feedback via various channels, such as collecting reviews by email, SMS, review forms, and more.

4. Reviews responding and addressing negative reviews

autresponder for Google reviews
Google reviews autoresponder

Responding to online reviews is a great service you can offer to tour clients.

Learning about their business and knowing how they handle complaints are the main requirements for performing these activities.

And once you setup the response policy for a client, you can manage most of these activities by using a reputation management tool.

These tools usually collect all the reviews and send alerts each time a profile receives a new review. Furthermore, you can automate responses to both positive and negative reviews, ensuring timely communication and fostering better client relationships. For instance, you can set up automatic responses for specific star ratings on Google reviews with a Google reviews autoresponder .

5. Create social proof widgets for clients’ websites

showcase social proof and reviews widgets

Social proof, the phenomenon of people trusting others’ experiences, plays a crucial role in the consumer decision-making process to convert potential prospects.

Social media widgets, such as a Google reviews widget or an Instagram widget containing posts from customers, allow you to strategically display positive reviews, testimonials, and visual UGC across all your client’s websites and social media profiles, thus leveraging social proof to attract new customers and boost the bottom line.

6. Social media publishing for positive image

social media posts publishing on multiple profiles

We can all agree that developing and scheduling content that promotes a positive image and engages with the audience.

These services can align with some of your current services, such as social media management, content creation and planning, etc.

So, in addition to these activities, you can create content that includes more user-generated content and images, as well as customer reviews and testimonial videos.

To further extend Google profile management services, you can differentiate from competitors and offer Google post publishing services.

This way, you can offer 360-degree access to a full pack of services that generate trustful content and automate content publishing on different channels.

7. Provide SEO strategies by using online reviews

schema code Local seo services

A strong online presence is essential for a positive reputation.

And similar to the above, we can mention that you might already offer some SEO services, and offering local SEO services can be a bundle.

Here is what this extension can include:

  • Get Google reviews star snippets – by adding schema codes and review widgets on the clients’ product pages.
  • Managing online directories – improves search engine rankings and increases the chances of potential customers finding your clients.
  • Highlighting positive attributes – using strategic keywords from customer reviews to emphasize the positive aspects of the brand on the website and other marketing materials.
  • Analyzing competitors’ reviews and ranking on Google Maps and the influence of the keywords mentioned in their reviews in order to stimulate customers to use wordings in their reviews that can help rank higher when searching for these keywords in Google Maps or Search.

8. Offer reputation analytics and reporting

Generate reviews reports

By leveraging data from multiple sources, you as an agency can provide clients with comprehensive insights into their online reputation. This service becomes even more crucial for businesses with multiple locations on Google, lots of brand profiles and an active presence across various social media networks.

Some of the sercices related with reporting can include

  • Creation of detailed reports for multiple locations and networks.
  • Weekly digest emails with AI-driven recommendations.
  • Export reviews in bulk for further integration into other software tools or further analysis.

Use complete online reputation management software

As mentioned million times before, offering the reputation management services will be much easier with a software.

And esepcially for agencies juggling multiple clients, EmbedSocial’s online reputation services offer a powerful and centralized solution.

Google business profile and reviews management software

Here are the main agency features you will get with EmbedSocial:

  • Aggregating all online reviews—thanks to the official API integrations with all major social media networks, you can quickly collect all of your clients’ online reviews;
  • Prompt customers for more reviews—additionally, you can use various methods to get more reviews, such as SMS and email messages, forms widgets, etc.
  • Drive traffic with SEO snippets—help your clients get aggregated star ratings for their products in Google search results to boost their website visitor numbers;
  • Moderate reviews based on advanced filters—you can utilize filters and tags to organize your clients’ reviews by date, rating, or filter them by keywords;
  • Automatically respond to reviews—set up a review autoresponder that immediately sends out replies to reviews based on a specific star rating;
  • Gain valuable insight about the brand—generate online review reports that give you insights into your clients’ performance and level of satisfaction of their customers;
  • Display customer feedback everywhere—use advanced customization options to design embeddable widgets that fit your clients’ website design;
  • Streamline the process with AI technology—access AI-powered review management tools that help you summarize your reviews and write the perfect response.

EmbedSocial gives you total control over your clients’ online reputation from within a single dashboard. So if you are looking for online reputation services to streamline your reputation management strategy, consider signing up for a free trial today.

Here’s what our customers have to say about EmbedSocial:

“The strongest point is that it adds value to the company, as it publicizes what our customers have to say about us.

My company has delegated this responsibility to me since they decided to implement it. I didn’t know about the EmbedSocial tool, but with Alexander’s help, it has become a very easy tool to use, and I currently dedicate three to four hours a month to it.”

Nádia O. – small business owner

Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

Use complete reviews management software to generate and display Google reviews widgets on your website.

Start 7-day free trial

Key takeaways

Building a positive online reputation is crucial for your client’s success. However, as you know, as an agency managing multiple clients, effectively safeguarding their online image can be a challenge.

To be more efficient, you can try a reputation management platform for agencies, such as EmbedSocial, as it offers you tools that empower you to deliver exceptional service:

  • Managing the reviews of your clients from a central hub is much easier
  • Making decisions based on data-driven insights fuels your clients’ success
  • Building trust and credibility with your client’s potential customers
  • Boosting the online visibility of your clients’ landing and product pages

As you can see, by leveraging online reputation management services, you can transform your agency into a trusted partner for your client’s reputation needs.

After all, you get a comprehensive suite of features to manage all aspects of their online reputation from a single platform, from aggregating reviews and generating reports to prompting new reviews and automating responses.

FAQs about reputation management for agencies

What is a reputation management software?

Reputation management software allows agencies to manage multiple clients effectively as it gives them tools to monitor, analyze, and influence their clients’ online presence via online reputation services like monitoring, social listening, and responding to customer feedback.

How do you manage a company’s reputation?

Managing a company’s reputation involves a multi-pronged approach. It starts with monitoring online mentions and reviews. Then, it’s about proactively building a positive presence through social media engagement and encouraging positive reviews. Finally, reputation management software helps agencies address negative feedback promptly and strategically.

Which platform is best for business reputation management?

When looking for the best online reputation management services, check out a complete reputation management firm like EmbedSocial, as it offers features like centralized review management, social listening, and automated workflows that can significantly enhance your ability to manage your clients’ reputations effectively.

CEO of EmbedSocial 

Nikola Bojkov is the CEO of EmbedSocial, an entrepreneur who turns problems into products. With over a decade of hands-on experience with social media APIs, he guides EmbedSocial in its role as a technical partner for both SMEs and large agencies, maximizing the impact of their user-generated content. EmbedSocial has offices in Skopje, Tokyo and Lisbon with over 250,000 users.